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How to Ride an E-bike with your Dog


Riding an electric bike is a great way to improve your health while conveniently running errands without worrying about buying gas or other miscellaneous car costs. We all know about driving with dogs, but can the same be said for electric bicycles? The short answer is yes. If you have enjoyed many car rides with your favorite canine, you may have been wondering if it is possible to ride with your pet now that you use an e-bike more.

E-bikes are designed for better functionality than traditional bicycles, with the addition of a pedal-assist to help your pedaling and a battery to store charge. The improved dynamics and sturdiness of electric bicycles make them better for riding with your pet animals. Ensure they are contained using the appropriate electric bike accessory. This article explores different ways of riding securely with your pet pooch.

Riding with Different Sizes of Dogs

You can enjoy comfortable rides with your dog, whether large or small. Depending on the size, you can ride comfortably with your dog in front or back. Its body weight is key to the type of transport you should use. With this in mind, here are some of our best recommendations for riding with different sizes of dogs:

Small Dogs

When riding with a cute little dog, your options for enjoying comfortable rides are increased. You can easily carry your furry friend in a backpack or use an ebike accessory. A backpack is one of the best options for puppies and smaller dogs. Constant contact is usually necessary to reassure and keep them calmer during rides. If you intend to carry them for a long time, ensure to get a good backpack made from comfortable materials.

Alternatively, you can also use the front basket of your electrical bike for a small dog. This provides a better view for the dog and helps you in keeping a better eye on it. This option works if you carry some soft load or grocery up front and ride only on smooth roads.

Medium-sized Dogs

The backpack may be too heavy for medium-sized dogs, especially if you consider your shoulder strength and how long you will probably stay loaded. For puppies and bigger dogs, try an e-bike bag and the front or rear basket. This will provide more space for the dog and allow you both to enjoy riding comfortably. If the front basket is not big enough to allow it to ride comfortably, you can try the rear. The rear basket is usually larger and a great option.

On the rear rack of your e-bike, you can place a larger basket or use the e-bike bag for more space. If you intend to carry other loads or go shopping, ensure to use one large enough for your grocery to not disturb your dog. Use paddings to make the space more comfortable for your dog, if necessary.

Large Dogs

The best option for riding with larger dogs is to use a trailer. Since a trailer does not add considerably to the riding weight, it will help you enjoy going smoother. A trailer is also ideal for enjoying more comfort on long trips, allowing your dog to enjoy the sights better.

A leash is not a bad idea for riding with larger dogs, especially if you can find a way to keep your dog ahead of you. If you want to walk your dog, make sure you don’t get distracted or try to outpace it. Using a leash can be unreliable, as an easily distracted rider or dog can make this kind of ride problematic. Using the leash with a bicycle is banned in some places.

What Riding with a Dog Entails

Riding with a dog requires attention and patience. The things to pay attention to so as not to endanger your pet’s life when riding include the following:

Plan your Route

Your dog’s comfort is of utmost importance when trying to enjoy an e-bike ride with your pet. If your small dog or puppy is riding in the e-bike basket, padding it snugly will be necessary when you brake or swerve.

As a responsible pet parent, remember to ride carefully when riding with a small animal. Try planning the trip around smoother, better roads with less traffic. This will help you avoid braking and swerving frequently while riding and help your pet enjoy the trip better. If you encounter traffic, ride slowly to avoid braking sharply. Use bike lanes if possible.

Use the Appropriate E-bike Accessory

The e-bike is designed to accommodate several accessories that can make riding with your pet easier and more comfortable. Ensure to shop for the right accessories to provide ample comfort and security for your dog when on an e-bike ride. A great accessory you can invest in is an e-bike bag, which can be secured to the rear rack.

When shopping for an e-bike bag or other accessory, try getting an accurate size.  This will ensure the dog does not end up rolling around unnecessarily in an oversized fit. Try getting your accessories from the e-bike manufacturer if they are available. For example, Haoqi accessories are ideal for usage on the Haoqi e-bikes they are specially made for.

Ride Slower

The main reason for going slower when enjoying a ride with your pet is to avoid situations where you have to brake sharply. It is normal to encounter traffic, no matter how much of a low-traffic route you planned. Depending on how abruptly and suddenly you brake, your dog could get injured from the impact.

When you come across other motorists, it is always best to maintain a slow pace so you can stop gently instead of braking hard.


Safety is the most important thing when riding with your pet canine. If you are a pet parent who cycles, you may have always wanted to ride with your dog. Here, we explore some of the best ways to ride with different sizes of dogs. You can also find tips on how to ride with your dog.

Ensure to ride a high-quality e-bike as you embark on rides with your pet. Check out the Haoqi e-bikes with a high payload capacity that can adequately support your and your dog’s weight. An e-bike like the Haoqi White Leopard can support up to 350 lbs. When you add its 48V 16Ah high-tech battery that can provide a range of up to 60 miles, your trips are longer and more enjoyable.

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