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One of the latest health trends is PEMF therapy to speed healing. Find out whether or not using a personal PEMF device would be beneficial to your health.

Vital health benefits of using a PEMF device

PEMF is a safe and subtle way of modulating various cell functions. It works by changing cellular energy production. However, it also affects other cellular functions like increased production of specific bioactive compounds and much more. PEMF has a broad range of health benefits.

Some of the vital health benefits of using PEMF are:

Promote regenerative processes

One of the US FDA-approved indications of PEMF therapy is boosting healing processes in the body. It is beneficial for a range of health conditions. It may be especially good when a person is living with some severe illness, and healing processes are very slow.

For example, studies show that PEMF may improve paracrine processes, improve communication between various cells, stimulate the activity of stem cells, and thus improve cartilage regeneration. Therefore, it may help in cartilage damage due to trauma or degeneration due to aging in conditions like arthritis.

Similarly, it may stimulate bone healing processes and thus may be good for improving healing in bone fractures. PEMF helps reduce local inflammatory responses and, at the same time, promotes the greater production of beneficial compounds needed for faster recovery.

Another situation where PEMF can play an important role is in poorly healing ulcers in older adults, those living with chronic ailments, or diabetes. Studies show that PEMF can improve the healing of chronic ulcers and even bed sores.

Good for treating resistant depression

Depression is one of the most common emotional disorders. It may be life-threatening, and people living with prolonged stress show suicidal tendencies. Despite 100s of approved medical drugs to manage depression, its treatment remains a challenge. In a large number of cases, prolonged drug therapy fails to help.

Studies show that 30% of those living with depression are resistant to any drug therapy. However, new studies show that PEMF may be quite helpful in such cases. Randomized controlled studies show that it is much more effective than sham treatment in managing resistant depression. In addition, it may show effect after 2-4 weeks of regular use.

Manage stress and anxiety

Unlike depression, stress and anxiety are widespread, and almost everyone may go through these issues in their lifetime. However, perhaps more than half of all adults live with abnormal levels of stress and anxiety at any given time.

Since stress and anxiety are so common, using medications is not the best approach. Instead, such issues should be managed with the help of non-pharmacological means. One such method could be using PEMF mats on a daily basis. PEMF mats at healthylineoutlet are exceptionally good for reducing stress and anxiety, as they combine many other therapies like hot stone therapy, deep infrared therapy, and PEMF.

Enhances immunity and reduces inflammation

Another way in which PEMF helps in such a vast number of health conditions is that it may boost immunity and reduce chronic inflammation. Although any immune-boosting effect may be mild, regularly using PEMF therapy may reduce the risk of various infectious ailments. In addition, it may even help alter the course of some autoimmune conditions.

It helps overcome fatigue and improve exercise performance

PEMF is good for combining with an active lifestyle. It is unwise to view it as something for an ailing body. Thus, physically active people or even those in professional sports may regularly use PEMF to shorten post-workout recovery and reduce fatigue.

In the long run, PEMF may help sportspeople train better due to its ability to boost various regenerative processes in healthy adults.

Improve circulation

PEMF is also suitable for improving circulation, especially microcirculation. In addition, it is one of the ways in which it boosts various healing processes.

To conclude, PEMF is a safe yet effective device for managing various health conditions. It is equally suitable for disease-preventing and promoting recovery. Moreover, it has a particular role in managing chronic disorders as it is ideal for regular and prolonged use.

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