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How to Have Healthier Hair

Have you ever looked at a person and wondered why your hair is not as beautiful as theirs? We are all different and some of us will have hair that requires more care and attention than others, however healthy hair is always beautiful no matter the colour, thickness or natural shine it is a sign of good health, well being and personal investment, additionally it is one sure way to boost a person’s confidence.

Unfortunately, many people often overlook or lack knowledge in this aspect of their hair grooming and care. While it is true some people are naturally gifted with easy care  hair, it is also true that anyone can have great and healthy hair as long as they are willing to put in a little bit of time and careIf you want to keep your hair beautiful, go and seek some advise, there are several London hair salons which can help you out. 

In this article, we will share several tips to help you attain that luscious, full, shiny and healthy hair you have always desired.


The first step to achieving and maintaining healthy hair is knowing your hair and learning what it needs. Pay attention to all the details about your hair, such as what it does in different weather conditions, or the way your hair reacts to your diet and other physiological states. Knowing your hair type and texture will help you select the right products and the correct hair care routines. 

Also be aware that certain medications or during stressful periods of your life, your hair can react, at times losing more than normal hair can be a result. Ensure you keep your scalp heathy this will in turn support the health and vitality of your hair. 

Retain your NATURAL OILS 

It is easy to assume that washing your hair frequently will help keep it healthy. But  we’re sorry to break it to you, this is not always the case. Frequent washing strips the hair and scalp of its natural oils, which supplies the natural moisturisers to nourish your hair and scalp. Everyone’s balance will be different and the more you wash your hair the more oil will be produced trying to keep up with you stripping it out every day. So be sure to find the right balance.

Over cleansing or using a product too stringent can dry the hair and scalp causing your hair to become  unduly dry and brittle. Instead of washing your hair daily, try to limit it 2 every second day or longer if you can. If you need to style daily, try just rinse and condition between. Your scalp will soon adapt to the new routine. 


You might be wondering what your diet has to do with maintaining healthy hair. Well, the answer is; considerable. What we consume has a direct impact on the health of body as well as our hair. If you aim for healthier hair, perhaps it is time to limit foods such as sugar, refined grains, and alcohol. Instead, eat foods rich in protein, vitamins, zinc, iron, omega and biotin. This will enhance the strength, shine and maintain healthy balance for your scalp and hair. 


Be assured, you are not the only one who feels overwhelmed by the sheer amount of hair care products out there, many of which are less suitable to your hair’s health. Selecting products to use from all the available choices might be a difficult task, especially since they are all marketed as the ‘next best thing for your hair’. In selecting a shampoo, do avoid those with a high detergent content ensuring you choose shampoos that suit your hair type and better still to take some professional advice from an experienced hair care professional. 


Frequent or over drying and direct heat stylers can cause breakage in your hair. It is best that you take advice on how best to use your heat equipment with the right products to protect your hair from damage. At Charles Worthington Salon’s they focus on your hair and scalp health as well as home care advice ensuring you learn how to best take care of your hair and make it look fantastic between appointments. You can book a complimentary consultation with a friendly professional in salon to seek this advice. 

TRIM regularly

Regularly trimming your hair of dry and split ends and keeping it in shape can help improve the overall appearance of your hair. Ideally most people should have their hair trimmed every 8-12 weeks. This will keep it in good health and shape therefore allowing it to appear to grow faster, look thicker and reduce breakage. 


Conditioning your hair frequently is another way to help your hair stay healthy.

 After shampooing, be sure to always condition your hair, not just dry hair requires conditioning, just like you moisturise your skin your hair also requires regular moisturising. If you find conditioner makes your hair heavy or greasy then chances are you are using the wrong one…. Conditioning will also help to control frizz, static, add shine and protect it from the elements creating an invisible protective layer. 


This is perhaps the most important tip of all. Hair changes over your lifetime so DO keep experimenting with your hair, have fun trying new things but be sure to do it with a professional who has you and your hairs best interest at heart. Keeping it strong, healthy and always looking its best with regular consultation and appointments in a professional salon. 

We understand that just like your haircare choice conundrum, there are many salons to choose from in the city of London, but be sure to choose one who cares for you and your hair. 

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