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The deterioration of men's health is a notable phenomenon. Learn more about the cause of this deterioration here.

What is the major reason for the absurd deterioration in Men’s Health?

Well, Men’s health is no more personal information for males. It has become a point of discussion globally in the medical community. Even before the spread of coronavirus men’s health was always going downwards.

Some cite this as the inherent behavior of men while some are of the view that there is no such degradation of men’s health and the issue is just made for entertainment.

In this article, we shall uncover both sides and find the yes or no. And if yes, what are the reasons which led to such situations that for basic biological functions men have to use Cenforce 150 or Vidalista 40.

Men’s health in the present scenario

If asked with absolute honesty by keeping in mind the statistics and the facts, it can be said that the health of men is below par if compared with other genders.

Every 2 out of 3 men are suffering from a mental disorder such as depression, anxiety, and memory loss, etc. The majority of the patients of obesity are men, young men are becoming patients of Erectile Dysfunction.

This information indicates that it is not a narrative made against men but the issue is real. And to solve it we must first acknowledge that there is a problem and then take safe steps for their elimination.

A few of the most common reasons which resulted in the poor health of men are:


If degradation of men’s health is concerned then the first and foremost reason would be smoking. All over the world, people have lost lives, marriages have ended due to smoking.

One may think that only the person who smokes is affected but that is not the case. People around him, his parents, wife, kids, colleagues, relatives, everyone in his vicinity becomes vulnerable to the same ailments.

When someone smokes, he invites a hoard of gaseous pollutants like Sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide (CO) into the body. These pollutants cause breathing problems, the oxygen is extracted from the blood causing suffocation. 

People around him also inhale the same smoke and they also feel shortness of breath, some people get asthma due to regular exposure to smoke.

But this does not mean that all smokers in the world are only men, women too smoke and get addicted. But women empowerment took place lately, and mostly women living in cities smoke. In villages still, only the men are the primary smoker, the reason could be patriarchy or choice of their own.

Getting drunk

Drinking alcohol is not totally but when the instructions are overlooked in the view of addiction mishappenings do occur.

It is a scientific fact that alcohol helps in getting rid of high stress levels. If taken in limited quantities alcohol eases the tensions and the worries. The instructions reaching the brain are halted from entering the nervous system. This decreases the activity in the brain which makes the person sleep, therefore also working as a tranquillizer.

It starts affecting the body in a negative way when the limits are crossed leaps and bounds. When the alcohol level in the body increases, the nervous system loses its control over the organs. This is the reason you would have seen drunk people walk in a random manner.

When they are drunk, they cannot even talk properly. People think drinking alcohol is a status symbol in society and this is the reason many people start drinking alcohol.

And for easing stress levels, there are other more feasible activities which are not addictive such as meditation and yoga. Meditation is known to cure even depression patients; the blood pressure becomes normal and the person feels relaxed. 

So, using alcohol as a stress buster is a bogus idea when there are other alternatives present. It just shows the inclination towards additions from an early age.

Unhealthy eating

In maintaining a balanced diet, men are far behind women. Men usually get addicted or habituated to a type of food much easier than women.

Despite being obese men would still continue to eat French fries, drink cold drinks. Whereas women are health conscious, a slight increase in their weight and they stop these junk foods and shift towards a healthy diet.

There are more female consumers of green tea, fibre-rich foods than men. This itself shows why men fail to maintain good health.

Lack of stress taking capacity

Despite facing discrimination due to gender in some places still, women are the winners in every field. But still, they do not get depressed easily and perform their task with dedication and accuracy.

Men on the other hand lose their composure easily if things do not go according to their choice. This may be due to the nourishment during childhood when a boy is treated in a superior manner to a girl.


It is high time that men realize the mistakes and take actions accordingly. Otherwise, after the coronavirus, we may see a men’s health crisis. Many men suffer from the problem of ED because of this pandemic. Hence, there are some medications such as Kamagra oral jelly available in the market to cure ED.

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