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These funny quarantine cat pictures will get you through

If you’re taking social distancing seriously like a good citizen, you might be feeling a little antsy. We’ve curated this special batch of funny cat pictures to get you through these hard times. Enjoy!

Anastasiia Kalianova

Snapchat cat

When you go to Snapchat to alleviate your social distancing boredom, but everyone’s stories are of them being equally bored

Not even chores

When you’ve gone so stir-crazy during your self-qu arantine that you’re begging your mom to let you take out the trash, but she won’t even let you do that

Dmitry Makeev

Hand abuse

This is how all our hands will look like by the time we come out of quarantine.


A metaphorical image

This is a picture of COVID-19 and the world. 

Umberto Salvagnin

What is this beauty?

The people who never used to step outside unless they were immediately walking into another building are suddenly discovering the joys of nature.

Good times

Remember when we could go outside without worrying about a highly contagious virus ravaging our immune system? Good times.

Wok cat

In the current climate, humans are now taking into consideration the kitty wisdom that sleeping in strange places qualifies as a sport.

Dashing your toilet paper dreams

Your face at 6:00 am when the store manager tells you the last package of toilet paper was bought right before you got there, despite having woken up about six hours earlier than you usually would.

Being the mean sister

Your face when you tell your sister you ate the last bag of Cheetos and she’ll get “the corona” if she goes to the convenience store.


Why are you here?

“I liked it better when the humans were gone for most of the day. Can’t they stare at a screen somewhere else?”

WebMD cat

Mike made the mistake of reading the news in conjunction with WebMD. Don’t be like Mike.

Wash your paws

Even kitty values the importance of keeping his paws clean.

Bleach cat

Kathy’s human thought it would be a good idea to dunk her phone in a bucket of bleach. Don’t be like Kathy’s human. 

Kenneth Bosma

Stubborn cat

Simon doesn’t care if you want to wash your hands every five seconds to keep away the coronavirus. Simon found his new napping spot.

Choosing between types of fright

Amanda thought watching a scary movie would take her mind off the news. Now she’s more scared than ever. 

Birhanb/WikiMedia Commons

Fast-food cat

The dog is the COVID-19. The cat is every person still grabbing McDonalds like they can trust fast-food workers to self-diagnose.

Get out of my bubble

Humans aren’t the only ones wary of personal space right now.

Annoyed cat

When your significant other plays the same song for the fiftieth time in a row and you can’t even leave ‘cause you’re quarantined. 

Katherine Moriarty

How could you, sir?!

Your reaction when you see someone eat without washing their hands now. 


Light-hearted yet?

Our face hoping you enjoyed these funny cat pictures. 

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  • Thnx, cat stuff is ALWAYS welcomed, but now more than ever

    April 27, 2020

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