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Food supplements and mass gain: Why take them?

Gaining muscle mass takes time, energy, and discipline. Some people have to wait months before they start seeing their muscles grow. To help you achieve your goals, there are food supplements specifically designed to gain muscle. If you are not used to it, you may be lost when faced with the very wide choice of food supplements on the market. Want to take the right food supplement for mass gain? We present to you the best dietary supplements available and how to use them. Curious? Just keep reading!

How and when to take food supplements?

Today there are always supplements for various needs and they are increasingly easy to buy at affordable prices. There are a very large number of food supplements intended for bodybuilding enthusiasts and athletes. Usually presented in powder form, you can mix them with water in a shaker. This way, they will be more easily digested. Less common, there is also the option of capsules to take with a glass of water. We would recommend Superman pills. You can consume your special bodybuilding food supplement at several times of the day:

At breakfast, to give you energy before doing your daily activities

As a snack, in the morning or afternoon

After your session, for better recovery and muscle growth

What are the different types?

Want to get stronger and gain muscle mass? We have listed for you the different types of food supplements to gain muscles.


Considered the best food supplement for bodybuilding, BCAA stimulates muscle protein synthesis. The term Branched Chain Amino Acid refers to leucine, isoleucine and valine. All three are important for repairing and building muscle tissue. They work synergistically to promote muscle growth, reduce muscle fatigue, and prevent soreness after an intense workout. Although you get plenty of BCAAs from a healthy diet, it’s good to supplement your diet with supplements. With just one scoop of BCAA per day, your muscles will grow in just a few weeks.


A semi-essential amino acid, L-Arginine is not necessary in a diet. Even if it is qualified as semi-essential, because our body produces it, supplementation is sometimes beneficial for athletes and bodybuilders. Arginine can be obtained from food sources like whole wheat, nuts, seeds, dairy products, poultry, red meat, and fish. It helps with muscle growth because its presence is necessary for the synthesis of most proteins. This food supplement for mass gain also contributes to overall health by strengthening the immune system.


If you are wondering which dietary supplement to take for bodybuilding, consider L-Glutamine. A favorite of bodybuilders for decades, L-glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids found in the human body. Muscle growth, reduction of muscle breakdown, and strengthening of the immune system are the main benefits of glutamine. Taken before workouts, it helps reduce muscle fatigue and increase growth hormone levels.


This food supplement for mass gain is composed of three amino acids: arginine, glycine, and methionine. Creatine boosts rapid energy in your muscles, allowing you to exert intense effort during your session. Another benefit: it increases growth hormone levels and allows you to gain muscle mass in the long term.

The importance of the meal before taking food supplements

As seen previously, a food supplement for bodybuilding can be taken at several times of the day. However, we recommend that you avoid taking it on an empty stomach. In fact, food supplements will be better assimilated by your body during a meal.

Some alternatives to food supplements

You don’t want to take food supplements? Discover below the alternatives to achieve your mass gain goals without supplements:

A diet rich in protein

Your lifestyle must be impeccable if you want to gain muscle mass. Proteins play a vital role in building muscle and ensuring your metabolism functions properly. To develop your muscles, you need to focus on naturally protein foods. Consumed just after exercise, proteins allow muscle reconstruction. Generally, athletes take it within an hour of the session.

Effective carbohydrates for mass gain

As part of a nutritional program to develop muscles, you must consume the right carbohydrates, those with a low glycemic index. Fruits, oilseeds, legumes, and other cereal products are preferred. They will allow you to go the distance during long and intense sports sessions. Ideally, take carbohydrates before and during your workout to increase your muscle mass effectively.

Eat enough to fuel your muscles

If you want to build muscle mass, your calorie intake must increase accordingly. You will need to increase the quantity and frequency of your meals to achieve your goals. In addition to the three main meals, add a snack in the morning and another in the afternoon if you feel the need.

Supplement your diet with natural products

During a session, your body loses many minerals and nutrients. You can fill this deficit with natural foods. Fruits, fresh ginger, turmeric, maca, ginseng, guarana, and even spirulina are rich in vitamins and minerals. Less known, fenugreek is a spice recommended for mass gain. You can grind its seeds and season your dishes or take them in the form of infusions.

Promote restful sleep

It’s not a myth, one of the ways to gain muscle mass naturally is to sleep well. If possible, choose quality sleep, without noise or light, for at least 8 hours. During this time, your muscles will rebuild and your body will recover from the physical effort of the day before. If you have sleep problems, turn to natural remedies like chamomile or verbena infusion.

Essential for building muscle, food supplements meet the nutritional needs of athletes. Among their many benefits, we note increased muscle growth, strengthening of the immune system, reduction of pain, and muscle fatigue. Each food supplement for bodybuilding has a specific function. Before starting a treatment, it is wise to take stock of your needs and your diet with a professional. Interested in taking food supplements? We suggest you buy Superman pills in Canada!

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