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HHC Guide: What is it and How Does it Work?

A brand new substance that belongs to the active ingredients found in hemp has been receiving attention for some time now, it’s HHC which is hexa hydrocannabinol as it is known scientifically. After THC followed by CBD, CBC, CBG and CBN there’s a brand newcomer on the block with properties that have earned it a much more obscure reputation than other cannabinoids that are found in cannabis.

In actuality the cannabis-derived cannabinoid (remember that there are more than 100!) has long been the subject of research. But, it hasn’t been abused and was not made available to the public. Why is this? It is because it is produced in small quantities by the plant making it not really a viable option in comparison to other active ingredients that are made in large quantities. It is also more difficult to synthesize, and the effects aren’t well-known.

But, it’s now being discussed as more people are seeking out more information about this mysterious drug that is derived from cannabis.

What is HHC?

HHC also known as hex hydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid that is found in hemp plants, one that, keep in mind, has over 100 different cannabinoids. among them include THC, CBD and CBG.

Cannabinoids are the molecules that come from plants, and their therapeutic benefits have been demonstrated over the last decade through numerous scientific studies.

Active ingredients and plants have distinct effects on the human body. Certain plants have psychoactive meaning, they can make you feel high, however, others don’t have the same impact. This is the reason why some plants can legally be sold while other plants aren’t.

It was the discovery that led to HHC.

The first HHC was created in 1944 by American chemical engineer Roger Adams, HHC is an organic molecule obtained from Delta-9 THC, which is the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. In actuality, after getting the THC from a cannabis plant, he put into a procedure known as hydrogenation. That means the addition of hydrogen molecules at very high voltages into the structure THC to ensure its stability and thus reduce the risk of degradation when subjected to heat, air or ultraviolet. This is why this process transforms THC to HHC. 

The process breaks down its chemical formula in THC to replace it by hydrogen without altering the effects or power of cannabinoid.

In another way, HHC is the hydrogenated version of THC.

However, it is produced in small quantities which is not enough to be used. This allows the production of more of them.

What is an HHC infused flower?

Infusion of HHC oil and botanical terpenes is applied to freshly grown CBG flowers from Oregon. Cannabis extracts containing HHC are becoming more popular. There is a similar effect between THC and HHC, but it is milder than delta-8 and stronger than CBD. Buy HHC Flower for sale from the most reputed brand like ATLRx.

Is HHC psychoactive?

HHC is itself an ancestor of THC and has similar effects. If used in large quantities it is true that HHC can cause psychoactive effects.

It has been studied more thoroughly and extensively for just two years by scientists who believe that they can recreate an HHC which does not cause the psychoactive effects that come from THC. The issue is finding an affordable method of separating the psychoactive effects, while retaining the potency that is active in the substance.

The benefits and effects of HHC

Why is HHC so popular? It is surely because of its rarity however, apart from that what benefits does it have over other active ingredients of cannabis? What are its effects , and most importantly, what are the benefits for the human body? Here are some of the answers:

The consequences of HHC

As we have said, HHC is a derivative of THC. Therefore, it is quite similar in its components, and in the way it affects people.

Since HHC is not widely consumed and not much investigated by scientists It is not possible to obtain reliable feedback regarding the impact of HHC on the human body. But, it is well-known it is HHC is psychotropic, and as with all psychotropic substances it causes:

  • Energy
  • Hallucinations
  • Feeling of joy
  • An appetite stimulation
  • Alternate perception of time and authority
  • A rise in the body temperature
  • An increase in heart rate
  • The mood swings (positive or negative, depending on the individual)

A clear understanding of the effects of HHC is required to fully know how it functions as well as the additional effects it could have on users. Visit ATLRx, to learn more about the HHC. 

The beneficial effects of therapy HHC

HHC is a substance with a reputation that allows its powerful effects on the body. The first thing to note is that we should be aware that scientific studies on this subject are extremely rare. There are however some positive results from the studies below.

A study from 2011 showed that synthetic analogues from hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) effectively block the angiogenesis of breast cancer cells and the growth of tumors.

An additional Japanese report from 2007 outlines the powerful ability to block pain HHC for mice. This makes it much more potent than the other cannabinoids discovered in hemp.

It’s still for us to determine whether HHC is a powerful therapeutic agent that could aid in treating specific diseases and conditions. But, the multiplicity of studies conducted on this subject is hopeful.

The adverse consequences of HHC

HHC may cause a myriad of adverse effects, some of which have been confirmed and others speculated due the lack of details. It is essential to consider these prior to beginning your journey with its consumption. 

  • Anxiety and Paranoia
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • An increase in appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Eyes that are dry and red

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