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Gary Douglas shares 7 Facts About your Mind with Insights

Our mind is the most powerful tool we have at our disposal for achieving success at all levels of life. According to Gary Douglas, our thoughts affect our physical and mental health. We had positive and negative thoughts, realist and idealist thoughts. Some ideas come and go very quickly. Sometimes, they are dismissed, and we forget the ideas, but other times, they stick in our minds clearly and are used to create something new. The brain is beautiful because its developmental path allows human beings to become adaptive and creative. Let’s take a look at some mind-blowing facts about the mind:

  • The Brain’s Perception of Pain:

Although the brain does not contain pain receptors, it does process pain. You can change the intensity of your bodily sensations by thinking about and interpreting them differently. Your brain creates the feelings that are felt in your body.

  • Oxygen and Brain Health:

Before things get really dangerous, the brain can only withstand a lack of oxygen for five to ten minutes. Maintain everything in good working order with oxygen. When it comes to water, our brains are more patient. They can go without it for about two days. When it comes to a good night’s sleep, the brain needs its beauty rest, too.

  • Rest the Brain by Sleeping:

When we are sleepy or exhausted, our brains are more active and function more quickly. Because proper sleep lasts between seven and eight hours and prolongs brain life, it is recommended.

  • Rewiring the Brain with Neuroplasticity

It is possible to rewire your brain with your mind. Gary Douglas suggests that breaking habits and adopting new ways of thinking can lead to new neural pathways. A small change in perspective has the power to literally rewire your brain.

  • Aging and Cognitive Changes:

The shelf space in libraries becomes smaller with age, making room for new books that are more challenging to come by. Because as we age, changes naturally occur in our brains and nerve cells. It gets more complicated for further information to take up residence on the shelves as they grow less effective at removing and filtering out unpleasant memories.

  • Learning Musical Instruments and Mental Practice:

You have the mental capacity to learn how to play any other instrument. Having seen the device and having a basic understanding of how it works would obviously be helpful, but you can still learn to play with constant mental practice. 

  • Continuous Brain Growth through Learning:

Your brain forms new connections every time you learn something new, such as how to tie your shoelaces or uncover an exciting fact. Consider your day for a moment. Your mind is constantly racing. On average, you have about 70,000 thoughts each day, creating a lively marketplace of ideas. Here’s the surprise: about 70% of these thoughts tend to be on the opposing side.


Gary Douglas came to the conclusion that the key to success lies in our extraordinary minds, which govern every aspect of our lives. Our brains are firm but sensitive, able to perceive pain and perform amazing feats like rewiring. Even though our mental libraries are constantly expanding, it is essential to cultivate optimistic ideas. Our minds are robust instruments that influence our experiences and add to the fantastic complexity of human life, whether we are learning new abilities or overcoming obstacles. Truly opening up a world of possibilities is the acceptance of positivity and knowledge of our mind’s potential.

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