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Allergies are tough. But why are certain allergies seemingly worse at night? Discover some of the answers here.

Why are my allergies worse at night? Your questions answered.

If you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep because of a bad case of the sniffles, you might be struggling with night-time allergies. Whether it’s the dust collected in your bed sheets, or simply the position you sleep in, there are actually a lot of reasons that you might be experiencing your allergies worse at night.

If you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to be able to tackle these issues, never fear – there are a couple of simple, yet highly effective methods for dealing with your allergies in an effective manner.

Here are some of the reasons you feel your allergies worse at night, along with how you might be able to deal with them:

Reason #1 – Your sleep position is causing a nose block

When you lie down, everything that’s in your nose is going to drip down to your throat, which can, in turn, lead to more severe manifestations of your allergies. If you find yourself sneezing or coughing through the night, one of the ways you can help yourself is to prop yourself up using a few pillows, which can help ease congestion.

Alternatively, you might also choose to invest in something like an adjustable bed frame, which can help you set a custom sleep position that lends itself better to your allergies. Adjustable bed frames can be really useful tools when it comes to finding sleep positions that are totally tailored to you, and in the case of severe allergies, they can be especially handy.

Reason #2 – Your bedroom needs a spring clean

Another reason you might get your allergies worse at night is because of hidden dust mites, mold, and other external debris trapped between your bed sheets and bedroom furniture while you sleep. It’s important to try and wash your bed sheets at least once a week for the sake of cleanliness, as well as to minimize the impact of your allergies.

You can also invest in hypoallergenic bed sheets, which are very useful for people who are sensitive to dust and other kinds of spores. You might also want to abandon carpeting, which can be a trap for just additional dust mites and make your allergies feel a whole lot worse through the night.

Reason #3- You have a sleep-partner who you’re allergic to

If your hypoallergenic bed sheets are not working, there’s another reason you might find your allergies worse at night, and that’s because of your pets. When you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep, it’s possible your furry friend is causing your allergies to worsen because of the dander and debir trapped between their own fur coats.

If you have a pet, it’s all the more important to try and keep them out of the bedroom, at least for the duration of the night, to test and see if they may be adversely impacting the quality of your sleep. This won’t just result in better sleep, it will help you figure out some more concrete steps towards minimizing the impact of your allergies.

Whether it’s using bed sheets that are made specifically for those prone to certain types of allergies, or it’s simply by trying to pin down a source, it’s important to remember you’re going to be able to achieve a good night’s sleep once you make a plan for dealing with your allergies. Though annoying, be sure to have your meds on hand, and keep a high sense of sleep hygiene that you maintain in order to make sure you’re accomplishing a truly good night’s rest.

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