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If you need to get cosmetic mole removal it is important to do your research and find the best plastic surgeon for the job. Get the facts here!

Why You Should go to a Plastic Surgeon for Mole Removal

Moles are a type of harmless growth in the skin, sometimes containing hairs, raised, and wrinkled. Rarely a mole might result in bleeding, pain or itching, change in color, and inflammation. In this case, you might want to go to a dermatologist, and it’s the wise thing to do. However, if you want it removed, then you must choose plastic surgeons for the job.

Removal of the mole with no scaring plastic surgeon vs. dermatology 

Although mole removal is a very easy and swift procedure, it requires great skills, care, and talent. Having a mole removed in an area in your body that is not easily concealed, for example, your face needs some skilled hands.

A dermatologist is skilled enough to check the risk factor related to your mole. So, for small mole removal on your body, they can efficiently freeze it with liquid nitrogen or laser it. These methods may leave scarring and blister, so it’s best to go to a plastic surgeon rather than a dermatologist whenever you get a mole removed from your face.

They minimize the probability of scars, though it generally depends on two factors-

  • Technique and talent of the surgeon- Plastic surgeons give the most aesthetically pleasing outcome of any procedure.
  • Healing- Everybody is different and so are its healing mechanisms as well. How well you keep up with the medication, precautions, and hygiene of the lesion and your genetics matters greatly.

Points to ponder upon-

  • Criteria to consider before getting a mole removed by a plastic surgeon 

Most of the moles dealt by the surgeons are cosmetics, meaning they have been there for a long time and show no noticeable change. They bother you, as you must see them every day, and sometimes they are nicked while you are shaving. 

Mole removal does not necessarily have to be for cosmetic purposes. Due to medical reasons, surgeons remove moles from a patient’s body. For instance, if your mole is bigger than 6mm, or is changing in shape, color, size, and texture, they should be removed and sent to interpret its pathology if it’s cancer, etc.

  • Methods undertook by surgeons-

Now, this is where surgeons become better than dermatologists. There are mostly two methods. One of them is shaving the mole, a common practice many dermatologists depend on. They get rid of the mole by trimming the mole at the skin level. The other one is exercising the full length and depth of the mole, which plastic surgeons do. They remove the entire mole, not leaving any remnants behind.

  • Repairing methods undertaken by plastic surgeons-

Surgical repair of the excision involves using the layer of sutures, the inner suture layer is dissolved, and the upper one can be removed by polypropylene suture. This is the go-to method by a plastic surgeon to heal the wound with minimum to no scaring.

  • Anesthesia- 

It is such a frequently done process that it has an in-office setup. At centers like WC Ong Plastic Surgerythe surgeons use numbing crème, which consists of four major numbing medicine and pressure techniques. The combination of both makes the procedure painless and less uneasy for the patients.

  • Aftercare-

After removing the sutures, plastic surgeons will mostly suggest using surgical glue, which will be staying roughly three weeks. They do not prefer the regular band-aid because getting infected in that area will be the last thing you will want. They suggest applying surgical crèmes that will work as your scar treatment and ensure no scar is present after healing.

Getting a cosmetic treatment may be scary at first, but if something bothers you to feel and look your best, it’s the right design to step up and get it done. If it can boost your self-esteem and confidence, it’s worth it. All you need to do is research to know what you are getting yourself into. And get it done by the best.

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