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Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery: A Change That Matters

With the increase of office culture where you have to sit in one position and work on your computers for hours, spinal deformities are possible as the office chairs are not healthy for your back as it creates pressure on your lower spine. These spinal pains and postural deformities can be very painful and can be quite serious at times.

These habits of sitting on office chairs for long can cause a list of problems like chronic neck and back pains, bad posture, sciatica, effect on your blood circulation, carpal tunnel syndrome, pinched nerves, and spine degeneration.

About the minimal incision surgery

  • Doctors wanted a way out with an ever-evolving spinal disorder that might not cost great money and time. Thus, MIS (minimal invasive surgery) was introduced as an ongoing procedure in the 1980s, less painful and less disruptive.
  • It is very different from the traditional lumbar or open-back surgery but much more effective and pain-free. Luckily these days there are some great alternatives to back surgeries that you can consider.
  • It has very less blood loss as the incisions are not larger than 6 inches than normal surgeries. Which have a high risk of blood loss and, due to larger incisions, take a long time to heal, and therefore patients need to spend more time in hospitals.
  • It also has the upper hand from normal surgeries in terms of tissue and muscle damage. In minimal incision spinal surgery, the damage is less. Surgeons don’t have to cut out the muscle and healthy tissues to reach the area of surgery.
  • The instruments used in this are highly modified and specialized.

Perks of getting treated with the best

For problems related to your spine, you might not want to go to some sketchy place. This is where you need expert help. Among the leading surgeons in spine surgeries, Dr. Juris Shibayama specializes in spine surgery with a peculiarity in cervical spinal deformities and disorders. He is also quite adept in performing MIS (minimally invasive spine surgery) in the Smyrna and Nashville area. To know more about Dr. Juris Shibayama, check out his official website.

Why go for minimal invasive surgery?

  • This surgery can also be performed as outpatient spine surgery ensuring that the patient feels minimal pain and recovers at the comfort of his own home.
  • Least tissue trauma is ensured with a minimal incision instead of removing the muscle and tissue from the point of surgery, as it is just seen through a computer screen through a micro camera. In this way very less tissue damage, so there is a speed of healing and less pain.
  • Unlike other types of surgery, MIS is preferred by the surgeon so that the need for blood transfusion, in any case, is rare while keeping the blood loss in check.

With all these excellent qualities, you can trust the procedure. Moreover, it ensures fast recovery from a major surgery like this so that you can return to your daily activities and work in no time.

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