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7 remedies to prevent premature ageing

Ageing is a natural phenomenon. Every individual ages in terms of their body structure, strength and other such elements. One particular and most commonly noticeable element of ageing is an individual’s face. Human face shows signs of ageing from an early stage only. However, nowadays what has become even more common is premature ageing. 

Modern lifestyle and work culture has prompted working individuals to work tirelessly to succeed in a rat race. This has resulted in individuals showing signs of premature ageing. People have started looking way more old than their actual age and it is becoming a cause of worry. A lot of research is going on to prevent premature ageing. This article will take you through some remedies that could help in preventing premature ageing.


It is often said that a person’s attitude and outlook towards life affects his/her quality of life. The more you remain stressed and worried, the more you are likely to exhibit signs of premature ageing. Various studies show that a happy mind is the key to a happy body and a glowing face. 

It is advisable to take the ups and downs of life in one’s stride and remain positive. Having a positive attitude goes a long way in making a person look young and cheerful. 

Smoking and Drinking

Today’s generation is becoming extremely influenced by smoking and drinking. There has been a staggering increase in alcohol and tobacco consumption. Both these activities dehydrate the body and affect one’s health. 

People who resort to alcohol and tobacco consumption in a heavy amount often age faster. Their face looks pale. It even has wrinkles, dark circles, etc. Also, smoking and drinking severely affect the human kidney & cause damage to body structure & muscles. It is suggested that if your face shows signs of premature ageing & you drink or smoke, you must stop it. 


Diet plays a vital role in determining your skin quality, skin glow and health. The healthier you eat, the better you look. Eating nutritious food that is high on fibre, vitamins, proteins must be consumed. Eating fruits and vegetables ensures that you look youthful and cheerful. 

Age, Sun, Cold and Moisture

Keeping a note of your surroundings is also equally important. Remaining exposed to extreme hot or cold weather also has a deterrent impact on skin quality. The UV rays of the sun can be extremely harmful for the skin. Similarly, extreme cold weather can dry up the skin and make it rough. 

Thus, it becomes essential to keep your skin moisturized. Keeping the skin properly moisturized creates a protective layer that protects the skin and keeps the skin healthy and glowing. 


Maintaining a proper weight as per the BMI is equally important to prevent premature ageing. Being underweight makes you look malnourished, and your skin remains deficiënt of essential nutrients. 

On the contrary, being overweight would imply that you do not exercise, follow a bad diet. Being overweight makes one look out of shape and mature. 

Thus, it is important to remain in shape and exercise in order to look young. 


Life choices have a deep impact on one’s health and the way one looks. Applying and consuming chemical products, i.e. non-natural products harms the skin and health. Thus, one must look to use natural products and also eat healthy. 


Lastly, one’s stress levels determine one’s age and youthfulness. The more you take stress, the more you are likely to age prematurely. Thus, one must look to remain happy and stress-free. 

If one takes into account all these factors, premature ageing can be prevented to some extent. 

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