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Rats Army SARMs Review: The New King Of The Hill?

Rats Army are company new to the SARMs scene. They’ve only really been going strong for about a year.

So who are they, and what’s the quality like?

In this Rats Army SARMs review I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to make a great buying decision.

What they sell, the quality is like, whether there are any problems to watch out for, and answer that key question: is Rats Army legit?

Who Are Rats Army?

I became aware Rats Army about a year ago. Their domain name was only registered two years ago, so the business really only started to grow strong in 2021.

Last year was a tough time SARMs market. The Chinese SARMs export ban kicked in, and the pandemic on top of that meant that SARMs supplies started to dry up.

That left a situation the end of last year where a lot of the original big players and trusted companies had vanished.

This situation has been made worse with the news that the biggest SARMs seller in the USA, ceased trading at the end of March 2022.

So Rats Army are moving into a very difficult marketplace. But for several key reason going to explain now, I believe that these guys are the real deal and definitely people you should be looking at buying SARMs from.

Are Rats Army Legit?

Rats Army are definitely legit based on my own experiences and research.

Let’s talk about the SARMs quality first. Those crucial verified, third-party independent, lab test reports are there to see.

From my own personal experiences, the SARMs they sell have been superb. Two batches have seen a bulking stack and a cutting stack produce excellent results without any problems.

The legitimacy of Rats Army is for me undeniable. Really good feedback on knowledgeable bodybuilding forums and sites like Reddit confirm that view.

Where Is Rats Army Located?

Rats Army ship out of Mosheim, TN. I checked out the location online, and everything checks out in terms of Google maps, addresses, everything.

That’s also where the company is registered, and the same address appears on all documentation as well.

So Rats Army are definitely based in the USA, they are not just a front for a Chinese SARMs lab.

SARMs Made In The USA Is A Huge Bonus

I know for a fact that Rats Army SARMs are made in the USA, at the premises they ship from.

I know this because I found a job advertisement on a large jobs website when I was researching the company.

It was for a lab assistant. It listed the duties to include creating research chemicals and dealing with all aspects of them.

So we are not talking about a company that’s going to struggle to supply its customers any time soon. It’s made in the USA, to US lab standards, and it excites me that it could be a long-term and high-quality supply option.

Let’s Talk About Rats Army SARMs And Supporting Supplements

Rats Army sell nine types of SARMs, all the main ones that you would expect:

  • Ostarine (MK-2866)
  • Ligandrol (LGD-4033)
  • Testolone (RAD-140)
  • Cardarine (GW-501516)
  • Ibutamoren (MK-677)
  • Myostine (YK-11)
  • Andarine (S-4)
  • S-23
  • Stenabolic (SR-9009)

So as you can see, if SARMs are what you are after, then they offer high purity liquid dropper bottle SARMs in abundance.

Also, Rats Army sell a lot more than SARMs, and that’s another thing that excites me.

They also sell a range of peptides that is growing larger by the month. TB-500, PT-141, and Melanotan II ARE just three of the ones they sell. So if peptides are your thing, or you want to give them a try instead of SARMs, then Rats Army can supply them.

Plus, they even sell four types of the new prohormones. I’m not a great advocate for these, because I think they have more side effects and less benefits than SARMs. If that’s your thing though, and you want to experiment, then you know the purity and safety levels are high.

On top of all that, they sell generic PCT supplements. Generic Nolvadex and Clomid, as well as others like Rats Army Raloxifene.

Put all that together, and you can see that Rats Army are now a full single source for all types of bodybuilding supplements, something that only the now-defunct achieved.

Rats Army Tadalafil

Licensed in many countries for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension, Tadalafil is also used off label by people wanting to enhance her relationship  life.

It increases blood flow around the body.

Rats Army Tadalafil is very high-quality. It’s got the same purity lab reports available, and it’s got a great track record.

Conclusion: Rats Army Is A Genuine Successor To

I hope you can see now that Rats Army is a genuine successor to the “one-stop shop” supplements superstore that was.

Rats Army are based in the USA, and the SARMs they sell (as well as all the other chemicals) are made in the USA.

So you’re not having to worry about a lack of supply, and Rats Army shouldn’t be one of those companies that go bust because of a lack of supply. Only domestic legislation changes will shut companies like this.

Overall, Rats Army are now my number one “go to” SARMs seller.

The mix of quality, range, and ability to order everything you need from one place makes them unmissable.

Prices are also very good. Most SARMs cost around 55 – $60 per bottle. For example, Ostarine is dosed at 25 mg/mL, and you can get a 30 mL bottle right now for $58.

So not only is it the quality and range, but it’s also the prices. Pretty much unbeatable right now, and definitely a SARMs seller that is legitimate and worth placing a test order with.

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