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Pros and Cons of Getting First Aid Training

All of us live in a world where people are busy and they are always in a hurry because everyone is in a race to make life easier for them. In this fast world, due to this hastiness, the rate of emergencies and accidents has increased to a great extent in the past years. That is why the importance of getting first aid training has also been emphasized more in these years.

First aid is the first help or care provided to the person who is suffering from some kind of health emergency or sudden injury. In this state, the victim mostly becomes unconscious or panicked. Therefore, he needs someone else to take care of him until the arrival of professional medical assistance or an ambulance. A person with proper first aid training can help the victim suffering from some health condition or injury that needs immediate attention.

First aid provider not only has the training but also has got necessary tools and types of equipment needed to help the one in need. These tools and types of equipment are kept in a box that is called a first aid box. This box contains many necessary items that can be used to help the victim of an emergency or incident.

Many institutes now provide certifications in first aid training. If you are a busy person then you can also enroll yourself in an online certification program and do the training online as well.

Advantages and Disadvantages of First Aid Training

First aid training is very important for yourself and for the people around you. It can be very helpful in saving lives and helping people. You can save the lives of not only others but your loved ones as well when they face any kind of emergency. That is why it is important for everyone to have basic first aid knowledge so that they can become useful and beneficial for themselves, their loved ones, and for others.

We know that first aid is no doubt a precious kind of knowledge that anyone can have. However, there are some drawbacks to first-aid training as well. We have created a list of merits and demerits of getting first aid training that is listed below.

Advantages of First Aid Training

  1. Saves Lives

The knowledge of first aid helps to save lives. There are many emergency situations in which if the victim is not provided immediate treatment or care, then this can prove fatal for the victim and can also lead to death. For example, if some person has gone through some injury in which he suffers from excessive bleeding, then the bleeding has to be stopped or controlled at once. Excessive bleeding can lead to blood loss and further lead to organ failure or complications in the treatment. If there is some person present at the site of the incident with first aid training, then he can help to control the bleeding till the arrival of an ambulance. In this way, he can help to save the life of the victim with the help of first aid knowledge and training.

  1. Prevents Deterioration

Another benefit of first aid provided at the right time is that it helps to prevent the state of the victim from deteriorating. When a person suffers from some kind of injury, he is panic and nervous due to which his state keeps on deteriorating. This kind of behavior can increase the blood levels and create complications. The person with first aid training knows the ways to calm the victim in order to make him relaxed so that his state does not deteriorate much.

  1. Promotes Recovery

If first aid treatment is provided at the right time then it helps to promote recovery. For example, when you are able to control the bleeding then it can help to promote the recovery rate of the patient in the long run.

  1. Safer Homes, Safer Workplace

First-aid-trained people help others around them in case of emergencies or accidents. In this way, with more first-aid-trained people, our homes and workplaces, etc will become safer. With the presence of first aid-trained people around them, people will feel safer and more confident that someone is there to take care of them in case of any emergency.

Disadvantages of First Aid Training

  1. First Aid is not for Every Situation

First and the foremost drawback of first aid is that it cannot be implemented in every situation or emergency. For example, some injuries or health conditions are of greater severity and they cannot be handled by a first aid professional. Such injuries or illnesses need the attention of professional medical personnel. In case, such severe conditions are handled by first aid providers, it can sometimes do more harm than good and can also lead to the worsening of the victim’s condition.

  1. First Aid Can Cause Other Injuries

Some injuries or health conditions are complex and they can get worse if proper medical care is not provided at the right time. First aid treatment’s main objective is to calm down and control the victim’s condition till the arrival of an ambulance. However, in some situations you cannot help the victim with first aid, or else you can worsen the situation. For example, in case of a dislocated joint, you should never try to put it back in its original position because this needs extensive knowledge of joints and bones. If you try to do so, you can certainly cause more damage than any good. In this case, your first aid knowledge or training will not be of any help.

Final Words

First aid training is helpful and very useful in many emergency conditions. However, first, you have to do proper training so that you can prove to be helpful to others and to yourself as well. Moreover, in spite of being useful training, first aid sometimes becomes useless in some situations. You must have the proper knowledge and training to know where this training applies to become extremely beneficial.

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