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Why Is This Unique Gold Bali Herb Unpopular?

Kratom is a natural herb known for its high potency in relaxation and pain relief. Most kratom users experience calming and soothing effects after they consume kratom. It comes in various strains, and each strain is popular among kratom users for several benefits they gain from it. As a kratom user, you may have tried almost every other strain, and still, you left one of the unique strains- Gold Bali kratom. Mitragyna speciosa fans are unaware of this strain because many users believe the gold Bali strain is equivalent to an opiate. Nevertheless, it has a unique set of benefits and disbenefits, but first, let us understand the reason for its low popularity.

Reasons for low popularity

Usually known as the holy grail, the gold Bali kratom strain is different from other strains such as green vein strains and white strains. Unlike others, this kratom strain has a low utilization rate among kratom users. Following are the reasons for its tiny fan base:

Low production rate

Gold Bali strain is produced by mixing two or more kratom strains making it a hybrid. The production process follows unique drying and harvesting steps, limiting its approach to only a few countries. Gold Bali hybrid’s composition varies from merchant to merchant, making it unpopular among users.

Limited availability

Owing to its distinct processing steps, it is available in minimal amounts. Although it is a highly potent herb, accessibility still challenges its expansion. While buying it online, make sure you buy from a reputed source to avoid the chances of shelling money on low-quality herbs.

High price

Due to the unique production process, the cost of this strain is very high, making it expensive for kratom users with a low budget.

Kind of leaves

Kratom strains are extracted from the leaves of the plant. Thus, the gold strain leaves are tough to obtain, unlike other strains. Also, it is not as strong as different strains, so not the first choice for existing users. However, it is a perfect strain for new users.

An unpleasant aftertaste

It is a rare herb, but kratom users do not prefer it due to its bitter aftertaste.

Low Euphoric affect

People consume these herbs regularly to give an everyday boost to their healthy being. It helps de-stress and sleep, but it offers very little euphoria, making it unattractive among many kratom users.

Benefits of golden herb

Undoubtedly high cost and low availability is limiting the reach of this high potent herb. It provides a vast number of benefits that other strains may not be able to offer. Below is a glimpse of its benefits:

  • Enhances mood and elevates energy levels.
  • Analgesia properties and de-stresses the mind.
  • Provides relaxation and improves the mental ability to focus.
  • It lets you have a night of quality sleep.


Beginners and existing users may buy kratom online through a reputed platform and enjoy life. It proves an energy boost and increases your confidence. Gold Bali is a mild kratom strain and thus a perfect fit for beginners.

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