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If you're going through IVF, you may feel like you're in a cycle of tests, procedures, and manipulations. Here's how to destress throughout the process.

7 Ways to De-Stress When You Are Going Through IVF- Dr Hrishikesh Pai

Home pregnancy tests and positive pregnancy announcements create a lot of excitement and happiness in a couple’s life. However, for some couples, the journey to parenthood can be challenging. If you are going through in vitro fertilization (IVF) or other infertility treatments, you may feel like you are in a never-ending cycle of tests, procedures, and manipulations. 

The stress of undergoing treatments alone can be challenging enough. But, when you add in the financial burden of IVF and the emotional roller coaster that accompanies the process, you are bound to feel like you are going through the wringer. 

No matter how much you try to prepare yourself for the inevitable, going through IVF can still be incredibly stressful. But isn’t it said that without pain, there is no gain? And here, when compared to the pains, the gains are much bigger! Doesn’t the happiness of being a parent to your little angel make the pain and stress of the IVF journey seem smaller? And the more stressful and bitter the journey, the sweeter the destination appears! But not always! 

Sometimes, stress during the IVF journey can have a negative impact on your pregnancy and can be harmful to your dream of becoming a mother! But don’t worry! This article mentions a few simple strategies given by Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, a renowned IVF specialist in Mumbai, that you can use to help de-stress when you are going through IVF. Dr. Hrishikesh Pai is an experienced gynecologist, obstetrician, and IVF specialist in Mumbai, majorly known for providing IVF treatment. He has treated patients from more than fifty countries and has received several awards for his incredible infertility treatment and IVF work. 

So, let’s begin and discuss the top 7 Ways to De-Stress When You Are Going Through IVF.

Take a Breath 

Take some time to pause and take a deep breath. You may feel like you are in your hell, but it will eventually end.


According to Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, one of the best ways to relieve some of the anxiety associated with IVF is to keep a journal. Journaling has been shown to help people manage their stress levels and improve emotional well-being. It can also be a great coping strategy for couples going through IVF as it allows them to share their feelings constructively.


One of the most important things you can do to reduce your stress is to find ways to relax. Meditation is one of the most effective and efficient ways to reduce stress. Meditation has been shown to lower blood pressure, relieve pain, improve mood, help with sleep problems and alleviate anxiety.

There are many different meditation practices, so you can find one that is right for you. One popular form of meditation is mindfulness meditation, which focuses on the present moment without judgment. Mindfulness practices help people understand their thoughts and feelings more clearly while reducing any negative thoughts that may arise. Suppose you’re experiencing intense emotions during IVF treatments. In that case, mindfulness meditation can be a great way to calm yourself down and clear your head before making a decision or making an important phone call.

Walk It Out

One of the easiest ways to de-stress is to take a walk. Walking or even jogging can positively affect your mental and physical health, says Dr. Hrishikesh Pai. Plus, it’s a great way to get out of the house and clear your head.

When you feel overwhelmed by the process, taking a walk can help you relieve some stress and relax. Your mind will be clear, and you will feel like you got some fresh air which is beneficial for your mood.

Turn off the Screens 

It’s hard to imagine, but watching TV or playing video games can significantly cause stress. When you are in the middle of a hectic day, and your partner is at work all day, it can be tempting to stay home, plop down on the couch and watch Netflix with your pup. But, this downtime can lead to more stress than relief.

One way to combat this is to limit screen time for yourself and your children, advises Dr. Hrishikesh Pai. The bright screens emit blue light that tricks our brain into thinking it’s daytime when it isn’t. This will make your brain secrete cortisol (our primary stress hormone) and make you tired. So by limiting screen time, you may find yourself feeling less stressed!

Set Up a Relaxing Environment 

To help reduce stress, you need a place where you can relax. This might mean finding a quiet spot in your house or going to a spa. These activities may seem indulgent and frivolous, but studies have shown that they can be helpful when dealing with stress. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the process of IVF, make time for relaxing activities. You may also want to consider trying something like aromatherapy to de-stress. Aromatherapy involves using essential oils that have properties that can help relieve tension and anxiety.

Stay Connected With Your Support Network 

One of the best things you can do to relieve stress is to stay connected with your support network. Your support network can include friends, family members, coworkers, and even people you don’t know but empathize with your situation. There are many ways to maintain this connection. For example, it could be through talking on the phone or social media or just having someone there for you when you need them, suggests Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, a proficient IVF specialist. 


Stress is a normal part of life, but it can be detrimental to your physical and emotional health when it comes to fertility. IVF, a successful journey to the destination of parenthood, can be turned into a challenging one because of stress! But by following the above seven steps, you can combat stress and have a smooth and enjoyable IVF journey and reach the destination of parenthood easily, without any difficulties. They are the steps to having a stress-free IVF journey and reaching the destination of parenthood easily! 

Have you taken these seven steps and yet not been able to combat stress completely? 

Don’t worry! In such cases, you are just one more step away from your victory against stress and making your IVF journey a stress-free one! 

The step is visiting a reputed IVF doctor in Mumbai like Dr. Hrishikesh Pai. 

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai can help you successfully battle the obstacle called stress encountered during the IVF journey, thus making your IVF journey a smooth one and helping you reach the beautiful destination of parenthood! 

So, what are you waiting for? 

You are just a step away from having a beautiful IVF journey and reaching the destination of parenthood! 

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