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Here's all you need to know about bodybuilding using natural steroids. Find out which are the best ones and why.

The best natural steroids for bodybuilding Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, SP Lab

The best natural steroids for bodybuilding Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, SP Lab

Before compiling the best steroid companies, it is necessary to define natural steroids and identify the most commonly used natural steroids in bodybuilding.

Anabolic steroids UK are artificially manufactured substances that have a muscle-building (anabolic) effect. Their chemical structure is similar to that of testosterone, the male sex hormone. Like testosterone, anabolic steroids also have an androgenic effect. Based on the definition of anabolic natural steroids, these substances are also called anabolic-androgenic natural steroids (AAS).

The history of steroids began in 1935 when Ernst Laqueur first isolated testosterone from the testicles of a bull. As a result, great efforts were made to artificially produce steroid hormones with the goal of producing pure anabolic without androgen effects. However, this has not been successful, as any substance with an anabolic effect always has an androgenic effect as well.

Steroid effect on the body

Anabolic natural steroids promote protein biosynthesis in muscle cells. To truly increase muscle mass, intensive training and a proper diet are required at the same time. The androgenic part of steroid hormones determines the typical male appearance. 

Anabolic natural steroids with side effects are almost non-existent in the modern world. Of course, provided that all precautions are followed. From buying natural steroids from a trusted official retailer to taking the medication correctly. 

Anabolic natural steroids have become known primarily because of their widespread use as a doping agents in sports. In high-performance sports, anabolic natural steroids are used to gain a competitive edge, as well as in bodybuilding, for muscle development – bodybuilding natural steroids. The steroid effect on the body can be noticeable after a short period of taking the preparations.

Below are the top 10 Oral steroids used in bodybuilding.

Testosterone was the first anabolic steroid created, and it remains one of the most sought-after compounds today. Testosterone causes a significant increase in muscle mass and strength. A product that contains it will also increase fat loss, resulting in a dramatic change in body shape.

Dianabol is one of the most effective natural steroids for gaining weight and building muscle mass. It is usually available in oral form, so no injection is required.

Anadrol is a steroid similar to Dianabol, causing a significant increase in size and strength. It is probably more potent than Dianabol, which can be explained by the fact that it is taken in higher doses (mg by mg). 

Trenbolone – like Anadrol, is a very powerful steroid. It is very popular among bodybuilders because of its enormous strength when it comes to building lean muscle mass. 

Turnabol is a powerful oral steroid. Turinabol does not cause water retention, so almost all of the weight gain is in muscle mass. This makes it particularly useful for athletes who want to increase their performance without extra water weight.

Winstrol significantly increases muscle mass and burns fat at the same time. This makes it an effective oral steroid for weight gain or dehydration.

Anavar is probably the safest steroid on the market. It helps bodybuilders build a small amount of muscle while burning fat. Anavar is a “dry” steroid, which allows bodybuilders to have a firmer appearance when using it.

Deca Durabolin is a steroid injection, which is often combined with other formulations to increase body weight during the off-season.

Masteron is a steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone, which causes a moderate increase in lean muscle mass with significant fat-burning properties.

Equipoise is an Injectable steroids (for sale in the USA). Equipoise is similar to Deca Durabolin, although Equipoise is a stronger, more androgenic compound than Deca. Therefore, the side effects are likely to be somewhat more severe.

As already understood, natural steroids can be injectable or oral. Thus, the preferred route of administration in bodybuilding will determine which natural steroids the user will use.

natural steroids help you to get the results you want in the field of bodybuilding, sports, or for simple fitness enthusiasts. Of course, they are only effective if certain rules are followed, which you should familiarize yourself with before taking them. Each steroid rage product has its own contraindications and conditions of use. It should also be noted that achieving the desired results is impossible without some effort.

Don’t expect natural steroids to have any effect if you drink them while lying on the couch and eating the wrong foods. Only a balanced diet, a good daily routine, exercise, or physical activity combined with natural steroids can help you achieve your goals and have the beautiful, toned body that many people dream of.

The 3 main manufacturers of natural steroids for bodybuilding. Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, SP Lab

So let’s start by looking at the main companies that produce and sell quality natural steroids. It should be noted that the mentioned manufacturers have an excellent reputation, and the preparations are of high quality. In addition, the companies distribute their products worldwide, which has also greatly contributed to their popularity and high loyalty among bodybuilders.

The list of top steroid manufacturers was compiled based on product reviews, consumer feedback and comments, and the overall reputation of the manufacturers.

Thus, the best companies providing steroid drugs are Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, and SP laboratories. The companies have managed to gain the love, recognition, and loyalty of athletes, bodybuilders, and sports enthusiasts through a responsible approach to their business. Let’s take a closer look at Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, and SP laboratories to identify their strengths and the reasons for their popularity with consumers around the world.

#1 Balkan Pharmaceuticals

According to many people in the bodybuilding field, Balkan Pharmaceuticals is considered the best company that produces natural steroids. The history of Balkan Pharmaceuticals started in 2006 in Moldova. Gradually, Balkan Pharmaceuticals started to develop its production, improve and gain respect and recognition from consumers around the world. And in 2019, Balkan Pharmaceuticals was already producing about 210 products in various forms. 

Balkan Pharmaceuticals has even managed to conquer the field of female bodybuilding by producing unique and special natural steroids.

There are several reasons for this.

First of all, the attention paid to production. All production processes at Balkan Pharmaceuticals plants are sophisticated. The team consists of experienced chemists, biologists, engineers, and health care professionals, all with the highest qualifications. The equipment is innovative and capable of saving ingredients while creating unique, potent, and steroidal products. And, of course, attention to international hygiene standards, with the production unit ensuring that all rules and requirements applied to the creation of preparations are met. 

Balkan Pharmaceuticals produces injectable natural steroids as well as oral natural steroids, thus increasing the number of consumers. Each steroid produced has relevant documentation confirming its usefulness, and quality and describing its composition.

Production development is also facilitated by employees who are attentive to their responsibilities. Balkan Pharmaceuticals is constantly improving the skills of its employees by sending them to other countries to gain experience, share it, and develop professionally. 

Second, the ingredients. For each steroid medication, exceptional quality ingredients are selected. This is monitored by a dedicated staff that is constantly on the lookout for new solutions.

The formulation plays a special role in the popularity of Balkan Pharmaceuticals natural steroids. According to many bodybuilding consumer reviews, each Balkan Pharmaceuticals product and steroid is able to fully meet a person’s needs and help them achieve the optimal results they desire. 

Balkan Pharmaceuticals has not forgotten about female bodybuilding, providing all the essentials for women. Balkan Pharmaceuticals offers natural steroids specifically for female athletes or bodybuilders. These preparations have a different composition specifically aimed at affecting the female body. In addition, steroids will help you achieve optimal results, reach higher heights and be more successful in your activities.

Third, Balkan Pharmaceuticals’ steroid post-production procedures. Once the production process is complete, the preparations are stored in a special quarantine area until they receive a quality certificate from the Central Drug Quality Control Laboratory. The preparations can then be made available to pharmacies and other sales outlets.

Each medicine produced is thoroughly tested. Its composition, action, and effectiveness are analyzed. The main advantage of Balkan Pharmaceuticals is its constant development, the search for the best solutions, the best formulations, and the creation of the best natural steroids for the most loyal consumers. 

The fourth reason Balkan Pharmaceuticals is attractive to consumers is cost. The manufacturer manages to reduce the cost of its products through an innovative approach to production. At the same time, the quality of steroid drugs does not suffer. On the contrary, the positive effect on the body increases. According to statistics, thanks to Balkan Pharmaceuticals, the prices of medicines in Moldova have dropped by 60-90%. We conclude that Balkan Pharmaceuticals has a significant impact on the market.

Another reason for the popularity of Balkan Pharmaceuticals is its accessibility. The drugs and natural steroids can be purchased almost anywhere in the world (the USA, European countries, India) by going on the Internet and contacting an official online pharmacy.

Millions of consumers from different parts of the world thank Balkan Pharmaceuticals for the natural steroids that help them achieve their goals and peaks. They also praise the absence of anabolic steroid side effects, which allows them to show positive results in sports day after day.

#2 Dragon Pharma

The popular company Dragon Pharma is no less interesting than Balkan Pharmaceuticals as a manufacturer of natural steroids for bodybuilding and athletes. It is an American manufacturer that develops and creates sports nutrition products and natural steroids of the highest quality. All of its products are designed to help athletes and bodybuilders achieve the best possible results. 

The company’s entire brand is of interest. In the name and on the logo, the dragon symbolizes strength, success, power, and endurance. In many cultures, the dragon is believed to bring vitality and good luck.

Dragon Pharma has managed to excel and gain thousands of loyal customers due to a number of factors. First of all, Dragon Pharma’s product line has everything you need for the experienced or novice athlete or bodybuilder: prohormones, fat burners, pre-workout products, and much more. In addition, the company targets both women and men in its production.

Dragon Pharma sports nutrition is perfect for athletes of all disciplines, bodybuilders, weight trainers, and fitness enthusiasts in general.

It should be noted that natural female bodybuilding is very different from male bodybuilding. Male bodybuilding requires different preparations and dosages. And Dragon Pharma provides everything you need for both women and men without focusing on one area.

Another factor influencing the popularity of Dragon Pharma is the provision of natural steroids. This ensures that the athlete’s body is not stressed, does not experience any adverse effects, and that the athlete gets the desired results. Dragon Pharma also produces natural steroids buy online to help athletes and bodybuilders achieve their goals.

Many consumers know Dragon Pharma because of its striking brand image. The website, logo, and company name are “screaming” and speak for themselves. 

#3 SP Labs

SP Laboratories is a subsidiary of another well-known pharmaceutical company, Balkan Pharmaceuticals. SP Laboratories’ products are manufactured in the parent company’s production facilities.

SP Laboratories is well known in the bodybuilding industry for its high-quality natural steroids that can fully meet the needs of hormonal and anabolic natural steroids. In addition, SP Laboratories is known for its excellent attitude towards the women’s bodybuilding sector, for which it also develops excellent quality products.

SP Laboratories is founded on three pillars: health, products, and business. It is these pillars that keep SP Laboratories at the forefront of development.

SP Laboratories takes great care in the quality of its natural steroids, aided by properly selected raw materials. In addition, special attention is paid to compliance with international production standards and market requirements. This ensures the health and safety of the consumers.

The ever-changing and highly skilled employees deserve special attention. SP Laboratories employees oversee production at all stages, develop new recipes for excellent natural steroids and constantly innovate their operations. It is through all of these aspects that SP Laboratories is able to stay afloat and be a sought-after company in the world of competitive bodybuilding.

It is also worth noting that SP Laboratories not only produces excellent natural steroids but also supplies raw materials to other lesser-known and smaller companies. This raises the level of the entire steroid industry, increases competitiveness, increases sales, and attracts new customers.

In addition to these achievements, SP Laboratories has an extremely important one: a chemical and pharmaceutical research and development center. It is equipped with the best state-of-the-art equipment and experienced specialists from the fieldwork on the research. Thanks to the laboratory, the quality of the natural steroids produced is constantly improved and new products useful for bodybuilding and major sports are introduced to the market.

Thanks to the activities of SP Laboratories, many men can become like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is an extremely popular bodybuilder and has become world-famous for his excellent fitness, athletic body, and high performance.  

SP Laboratories also focuses on female bodybuilding in the USA, providing natural steroids that can help women get the results they desire. The gender and characteristics of the female body are taken into account so that each product has the right effect and is effective.

In addition, as already noted with the other major manufacturers, SP Laboratories also stands out for its affordable price. The manufacturer’s natural steroids can be purchased anywhere in the world. Product reviews are also available on many websites. Consumers point out one of the main advantages for the athlete, bodybuilder, and the ordinary sports fan: the absence of side effects or minor side effects that do not interfere with the continuation of the practice of sports and the achievement of the best results.

How and where to buy natural steroids

Buy Anabolic natural steroids from Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, and SP Labs from official sites or special online pharmacy sites. Only from these verified sources will you find original, effective and safe natural steroids.

Of course, you can check the originality of the products of Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, and SP laboratories on their official websites by entering a unique code on the package, but it is better to be reassured. You can lose money and even your health if you trust a low-quality online pharmacy.

It is therefore advisable to buy the steroid in Arabic or other languages and for other countries only from reliable sources. This way you can fully experience the safety and test the benefits of natural steroids from Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, or SP laboratories.

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