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Despite all the efforts of activists, public organizations and even the governments of some countries, the life of gays and lesbians cannot be called completely comfortable. In some regions, they are even subjected to persecution, as a result of which they have to either hide their true essence or leave their homeland. But even in the very center of a tolerant and patient civilization that supports each member of the LGBT community, it is very difficult for gays and lesbians to find magical help, since an extremely small number of spellcasters are ready to perform rituals for them. It’s not about intolerance or some inner secret code by which the occultists live. The problem is that this is an incredibly complex witchcraft, which almost no one can master.

It is all the more pleasant and significant that there are such professionals as spellcaster Maxim. You can read on his website that this amazing specialist who has amazing abilities helps all representatives of non-traditional sexual orientations. He performs his spells no worse, and even better than most of the people who work for the straight people. But let’s not praise the caster, because his name is already well known in the occult and magical circles. Let’s talk about lesbians and gay magic spells. About what kinds of them exist, and about what such powerful witchcraft is capable of. 


Most processes in the world have their own algorithms. You can’t start making a cake by applying cream patterns. First, you should carefully select and measure all the necessary ingredients, and only then start mixing them into a homogeneous mass, from which the first cake will be obtained. Analogously, preparing his sorcery, a mage does not begin by pronouncing a spell. He does not even measure the necessary ingredients, since every magical process of creating love is always starts with an accurate tarot diagnosis. Previously, this process was called divination. Today, many witches call it that way. But what a true professional does is much more than that. He does not just examine your future destiny, but also carefully peers into you to reveal the secret of what will bring you true and most happiness.


It all starts with examination of the subtle bodies, or, to put it simply and more clearly, energies. We carry ideal chakras only in the first minutes after birth, which then become cloudy and dark. Their functioning is influenced by our inner beliefs, thoughts and, of course, emotions. Joy makes us generate light energy, sadness – dark energy. But much more we are influenced by various external factors. For example, how the world accepts us, how it reacts to us, and who surrounds us. Functioning of each of the seven chakras can be normalized. But only in the event that a curse was not hidden in one of them. Today, this energy disease is observed in almost every second person. Its influence on us is so huge that we will talk about curses in an individual article devoted exclusively to them.


The examination of energies or the energy diagnostics is needed in order to understand how ready you are for a love spell, and what needs to be done to get you ready. So, if they do the same sex love spell, they work with the second chakra, which has always been responsible for our sexuality and attractiveness. If you work with a pure love, then, in this case, all processes pass through the chakra number four. In parallel, there is an examination of the future fate. At this moment, the spellcaster is like a person sitting at a deep-sea scanner. He slowly rotates the knobs and, depending on their position, he has completely different pictures appeared in front of him. Changing the charge your energy centers, the magician changes your fate. He is looking for those options and sectors that are capable of giving ultimate happiness, and, when he finds it, he fixes the settings of the chakras, knowing that now you cannot pass by happiness and love.


Always, two persons – a customer (you, if you order a love spell) and an object (the one who is being prepared to be your lover or partner) – are affected in any spell. This person also has his own chakras. But they affect not only his future, but also yours. Love is merging of chakras, creating of channels between them, through which they exchange power and joy, sadness and fun, plans and hopes. As a result, part of your energies always goes to your partner. But part of it flows through the channels to you. Filling your subtle bodies, the energy of another person begins to influence:

  • Your thoughts.
  • Desires.
  • Your personality.
  • Habits.
  • Character.
  • Through all this – your future destiny.

The spellcasters look, making the diagnostics, how the chosen object fits you, and what your life will be as a result of your receiving his energies.


Diagnosing curses is pretty simple. Many people can do it today. But only few people can remove a curse, although you can see offers of help everywhere. The best analogy to understand the situation is treatment of an inflamed tooth. A bad doctor just puts a medicine in, and the worst one immediately pulls out the diseased tooth. The infection remains. Sometimes, some rotten roots that cause suffering for many years remain intact. An experienced spellcaster is like a high-class doctor. He heals without causing unnecessary pain. Each of his actions is thought out, therefore, the result pleases – after a curse removed, there are no traces of it.  Moreover, your life, previously full of sadness and loneliness, is filled with light. Not pain, but he stays with you for the next many years. 


In the modern occultism, curses are divided into five groups:

  • Those that we send to ourselves on our own.
  • Those with which we become infected from cursed partners.
  • Those that lead us to professional and amateur witchcraft.
  • Those that we inherit from the parent of our gender.
  • Those that appear to us as a response to the pain that we have caused others.

Regardless of the type and severity (there are light and heavy curses), you cannot cast the spells to make someone love you without having performed a complete and final healing.  After all, according to its program, a black energy clot hidden in the subtle bodies will always repel someone else’s energy from you. Or, speaking without immersion in bioenergy, it will not allow anyone to love you and feel your love.


The curse itself is rather primitive. But this does not prevent it from influencing us with particular efficiency. Bacteria are also very simple, but, at the same time, they can cause persistent diseases and death. Changes occur depending on the chakra on which such an energy disease nests. When the first chakra is affected, such a person gains weight, becomes physically unattractive, his body may have such an unpleasant smell that his partner will experience disgust. Failure in the second chakra causes impotence or inability to experience an orgasm. Even a fear of making love. Affected third chakra makes its wearer quarrelsome, petty, intolerant, and selfish person. Whereas, failure of the mind chakra makes the person do things that the lover or husband will never forgive. No love, whether it is cast by magic or arose by the will of the Higher Forces, will survive for a long time with such a person. That is why the curse must be removed.


Purified chakras are wonderful. Renewed energy centers cannot bring us to a new life stage. They allow all our virtues to manifest and shine with a special light. Beauty is formed from this glow, which attracts the dearest person to you. Looking at you, this person believes that you are the most beautiful and most wonderful lover of all. He thinks so not without reason. Sometimes, say spellcaster Maxim, it is enough to work out the chakras good enough, and love spells are not needed. You attract and draw an object to you with the renewed power of your inner beauty. If you follow the recommendations for maintaining energy purity and integrity, then craving for you remains incredibly strong for a very long time period.


Scrolling through occult sites, you may fall into the common misconception that diversity in love magic is provided only by simple adding the word “simple” to the names of love spells. Witches write words “quick” or “simple”, “cheap” or “very powerful”. But such diversity is imaginary. Moreover, when it comes to magic and sorcery, everything that has been done hastily and without investing great effort does not work. Or, as thousands of frustrated customers have proven, it doesn’t work very well. In reality, diversity is achieved by completely different means:

  1. Due to the chosen dates, because time of casing is very important.
  2. Thanks to the ingredients used.
  3. Or because of what kind of magical school was chosen. The real spellcasters are always very skillful in various directions.
  4. The variety is achieved by the chosen energy, which is graded from blinding white to impenetrable black.
  5. Let’s not forget about the validity period of witchcraft, because magic can be effective both for several weeks (in total) and for several years.

As for a witch’s offer to do everything quickly and simply, let’s look at each of the points individually. Let’s look at the spell obsession as an example.


The obsession spells are considered the most difficult to cast among difficult spells for the lesbians and the gays. But they are just as difficult when it comes to creating relationships between the straight people. We will not tell how they are cast, because this is a huge secret. It is not disclosed not because the casters are afraid of competition. It’s just anyone who does not have the necessary knowledge will suffer after having tried to carry out such a rite. The person who failed to keep the secret will pay for it. As a result of such a spell, a person forever refuses all the values, dreams, plans and beliefs that he used to have. Everything that was important to him suddenly ceases to exist. Now his goal is his beloved, his dreams are to be with him, his values ​​are the time spent with his partner, his dreams are to live like this all his life. This is a very strong witchcraft that imposes a huge responsibility on the customer, because the object literally dissolves in him. Therefore, a lover should be very careful with it.


When they cast some simple spell under the guise of this ritual, in fact, it does not cause a complete dependence, but simply drives a person crazy. His madness is targeted – he goes crazy with a strong feeling for you. You might think that this is exactly what you wanted. But believe me, such a connection will not bring you much joy. After all, you start a relationship with a madman, who behaves unpredictable. If, after a strong delusion made by a professional, the victim does not break the connection with the real world, then, after a quick impact on his sixth chakra (mind chakra), the world around him and all his former life cease to exist. Such a person can quit his job, he can stop caring for himself. He does not care if he has stopped paying his bills, or scares you with his constant desire to be around. As we said, he is a madman. Now, you have to pay for you made it with him.


The speed of spells is achieved due to settlement of the mind parasites in the subtle bodies of a certain victim. It’s even worse than a quick obsession. The parasite is only at first a relatively harmless bunch of thinking energy that does what the witch wants – making someone reach to you. But gradually, it grows wiser and gains power. It’s growing. If at first it affects only one energy center, then over time, it takes the absolute control. The carrier becomes its powerless weak-willed puppet. He is forced to suffer and destroy part after part of his life, so that nothing remains in him, but pubescent chances, failures and defeats. But is not enough for the mind parasite, and it begins to influence you through the carrier. To make it clear how, let’s remember about domestic violence, which often occurs through the fault of a parasite that controls one of the partners. As a rule, it’s a person who strikes first.


So, let’s talk about a completely different variety of love spells, agreeing once and for all that you will not order:

  • Quick sorcery.
  • Cheap, as low price is almost always synonymous with low quality.
  • Simple spells.
  • Help of occultists advertising themselves on social networks, through half-empty websites created just a few months ago.

Let’s start talking about professional spells with binding through sex. Previously, they were considered the most effective and, therefore, were incredibly popular. It is clear that people who lived only a hundred years ago were much simpler. Previously, the Earth was inhabited by the civilization that gave the main role to its physical body. Today, the world is inhabited by the civilization of the mind. Therefore, today, the binding through the mind is much powerful and more desirable than binding through the connection that gives the intimate joy equally pleasant to two persons.


This pairing method is suitable for the people who love and appreciate sex. Not necessarily traditional one. Any fantasies that bring pleasure to both, any games, any new experience, all can serve to strengthen the relationship. But when ordering the sex same spells from someone with low qualifications, you should be prepared for the fact that you will not have other common points that allow you to feel unity with your partner. There will be no interesting conversations. There will be no nice walks in the park and joint trips to exotic countries. You will be bored out of bed. But, on the other hand, once behind tightly closed curtains, you can do real miracles. In order not to turn your union into a guest marriage, or, as it is commonly called, a sex friendship, a very experienced spellcaster Maxim will definitely connect you through other energy centers too. At least, through the heart chakras, the care chakra, and the mind chakra.


Some people cast the sexual attraction through changes in the psyche. But such methods are rather dubious, as they often have unpleasant side effects. Here’s what can expect the people who made a similar order:

  1. Women may begin to have too strong intimacy desire, when everything else becomes insignificant.
  2. Men can be so exhausted that they harm their health.
  3. Various manias begin to develop, transforming either into phobias, or into uncontrolled jealousy, or into outright violence committed against a partner if he is tired or for some other reason refuses to go to bed right now.
  4. There are no other topics for conversation except from sex. Not only within the couple, but also with the people your partner meet.
  5. A person begins to be proud of only one thing – his sexual victories.
  6. He adjusts his whole life to this area, doing special training and organizing a special diet.
  7. He requires constant readiness and openness for the strangest, sometimes frightening experiments from his partner.
  8. His mood depends on what impression was made on you during making love.
  9. At the same time, a person is haunted by a constant fear that you will find someone other than him.


As mentioned above, the best way to bind is to connect not through one chakra, but through several chakras. Yes, both partners should have a craving for intimacy and a value of being together. But this should not be the main thing. Always ask for the energy channels be built not only through the second chakras, but also through other chakras. Only then you will get variety, which gives both of you a pleasant communication and a happy life together. But you should not forget about rituals for a great sex either. The people who want only spiritual or emotional attachment make a mistake. A person is a many-sided personality, and you shouldn’t lock him up in only one of his life sectors. Besides, you should always remember that for many people, the intimate side of relationships is just as important as anything else. Depriving him of physical pleasures, you literally push him to cheat on you.


Somehow, it turned out that our conversation about witchcraft turns to bad rituals from time to time. But this is a specificity of any sphere of human activity, where numerous amateurs and charlatans necessarily appear next to rare professionals. Although, representatives of Wicca are more correct to call dreamers. These self-proclaimed neo-pagans came up with their own cult with their own goddesses and gods, which have never been in any pantheon known to the true spellcasters. Praying to them, and getting nothing for their prayers and sacrifices, nevertheless, they have good fun, spending weekends surrounded by wildlife. Be it a hobby club, neither a real witch nor a real magician paid any attention to Wiccans. But some of them try to practice their strange and helpless rites, and even try to make money on it. Therefore, we had to include a story about them in this article.

Disadvantages of The Wiccan Binding Spell for The Gays and The Lesbians

Relying on the gay wiccan spells, you might as well invent your own god, surround it with a host of servants, invent a world from which this god came, and then pray to him. The results of such efforts are always zero. But there is a problem – each time when we open up to the Eternity and send there an energy-thinking message charged with our emotions, we become like a man in a dark forest, screaming and not knowing what will come to his cry. Anyone can hear you. Not necessarily it will be a nice being what wishes you well. Since Wiccan gods do not exist, dark entities usually come at the call of the Wiccan followers. Pretending to be light helpers, they begin to harm the people at whom the witchcraft is directed. This is not the only, but the most important disadvantage of the Wiccan mystical school.


Here is another type of magic that offers services for the LGBT people. Its followers call themselves the guardians of the female Latin American witchcraft. When you read the descriptions that they compose, you come to the conclusion that the priestesses (as they call themselves) did not fully understand what brujeria is, how it works, and what forces help its adherents.  The experts say that in fact it is:

  1. A dark witchcraft without smallest light or neutral blotches.
  2. Previously, it was really practiced only by women. But recently, men who identify themselves as brujeria shamans have appeared.
  3. Adepts of this direction turn to the spirits and gods of voodoo for help, even though they call them differently.
  4. In many ways, their rituals is a mixture of the African magic, the Native American shamanism, and the black European (also called Latin) witchcraft.
  5. They create love on the principle of obsession, the shortcomings of which we have described above.
  6. Protection against unpleasant consequences is not guaranteed.


Of course, almost the same can be said about the voodoo shamans, who also do not promise a safe outcome and do not work in such a way that the karma of clients is not burdened. But, at least, their actions are predictable. You know what to expect from a certain spell. With brujeria, you are playing a deadly game called the magic roulette. Only, the gun drum has not one cartridge, but it is full of cartridges. Therefore, every attempt to pull the trigger, i. e. every attempt to resort to the help of this particular subspecies of witchcraft is so dangerous. Spellcaster Maxim says that nothing but problems can be expected of any new schools of esotericism. If you want to apply for help, then you’d better do it only to the people who practice an ancient teaching that has existed for thousands of years. So, the magic in which he is engaged, dates back to a distant primitive time. 


Appearing of honey as the key ingredient in certain kinds of love spells is not surprising. The mankind knew glue not so long ago. Before that, gelatin, wax, tree resin, and, of course, honey was used as a fastener and a binder. It would seem that today all this can be replaced with a glue or an adhesive tape. However, the real witches do not do this. Not because they honor traditions. When dealing with entities that have lived for tens of thousands of years, the rituals should be carried out as they have always been done, without adding anything new to them. Otherwise, the entities will be confused, and not fulfill the request addressed to them. Seeing candles, two strands of hair and fresh honey, they understand why they were called and what they should do.


This love spell is great, because you can cast it by yourself. Being universal, it suits both the gays and the lesbians equally well. But there are some conditions that ensure its effectiveness:

  1. At the time of casting, you must be alone.
  2. You must have a strong love for the object.
  3. He also has to be alone.
  4. He must not be depressed.
  5. At the moment of inducing the impact, the health of the object must be normal.
  6. The day chosen for the ceremony is Wednesday at the growing moon.
  7. There must be no clouds in the sky, no rain, no wind.
  8. You don’t have to see the moon. But if you can’t see the moon, put an additional lit candle on the windowsill.
  9. If you are a woman, you can’t cast while you have your period.
  10. The spell must not be cast on a pregnant woman, or who raises a child under five.


Not many ingredients are needed. First, a special white magic candle with a white wick. One more, if you need to complete item eight from the list just above. Second, a wooden table covered with a white tablecloth free from patterns and fringe. Third, natural honey.  It is better to buy it at some apiary. The honey must be fresh. Let a beekeeper get it from honeycombs in front of you and pour it into a container you brought with you. Put the container with honey on the table near a lit candle. Fourth, two strands of hair. One strand shall be yours; the other stand shall be from the head of your loved one. You can read about how to get them on the website of spellcaster Maxim. He gives advice for this case, talking about different methods of getting the hair, which are suitable for the simple domestic magic.

Honey jar spell to return a lover

The most honey love spells are cast without words. If you find a certain text in the description for a spell, then be sure to spend a few days to memorize it. The witching words are not pronounced reading from the sheet. They should be firmly embedded in your memory. They must be pronounced aloud, the louder, the better. But not this time. You must light a candle, put honey in front of you and put two strands of hair – yours and your loved one. Imagine your future lover. Imagine how he walks towards you, approaches, how you hug him and press him to you. Feel its warmth, smell, breath. If this feeling gives you joy, take both strands, squeeze them, turning them into one, then dip one tip into honey, then the other. Now, go to the fire from the windowsill candle, glue the connected strand around it so that it forms a ring, and blow out the candle with your breath. The ritual is complete. After a few days, you will be able to observe a change in the behavior of the object.


This sentence makes more sense than you might think. Believe me, saying this, we are not doing PR or advertising, but sharing with you the experience based on analysis of hundreds of unfortunate destinies that were broken by domestic or poor-quality casting of the powerful spell to make him love me. Here are the main reasons for this:

  1. You pay only once, as no rework or recasting is needed.
  2. You are immediately provided with a whole range of services, including diagnostics of various types, as well as subsequent magical support for your relationship.
  3. You get a high-class love, a romance in which all dreams become possible.
  4. You are connected not on one, but on different levels, giving a very rich, meaningful communication.
  5. Additional influences can be provided, such as the correlation of intimate, financial, creative, and other aspects of life.
  6. Professional spells retain a high degree of impact several times longer than those of amateurs. We are talking about years.
  7. You are safely protected from unpleasant consequences. You don’t have to worry about the state of your karma, which is very important when you ask “I need a powerful love spell” from some dark sorcerers.
  8. You can always apply to change the mood and character of your husband, wife or partner, if something does not suit you.


Of course, you can ask: “Where can I find a very strong master who will do everything on the first try?” The fact is that we have already introduced you to one of these. But if, for some reason, you forgot, let’s repeat, this is spellcaster Maxim, who is one of the best and strongest professionals today who practices the rituals of love witchcraft for the lesbians and the gays.  His website is waiting for you, both as a platform that grants you access to more information and as a point from which you begin a new account of your destiny.  It is on this resource that you can find out exactly how to make an order for the witchcraft you need, and order a love spell of any complexity with the maximum duration of the relationship.

Remember that we live in the world that is full of miracles, if you are ready to believe in miracles. The magic does not work only for whose people who do not believe in it or doubt that it can bring them the true love. Even if there are a lot of skeptical persons, this does not prevent the love witchcraft from passing through the centuries in order to bring fulfillment of the most cherished desires. Therefore, if you dream of ordering the extremely powerful love spells, then you now have such an opportunity. So, get ready to love! To rejoice! To greet each new morning with a smile! And to enjoy the fact that the most important, dearest person for you, the one you have been dreaming of for so long, will enter your life!

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