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Lasik surgery and Femto surgery are both viable options for optic surgeries. Learn more about these operations with these facts.

Important Facts to Know About Lasik Surgery and Femto Surgery

To begin with, if you are going through Lasik surgery, you must know everything about it. Lasik surgery is so common everywhere, you might have heard a lot about it. But are you sure that you are accurately aware of the surgery you are going through? Basically, as you are aware your eyes are the sensitive part of your face. 

So, are you really up for risking it before knowing every important fact of your Lasik surgery? Generally, you can find so many doctors for Lasik surgery in Delhi like Visual Aids Centre

But you must find the right doctor for your Lasik surgery. Only the right doctor can explain everything in the best and clear way. Furthermore, we are bringing you some of the important facts about Lasik surgery. Normally, these facts will surely solve all of your problems and doubts. 

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Especially related to your Lasik surgery. And you will also learn how Femto Lasik surgery is better than Contoura. Once all your doubts are clear you can stress-free go through any kind of laser surgery you wish.

Now, both Lasik surgery and Femto surgery do improve your vision. Generally speaking, when you go to an eye doctor for Lasik surgery he will give you certain important advice. This advice will help you in better preparation for your Lasik surgery. The preparation part of your Lasik surgery is one of the basic and necessary parts of your surgery. 

For instance, this preparation includes boycotting your contact lenses before your eye surgery. Especially if you wear contact lenses on a daily basis you must stop wearing them 15 days before your Lasik surgery. Mainly because, when you wear contact lenses on a daily basis, your cornea adapts to the size of your contact lenses. 

As a result, it is very important for your cornea to be in its natural shape for going through Lasik surgery. You can consider this as one of the basic important facts of your Lasik surgery and Femto surgery. Similarly, there are many other important facts about your laser surgery. But before going through the facts of laser surgery. Let’s learn the difference between Lasik and Femto surgery. 

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Lasik Surgery

To start with, almost everyone is aware of Lasik surgery and its success rate. Lasik surgery has been very helpful to improve the vision of many people for many years. Lasik surgery is one of the popular eye surgeries that people choose to go through. 

The trust people have with Lasik surgery is one of the reasons why it is suitable for you. Like every other laser surgery, Lasik surgery also helps you a lot in improving your vision. Especially with such a small procedure, it gives you a lot of time to rest and let your eyes heal after the procedure. You can easily go through Lasik surgery if you come under eligible criteria. 

The process of Lasik surgery is quite different from the other surgeries. So, basically, when you go through Lasik surgery, your surgeon makes a time cut in your flap. This cut is made by using mechanical tools. This means that the flap of your eyes is made by using mechanical tools. 

Femto Surgery

When we talk about Femto surgery, it is also one of the best laser surgeries to improve your vision. Femtosecond assisted which is also popularly known as Femto surgery is one of the best laser eye surgery. Generally, Femto surgery is just another type of laser eye surgery that has a good success rate. Similarly, as Lasik surgery, this surgery also includes the reshaping of your cornea. 

As with the other refractive surgeries, this surgery also improves your vision by reshaping your cornea but using a different method. Before Femto Lasik surgery, your surgeon used mechanical instruments to make a tiny cut to your flap. But with Femto surgery, this step is processed by using laser technology. 

This laser was developed in the early 1990s. With this technology, your surgeon was easily able to proceed with the surgery without using any mechanical instruments. Just like Lasik surgery, this surgery is also a painless surgery if you wish to go through this surgery. 

However, it is best for you to share your thoughts with your eye doctor and get his advice for the best results.  

Important Facts About Lasik Surgery

1) Time of your Lasik surgery:

Firstly, the process of your Lasik surgery is not so simple. But it is not that complicated either. However, the preparation time for your Lasik surgery takes more time. Especially when it is compared to the actual procedure of your Lasik surgery. Once the preparation of your surgery is done the process is really quick and simple. 

Normally it takes a minimum of 15 to a maximum of 20 minutes for the completion of the procedure of Lasik surgery. Thus, this is one of the basic facts that Lasik surgery takes a very little amount of time to complete. Therefore, the cost of Lasik surgery in Delhi is also very reasonable and understandable for you. 

2) Fact about the recovery of your Lasik surgery:

Secondly, people often have many doubts about the recovery from Lasik surgery. Although, one of the important facts of your Lasik surgery is that you do not need a long time for recovery. Your recovery time of Lasik surgery is not restrictive at all. Normally, your eyes will need some time to heal before you start swimming, exercising, or going through any sports activities. 

For a better and detailed answer, you can ask your surgeon too about things you need to avoid after your surgery. However, you can return to your daily light duties activities within a few weeks. Only the activities that will put pressure on your eyes will need a break. 

3) Facts about the success rate of your Lasik surgery:

Luckily, you will be glad to know no matter if you go through  Lasik surgery or Femto surgery. These surgeries are not that risky to your eyes. The success rate of these laser surgeries will clear all your doubts and questions. Especially about the failure of your surgery. The success rate of your Lasik surgery is 96%. 

This will surely remove all the negative thoughts about your surgery from your mind. For instance, the majority of the people who have undergone this surgery have seen improvement in their vision. 

This improvement is visible to you in a very less amount of time after your surgery. People often see the improvement in that vision in only one day. This is one of the common facts you must know. 

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