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Is yoga teacher training more intense than a yoga retreat?

Yoga is a great way to know your body and soul, knowing our body is easier but knowing your soul is a quite big achievement. This can be only achieved with the help of yoga. There are organizations like Drishtiyogshala that runs programs like 500 hour yoga teacher training Rishikesh which can help you to achieve peace of mind at its peak. Yoga requires practice and learning to gain the ability to stand different from ordinary people.

There might be a question that what is more effective or intense between a yoga retreat and yoga teacher training. This can vary on the choice of the people, for better understanding let us learn more about the yoga teacher training and yoga retreat. 

What is Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga teacher training is actually the training of the teachers that helps them to learn the yoga asanas, There are famous schools that offer the yoga teacher training program Rishikesh which is a good step towards the spread of yoga throughout the world. Yoga teacher training teaches you to learn yoga exercises and asanas that lead to certification. Such programs are organized to spread awareness among people about the importance and greatness of yoga.

What is Yoga Retreat?

Yoga Retreat refers to the practice of stepping away from the daily lifestyle. A yoga retreat is withdrawing yourself from the day-to-day lifestyle and the pattern of living life. This yoga retreat is done to gain internal peace which means the peace of soul, mind, and physical. This is really a hard task to do, you have to get de-attached from all the previous life you were living. This includes your relationships, friends,  family, career, and all the hurdles of life that complicate life at some point.


There is no written rule that both practices should be done for a particular time of duration. But among both, if you are a person with a busy lifestyle then you can go with the yoga teacher training programs because they are of short duration as compared to the yoga retreat. Yoga retreats are the longer program compared but both things depend on the choice of the person. There is no ideal time duration for both practices.

Which one should you pick?

As gathered information from the above discussion, both practices are quite similar to each other. Obviously both comers under one practice which is yoga. The decision that what to choose completely depends upon you. That whether you want to learn yoga along with the vacation or you want to master your yoga with deep practice. Both of these are equally effective and you can choose the best out of those according to your preference.


As reference from the above discussion both the training pattern has different styles but at the end of the day, the results of both programs are to learn yoga and achieve peace at the deepest of one’s life. Yoga teacher training and yoga retreat both are genuine and effective programs in their own manner and choosing the best of both will be disrespectful to yoga so you can choose according to your time and habitat preference.

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