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There must be a vast difference between sex and romantic sex. Here's everything you need to know about romance and relationships.

Top 6 health benefits of improving intimacy

Intimacy is an important activity that enhances the performance of our body and mind. It is a necessity for survival and is no longer seen as a taboo. A healthy sex life can keep several ailments and disorders at bay. Sexual intercourse can even activate several neurotransmitters that have a significant effect on not only the mind but also on one’s body.

A healthy working system can lead to better progress in life and it shall not be neglected. If one feels that the procedure is not thrilling anymore, he or she can resort to other ways like reading out sex stories on the internet with the partner and exploring possibilities. Some of the benefits offered by sex have been stated as follows.

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Sexual intercourse acts as a stress buster due to the secretion of dopamine. Through sex, one can get rid of the stress offered by the hectic schedule of professionalism. Stress can lead to several mental and emotional disorders like anxiety and eventually, depression.


Medicines to high blood pressure can often lead to the stiffening of the libido in women and cause erectile dysfunction among men. Thus, sex offers a natural solution to the problem and can maintain the healthy level of blood pressure in an individual.

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The ones who have sex often were found to have immunoglobin A (IgA) in their system than the ones who do not engage in sexual activities that often. IgA is an antibody that resides in the mucosal tissue such as vaginal tissue and salivary gland. Thus, this substance strengthens the immune system and keeps several ailments at bay. It even kills several pathogens and protects the body of an individual.


Sleep regulates one’s sleeping schedule due to the secretion of different hormones. Sleeping is a crucial activity and skipping sleep can harm your mental and physical stability in the long run. Unpredictable sleep schedule can result in emotional disturbances and hamper one’s personal as well as professional life.


Mental ailments like anxiety and depression can lead to several other ailments. Depression is a grave issue and can have fatal consequences. However, studies have proven that the rate of depression in people who often engage in physical intercourse is lesser than the others. Several means can be employed to enhance one’s sex life like reading out erotic stories with your partner before foreplay.


Sex is a great way of dealing with minor body pain. It stretches the muscles and improves blood circulation. Flexibility is increased in the process. In other words, it offers instant relief to back pain naturally.

To conclude, sex is a crucial aspect of life and shall be treated with equal importance. In case of an unsatisfactory sex life, professional help should be consulted. The medical practitioner would help you deal with the issue efficiently. He or she shall prescribe medicines and other tactics to help you revive the lost libido in bed.

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