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Having a low libido is extremely common in both men and women. So it might be time to try libido gummies. Here's all you need to know.

5 Reasons to Start Taking All-Natural Libido Gummies

In the movies, sex is typically portrayed as a natural act that comes with ease. Whether the director sets the scene with steamy music and candles or it’s a less romantic, back-seat-of-the car kind of thing, one issue that rarely interferes in the perfect Hollywood version is a low libido. But hey, that’s why it’s the Hollywood version. 

In real life, a low libido is extremely common in both men and women. And although we seem to be trending in the right direction, sexual disfunction of any kind can be a taboo subject, particularly for women. Nearly half of all women struggle with a low libido at some point in their lives, and it can be hard to find an effective treatment that doesn’t come with the threat of scary side effects. But thanks to recent research and studies, there are now supplements out there to help maintain a healthy libido that you can take like a daily vitamin. And the best part? They’re delicious. Here are a few reasons why it might be time for you to work libido gummies into your daily routine. 

Libido Gummies Are All-Natural

We’ll start by diving into what exactly libido gummies are… and what they’re not. Libido gummies are an all-natural supplement that are developed by sexual wellness experts with the purpose of increasing your libido. “Libido,” in case you aren’t familiar with the term, is just a fancy, Freudian word for one’s sex drive, or your desire for sex. 

If you’re worried about taking a questionable supplement or drug to enhance your libido, then you can find comfort in the ingredients in libido gummies. When we say “all-natural,” we mean it. They’re composed entirely of various herbal extracts, amino acids, mineral blends, algaes, other sea vegetables, and plant-based blends heavily studied and tested by professionals. The hardest ingredient you’ll find in libido gummies is 5mg of caffeine, equal to about a sip of coffee. The blend, however, isn’t random; these aren’t just vegetable pills. Rather, these specific ingredients have all been individually studied and tested together as libido-enhancers. So the bottom line is, libido gummies aren’t just some mysterious substance you’ll find in a sex shop that the FDA is scratching its metaphorical head at. Instead, they’re just a blend of nature’s best libido boosters combined into a chewable supplement.

You’re a Human Being

We said it above, and we’ll say it again: low libido is not a rare disorder, but rather one of the most common sexual disfunctions that exists, and millions of women everywhere experience it at some point in life. That’s reason number two to try out libido gummies. A decreased libido can be caused by age-related factors, circumstantial factors, or physiological factors, but the bottom line is that no one is immune. Taking libido gummies doesn’t necessarily have to be a last resort for someone who hasn’t been sexually active in a while. When you feel that your libido could be a little higher, you’re noticing inconsistencies, or you just want to cultivate a healthy, thriving libido, remind yourself that you’re a human being. A fluctuating libido is part of the human experience for millions of people around the world, and there’s nothing wrong with adding a libido gummy into your daily supplements. You’d be far from the only one out there seeking an enhanced libido. 

Cheaper and Easier Than Getting a Sex Therapist

If you’ve been experiencing decreased libido for a long time, or if it’s just negatively impacting your life and you want a change, you may have considered talking to a sex therapist by now. But if you’ve considered talking to a sex therapist, you’ve probably also considered how much that would cost. Therapy is expensive already; sex therapy is expensive, and even harder to find. There are, by estimation, under 2,000 sex therapists in the United States. For over 329 million people, that’s not very many to go around. 

So if you’re frustrated with your decreased or fluctuating libido, if you’re confused by it, or if you just want to get back on the right track, consider starting with a much easier, cheaper option than sex therapy. Naturally, sex therapy can help you work through the how’s and the why’s, but if you’re looking to save a little time and money, consider starting with libido gummies! They come to less than $2 a day, compared to over $100 a session, and you can order them easily online, rather than hunting around the country for a one-in-a-million (or 329 million) kind of therapist. If they fail, go get that therapist. But trust us, and give them a shot first. 

They Combat Decreased Libido from All Angles

We’ve already mentioned the all-natural ingredients in libido gummies above, but what we’ve failed to mention so far is how those ingredients work together to combat decreased libido – no matter what’s causing it. 

Some ingredients, like the amino acid combo of L-Citrulline, L-Theanine, and L-Arginine, work to decrease the stress you’re carrying in your body – and stress is a common factor in those who are experiencing an inhibited libido. This trio achieves its stress-relieving effect by improving blood flow in key areas, opening up veins and arteries and blood vessels, helping your body physically relax. And while those amino acids handle the physical aspect, herbal ingredients like Fenugreek Extract tackle the hormonal side and have been found to support healthy levels of sex hormones like estrogens and androgens. Meanwhile, S7 is a plant-based blend that has been clinically found to increase nitric oxide by 230 percent, and if you’re not a sexual wellness scientist, increased nitric oxide will help relax your genitial muscles. 

So whether it’s physical, mental, hormonal, or an unknown cause, there’s a decent chance that one of the ingredients in libido gummies will be able to tackle the issue. And if not, at least it’s all-natural. 

There’s Been a Lot of Bad News – Like, a Lot

Finally, let’s face it: the world hasn’t been looking that great recently. We’re currently living with an illness that has taken over a million lives, and disrupted billions. Everything is expensive. I recently celebrated finding gas for $4.50 a gallon, then realized that’s still the highest I’ve seen gas in recent memory (or ever). The point is, stress, anxiety, and depression can have a massive effect on a person’s libido, and in the past three years, millions of people have experienced one or all of the above. Experts, surveys, and studies have examined how the pandemic has changed people’s sex lives, and a lot of it has to do with mental health. So if there’s ever been a time that you should feel normal for struggling with your libido (though, you should never feel abnormal for that), it’s now, because decreased libido is more common than ever due to the external factors we’ve faced in the past few years. So take it easy on yourself,

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