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What Should You Know About Lipo 360

One of the most common treatments performed for aesthetic purposes in the United States is plastic surgery or liposuction. This conventional type of cosmetic surgery involves the removal of fat cells to produce sharper contours and a more toned shape. 

The traditional method of liposuction is the same as the Lipo 360 procedure. In the past, liposuction was only used to treat one area of the body at a time. People typically request that their surgeon concentrates on a certain region when they make an appointment for liposuction. These regions include the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and other areas.

It is a distinctive feature because Lipo 360 simultaneously targets a variety of abdominal locations. Liposuction is performed in a circumferential manner around the patient’s whole body, making the procedure more effective and comprehensive.


The traditional method of liposuction can’t compare to the effectiveness of Lipo 360. The end outcome is the most significant benefit. Lipo 360 has more emphasis on proportions than traditional liposuction, which places more emphasis on fat reduction. Many people have been able to get their ideal physique with the assistance of Lipo 360.

Understanding the benefits of Lipo 360 requires an understanding of liposculpting. Meaning: The abdominal region is typically the target of traditional liposuction. This is a side effect of the Lipo 360 procedure; however, the process also reshapes and recontours any fat that remains after the procedure. This indicates that Lipo 360 might assist you in becoming more fit.

How Can It Be Treated?

Lipo 360 treatment areas are a normal inquiry. Your entire stomach will be worked on throughout the 360-degree process. 

  • Your whole abdominal region.
  • Obliques/flanks.
  • Both the middle and lower back.

Lipo 360 may be adapted to meet your specific requirements and objectives. Communicate your desires unambiguously to your plastic surgeon.

Does The Lipo 360 Work?

Examine traditional liposuction first to have a grasp of the Lipo 360 procedure.

Two different techniques are used to eliminate fat cells when doing traditional liposuction:

  • Liposuction with assistance from the suction, in which saline is injected into fat cells, and then the cannula is used to vacuum the cells out of the body (resembling an IV needle).
  • Before suctioning fat cells out of the body, ultrasound-assisted liposuction shatters the fat cells into smaller pieces.

Lipo 360 employs these comparable strategies, but in a more comprehensive manner. Lipo 360 may be able to eliminate persistent belly fat, which may result in a smoother tummy, love handles, which can result in a shapelier waistline, and bulges and muffin tops, which can result in improved clothing fit.

Suitable Candidate

Lipo 360 is not a supplement designed to help you lose weight. Only people who are at a healthy weight and have maintained it for a while and are looking to target areas of fat that won’t go away should consider this operation.

  • Aren’t smokers
  • Be in good overall health and free of any ailments that might impede their recovery. 
  • Have discussed their expectations for the Lipo 360 procedure with their surgeon.

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