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Ladies! Make sure you stay safe while having fun in the bedroom when you let these helpful tips guide you toward a healthy sexual life.

What Women Require For A Happy And Healthy Sexual Life

Have you ever wondered what women require for a happy and healthy sexual life? Or do you think they have no requirements so long as they get to achieve orgasm?

Well, no matter your answer to the questions above, you must understand that every couple with a good relationship indeed has a good sex life around the corner.

It does not matter all the wild places you have had sex in; one unbreakable bond you cannot destroy is the connection between the bedroom and your sex life.

At this point, we do not mean the bedroom as a whole, as we are streamlining it down to the mattress. However, if you seek what women require for a happy and healthy sexual life, it will surprise you to note that the ideal mattress will make a list.

Without much ado, let us look at the short list of what women require to make their sex life happy and healthy.

healthy sexual life

Things women require in their sex life

If you have been confused about what women require for a happy and healthy sexual life, you are at the right spot to get enlightened on pleasing your wife or girlfriend. The things women require are:

Women require the right mattress and bed frame

Yes! You read right. One of the things that women need to boost their sex life is for you to have the ideal mattress and bed frame. Here are some perfect bed frames for active couples you can check out.

You should own a mattress that offers the best support when highly sexually active. You will not get the desired traction if the mattress is too soft.

And, if you have a hard mattress, it can get jarring on your joints when movements begin to get frenzy. This will give her an uncomfortable feeling that is unhealthy.

As much as you need to get a mattress that supports your sexual activities, no woman wants to hear squeaky sounds as it will attract the entire household to your business.

The squeaky sounds of your terrible mattress can spoil the mood and, without any changes, her entire sex life. Good mattresses will never compete with the sounds you are meant to make in your bedroom.

Women require a moderate/high libido

Regarding what women require for a happy and healthy sexual life, it must be noted that sex is considered healthy when there is an entire balance and synergy of the body and mind.

However, the libido can reduce when your mattress is terrible. Good mattresses that support sexual activities aim to boost the entire sex experience. Nobody wants to see their libido decreasing just because of their lousy mattress.

In other news, for a woman to have a healthy sexual life, she will need a high-quality mattress that can heighten her libido. Aside from the libido bit, a quality mattress will affect her arousal, which in turn means her orgasm will be boosted with good sleep.

healthy sexual life

Women require an energy flow

In learning what women require for happy and healthy sex life, you must look at sex the same way you look at sports. This means your A game is needed to keep her comfortable and vice versa.

And like sports, the energy flow to all body parts will help optimize performance. Now, when the mattress you use is terrible, it restricts energy flow.

So many things can go wrong with your mattress, like it sagging, too hard, too soft, and wear and tear issues during sexual action. All of these can take her mind away from you, thus not fully present in the moment.

Women require mattresses that do not increase the risk of allergies

Women require many things to have the ideal happy and healthy sexual lifestyle. And your mattress is one of the most critical factors.

You will introduce her to an unhealthy sexual life when you have an old smelly mattress in your bedroom. Instead of being swayed with a nice smelling bed, your old smelly mattress will cause allergies and irritations on her skin.

Most of these old mattresses are fixed with dead skin cells, fluids, and even molds that will have her sneezing before the action begins.

These allergies are not pertinent to old mattresses alone. The new ones can lead to an unhealthy sexual life depending on the chemicals used in crafting them. In addition, some of these chemicals may not suit your partner and you.

While you may want to fix this issue with airing the mattress, there are times you need to replace the foam to prevent all forms of irritations and allergies.

healthy sexual life

Women require the sex to be hot, not the mattress

Some women get uncomfortable with completely taking their clothes off. However, imagine finally having her take off her clothes, and your mattress starts getting hot during the throes of passion.

This is an instant gunshot straight into the heat of your intimacy. In fact, some people may never recover from this until they buy a new mattress. You cannot provide a healthy sexual life for a woman if your mattress gets hot.

Some of the reasons why this happens are because the mattress is old. Thus, the air is trapped underneath it. Another reason is the type of material used in its making. Your best choice to avoid this issue is to buy a latex mattress, which enables the ideal airflow. Therefore, our top recommendation will be the Ghostbed Luxe mattress.

Women need to place focus on the moment

Today, our life is stressful, making us easily distracted, especially when the focus should be on romance.

Aside from purchasing the best noise-canceling mattress to have a happy sex life, you must be in a relaxed place that will aid in experiencing orgasm and arousal.

If you want a happy and healthy sexual life, you must start learning how to get the noise tuned out. Studies had shown women observed remarkable changes in their sexual desires and sexual functions when they joined the mindfulness program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of sex for females?

It might shock you to know but sex does have benefits other than making you feel pleasure. In fact, both men and women will experience health benefits from having sex. Here are some of those health benefits for women:

  1. Improves immune system
  2. Increase your libido(duh)
  3. Improves bladder control
  4. Lowers blood pressure
  5. Gives you better sleep
  6. Eases stress

healthy sexual life

How often should a woman have sex?

There is no set baseline for how often women should have sex. According to an expert, once a week is the bare minimum. Couples around the ages 30 and 40 have sex around once a week while those around the ages 20 and 30 have sex more than twice. However, there are people having sex a dozen times a week so have as much sex as you want to be satisfied and stay healthy.

Will I look younger if I have more sex?

Many women have stated that they look younger thanks to having sex quite often, and there is some truth. Sex has proven to make women look healthier and hotter due to its impact on their bodies. For example, sexually active females tend to have more estrogen, which is essential for working skin, blood vessels, hair follicles, and oil glands.

What to look for to know if a woman is sexually active?

There are many ways to determine whether a woman is sexually active or satisfied. For example, during sex, if a woman doesn’t experience orgasm, then they definitely weren’t satisfied. Additionally, doing things like stopping in the middle, not wanting to have sex, or going to bed before you sign they aren’t active or satisfied.

While you may be asking yourself and trying to figure out what women require for a happy and healthy sexual life, there is no need to worry as we have provided answers to the age-old question.

It is advisable to read through so you can know how to boost your partner’s sexual journey.

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