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Swisher Sweets – Tasty and Affordable Cigars for Everyone

Swisher Sweets cigars have been around for decades and have earned their rightful place amongst the pantheon of great cigars. Nothing beats the classic cuban shapes and flavors. Swisher Sweets cigars are perfect for those who want a pure and clean tobacco taste. They offer an incredible selection of sizes, shapes, and flavor varieties that can cater to anyone’s palate.

Let’s explore the styles and flavors of the Swisher lineup.

What Makes Swisher Sweets So Popular?

One key factor that makes Swisher so popular is its mildness – it is neither too strong nor too mild, making it appealing to both new and experienced smokers. The brand also uses natural and artificial flavors to provide an extra depth of taste without overpowering. It maintains its signature sweet taste. It stands out from other cigar companies over the years.

The Original Swisher Sweets

Since 1958, the original Swisher Sweet has been the top-selling domestic cigar in America. It’s perfect for a quick break due to its sweet and natural tobacco taste that smokers find irresistible. It also comes in two different sizes – mini cigarillos and 5 for 3 Cigarillo Coronellas – that provide just enough flavor without taking too much time to smoke.

  • Swisher Sweets Perfecto & Blunt

The Perfecto and Blunt are two larger ring cigars that will take you back to the days when Habano cigars were the best in the world. Both are known for their robust flavors, complex aroma, and thick smoke production. These two cigars also feature intricate construction that ensures every draw is as enjoyable as possible.

  • Swisher Sweets Tip Cigarillo

For those seeking a smooth experience without sacrificing taste, then Swisher Sweets Tip Cigarillo is sure to delight. It has a sturdy plastic tip that helps keep the smoke cool while delivering full-bodied flavors with each draw. The wood tips add a unique, vibrantly refreshing taste to your palate. 

  • Swisher Sweets Flavor Varieties

If you have a sweet tooth, Swishers offer Blueberry and Grape flavor varieties that will satisfy your cravings in every way possible! They provide incredibly flavorful options and come in 4 x 30 sizes, so you don’t have to pack or relight them often like other cigar types. 

  • Swisher Outlaws Line

The Outlaws line is ideal for all you Cool Hand Luke wannabes! The original version is an all-tobacco Honduran with rugged looks. At the same time, the Outlaws Rum has luscious warm, sweet whiskey notes that bring an extra layer of enjoyment with each puff! 

  • Swisher Sweets Giants & King

Swishers also produce their Giants and Kings for those who prefer a more conventional size. These cigars are shaped like Lonsdales and Coronas but maintain that signature sweetness from their smaller counterparts. Plus, the more extensive package allows for more flavor with every puff.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a quick smoke break or something larger to savor over an hour or two, Swisher Sweets is sure to please your palette. The blend of quality tobaccos combined with artificial and natural flavors makes this cigar line stand out above all the rest as one of the most popular cigar brands. 

With its combination of mildness and unique flavor, Swishers are enduring favorite amongst millions of smokers. So, rush out to our hand-picked vendor, Tobacco Stock to check the swisher range!

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