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Reasons why you should undergo a gastric sleeve surgery apart from weight loss – New Look Guide

Repetitive weight loss and regain do not alleviate the health risks linked with obesity. For weight loss to be effective, you must be able to maintain your weight decrease for at least five years. Gastric sleeve surgery involves more than just weight loss. As is well known, most people that go for the gastric sleeve are women looking to lose weight gained after childbirth through surgery options like those offered by mommy make over Turkey. Here are more reasons why you should get one;

It is a treatment for diabetes type 2

According to scientific studies, gastric sleeve surgery can reverse type 2 diabetes. Obese individuals with type 2 diabetes can avoid insulin usage for at least three years following surgery, thanks to this treatment.

Heart health improvement 

The technique of getting gastric sleeve surgery from gastric sleeve turkey reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease. It has been demonstrated that surgical weight loss reduces the risk of hypertension, stroke, and heart attack. Patients can return to normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels after surgery, significantly minimising risks and enhancing health benefits.


Low self-esteem and social stigma contribute to a person’s melancholy. People of all ages who are overweight frequently experience feelings of isolation and depression because they cannot engage in activities that would bring them joy. The mental health of a patient can improve from weight loss. Immediately after gastric sleeve surgery, depressive symptoms were reduced significantly after six to twelve months.

Prevent OSA (Obstructive sleep apnea)

If they achieve a healthy weight, patients with sleep apnea may be able to quit using their CPAP equipment at night. One year following surgery, at least more patients are found to have complete remission of sleep apnea.

Arthritis alleviation from pain 

Extra weight places an excessive amount of stress on your bones and joints, increasing your likelihood of injury and suffering. Significant and long-term weight loss after gastric sleeve surgery reduces joint stress, allowing patients to reduce or eliminate pain medication use and increase their range of motion.


During childbearing years, surgery to remove body fat has been demonstrated to boost fertility. Women who do not ovulate may experience fewer miscarriages and healthier menstrual cycles due to gastric sleeve surgery.

Eliminate health issues 

Surgical weight loss is an effective treatment for metabolic syndrome and related disorders, including infertility, pregnancy issues, gallstones, and gallstone disease.

Due to the alarming rate at which obesity and its accompanying health issues are developing, gastric sleeve surgery is an effective weapon in the fight against obesity. 

Choose an institution with substantial experience delivering this type of care. Gastric sleeve surgery is just as risk-free as knee or gallbladder surgery when conducted by a professional team. In the top facilities, competent counselors and nurses are accessible before and after surgery. When patients are cared for by a professional medical team, their outcomes are optimal.

Weight-Loss Diet after gastric sleeve surgery 

Those with smaller stomachs must consume more slowly and in smaller portions. Concurrent eating and drinking are prevalent problems. People often acclimate quickly to consuming beverages 30 minutes before or after meals. After surgery, a dietitian would usually recommend vitamin and mineral supplements. Following surgery, dietitians frequently prescribe meal planning and dietary restrictions. If you want to lose weight and improve your health, you should speak with your doctor about gastric sleeve surgery.

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