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This Folexin review explains my experience with this hair loss product. I will also share some Folexin reviews posted online. These reviews and ratings will help you decide whether Folexin is the right choice for healthy hair.

Folexin Reviews – Does This Hair Growth Supplement Work?

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Why I Looked For Folexin Reviews?

Not everyone has a problem with hair loss. But some people are unfortunate enough to suffer from this issue early in their lives. This can be mainly related to aging or hormonal changes within the body.

I am also someone who had to deal with rapid hair loss and a bald patch a few years back.

I tried a few products, and nothing seemed to work for me. A friend told me about Folexin, which was when I started reading Folexin reviews online.

The positive reviews convinced me to try this product!


What is Folexin?

Folexin is a hair supplement that promotes hair growth, strengthens hair follicles & prevents hair loss in men and women. Folexin is NOT a miracle hair loss pill that works like magic in days.

Folexin is a medical professional-recommended supplement that’s ideal for people who want to combat and prevent baldness but don’t want to go for prescription drugs.

This also means that the time it takes to combat hair loss will also be longer. For some, it takes just a few weeks to see results. I found Folexin hair growth supplement to show some results to combat my hair fall after two months of use.

This supplement promises to get natural hair growth quickly. But it can take up to 30 days to see results!

Folexin Facts

  • Product Name: Folexin
  • Category: Dietary Supplement (Non-prescription hair loss product)
  • Manufacturer: VitaBalance Inc. (Richmond, Virginia)
  • Made In: USA
  • FDA Status: GMP-compliant manufacturing in an FDA-Registered facility
  • Discount Promo Code: FIVE$58853943

How Does Folexin Work?

Hair is produced by the hair follicles found in the upper layers of the skin. So, if your hair follicles are not functioning well, the hair development will be weak, resulting in hair loss.

Folexin works by promoting the body’s levels of hair nutrients. These nutrients include amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that boost hair follicle health.

Most of us need products like this because our body has a deficiency of these nutrients, inhibiting healthy follicle function. It works throughout the three stages of natural growth (anagen, catagen, and telogen) and helps counter hair loss and nutrient deficiency.

In addition to providing nutrients to the hair follicles, the natural ingredients also promote blood flow to the scalp. This helps boost the nutrient supply to the hair follicles, supporting hair growth.

Folexin may not work for people with autoimmune diseases. If you suffer from any autoimmune disease, I recommend talking to your doctor before expecting results from Folexin.


Folexin Ingredients

Before trying any health supplement, it is critical to check what the product is made of.

I have checked and added reference links to the key ingredients as to how it helps with hair loss.

If you are wondering about taking individual supplements with these essential ingredients (like Biotin), don’t! This is because getting all these ingredients as individual supplements will be very expensive. You may also have to deal with potential drug interactions while combating your hair loss problem.

I also found that Folexin is made in an FDA-registered facility under GMP guidelines. So, the risk of getting sick with this product is almost zero.

The key Folexin natural ingredients that provide effective hair growth benefits are Fo-Ti, Biotin, Folic Acid and L-Tyrosine.


Fo-Ti is a traditional Chinese herb whose scientific name is Polygonum multiflorum. This species of flowering plant is also known as reynoutria multiflora, fallopia multiflora and polygonum multiflorum. It is known as the tuber fleece flower and Chinese knotweed.

Fo-Ti contains antioxidants that combat free radical damage and combat premature aging. A clinical study on Fo-Ti was done on the impact of Polygonum multiflorum on the hair growth stages.

To conclude, it was found that Fo-Ti stimulated the growth of the resting hair follicles during the anagen phase to combat hair loss.


Biotin is a water-soluble Vitamin B7 that improves hair structure, nail health, and skin texture. This vitamin can also be found in daily food items. These include eggs, milk, and bananas. However, noticeable hair growth is only possible with concentrations found in dietary supplements.

A clinical study on Biotin was done to measure the impact of Biotin supplements on thinning hair. Biotin is a potent ingredient that is present in most hair products. To conclude, it was found that the Biotin supplement enhanced hair growth and health within 90 to 180 days in the study.

A similar study also produced similar results. Participants saw an improvement in hair growth and quality after 90 days. It’s also effective and safe for men and women who have a Biotin deficiency in the body.

Folic Acid

Also known as Vitamin B9, this ingredient combats hair damage and stimulates hair regrowth. It accelerates red blood cell production in the scalp to minimize hair loss and promote healthy hair regrowth.

A clinical study to find the cause of prematurely greying hair in 52 adults concluded that vitamin deficiency can cause hair loss and greying hair. These vitamins include Folic acid, Biotin, and Vitamin B12.


L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that builds protein. Hair is made of Keratin which is a hair protein. This enables the hair strands to have more strength and elasticity. L-Tyrosine also strengthens hair shafts and prevents hair greying.


Folexin Reviews on Amazon

Folexin has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and a 4-star rating for a hair loss product is great.

The Folexin supplement is also listed under “Amazons Choice”, where it is the most recommended and highly rated.

There are more positive reviews where people have seen a difference in their hair with no side effects.

Folexin User Reviews

Eileen A:

I’m an older woman, and my hair was thinning and falling out when I ran across an article about Folexin and decided to give it a try. Not only is my hair growing back full, strong, and shiny – it’s 26 inches long!!! – but my nails grow like crazy and are strong as well, not brittle and breaking like they were. I’m quite happy with my purchase :)


Seems to work, if any hair growth product does or doesn’t work. I’m switching to Folexin when I run out of the widely popular Nutrafol, which is almost $100. per month. Plus, I hate to swallow big capsules. I give Folexin 5 stars because it is much easier to swallow, and isn’t as $$$t


Have tried other stuff, notably Hair Envy, a treatment that mixes many different essential oils, that you rub in and let sit awhile before shampooing. This SEEMED to help with hair loss after several months; it did make my hair wonderfully soft. But by the end of the first bottle of Folexin I really did see a noticeable change, much much less hair in the shower after washing it, only one or two hairs in my comb after coming it. Unless it takes more than a year after using essential oil for it to produce these results, it must be these Folexin capsules. This is hair loss due to age, I’m 80, not due to some medical condition. Just ordered a third bottle.


This is my 2nd bottle and I love this product. I had compared the ingredients to Nutrafol and it’s similar, with a cheaper price for Folexin. I have noticed a difference in my hair fallout rate and nail growth with Folexin. Definitely recommend the product.


Been taking Folexin for 3 weeks now and already noticed a change. I’m not sure about new growth but I have noticed my hair has not fallen out anymore. Not sure if this would work for anyone else but it did for me and my recommendation would be to at least try and give it month which is one bottle of supply. I sincerely had a problem so I noticed a change quickly. If you are having an insignificant problem you might not see any difference as quickly as I did but who knows! Good luck to you!

These reviews show that Folexin does work. But as I mentioned earlier, you aren’t going to get thick, strong, lustrous hair in a few days with Folexin.

I have noticed that Folexin is a bit expensive on Amazon, but it’s an excellent place to check some honest reviews and ratings.


Folexin Side Effects

One thing that stands out to me with online reviews is that no one suffers from any side effects. This may be due to it being made in an FDA-registered facility or because of the natural ingredients used in Folexin.

I think it’s a bit of both that has ensured that users don’t experience side effects with Folexin’s formula. So, you shouldn’t expect any adverse reactions either. If you stick to the recommended dosage, you should be fine.

If you are the first to experience any side effects, immediately stop using the pills and visit your medical professional/doctor.

Folexin Results

To get practical hair care benefits & results from Folexin, be prepared to use the supplements for at least 8-10 weeks. I say this because it took me that long to see visible improvement in my new hair growth.

Some of you may get these results faster (or slower) than I. But know, you may see the healthy hair gain you desire. The before and after results vary from person to person, depending on your hair roots. Dead or dormant hair roots may require more time than healthy roots.

Make sure you stick to the proper dosage and follow a fixed time when you take the supplement. For example, if you take the supplement before going to bed, then take it before going to bed every day.

As with Folexin, before and after pictures are concerned, I won’t be too happy to look at them. This is because I did have a look at a few, and my expectations were huge in the beginning, and I used to look in the mirror 20 times a day.

Folexin works, but it may work slower for some. So have patience while you wait to see some positive results.


Folexin Alternatives

I have tried 2 other products besides Folexin, and I think I will stick to Folexin before I come across any better product.

Folexin Vs Viviscal

The main difference between Folexin and Viviscal is the price. Both hair growth supplements have good ingredients and are free from side effects.

But it’s the price that gives an edge to Folexin. Also, Viviscal contains Shark cartilage which might not be suitable for vegetarians.

When it comes to reviews, Folexin has better ratings and reviews compared to Viviscal.

Folexin Vs Nutrafol

With the most potent ingredients, rock bottom pricing, and excellent reviews (according to our research), Folexin stand out as the clear winner.

If you want to try a supplement that can help stop hair loss and promote healthier new growth, Folexin is an excellent choice.

When it comes to price, Nutrafol is way more expensive than Folexin. If you want to try something, you are better off investing a lesser amount.

With ingredients, Nutrafol has ingredients like horsetail extract that work on the hormonal level. These ingredients are more suitable for male pattern baldness and will less likely suit women.

Hence, the overall winner between Folexin and Nutrafol is Folexin.

Folexin Reviews: My Rating

Overall, I would rate Folexin as a better product because of:

Positive results – Like I said before, I have got the best results with Folexin. Folexin has boosted my natural hair growth process giving me healthier hair.

Natural Ingredients – The Folexin formula contains the essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients. It contains vitamin C, D3, B1, B6, folate, B12, biotin, B5, and manganese. The supplement is also rich in iron, vitamin e and zinc.

Overall Cost – Folexin has some excellent discounts; even with the shipping costs, it is very reasonable.

Better customer service – I have contacted them twice, and the speed and detailed responses I have got are excellent.

Availability – I never had any issues with the product being out of stock. I just have to visit their website and place an order.

Side effects – The most crucial part. I have never come across any side effects while taking Folexin.

Why Folexin is The Best Hair Growth Supplement

  • Solved my hair problems.
  • It helped me get rid of bald patches.
  • Improved hair volume where I had some hair already.
  • Had no side effects yet.
  • Made using natural ingredients.
  • Gluten-free and vegan-friendly.
  • Professional customer service staff.
  • Made following GMP guidelines.
  • Good deals and offers online.
  • Most reviews I read are positive.



I had promised to provide an unbiased review of the good, bad, and ugly sides of Folexin for you to see. However, by the end of this article, I realized that while I was honest about the facts, my own experience may have slightly colored this article.

But this bias comes from my personal experience using Folexin and not from an ulterior motive.

Simply put, Folexin has helped me with healthy hair growth, and I believe it can do the same for you too. If my thoughts and opinion on Folexin have convinced you to give Folexin a try, check out the manufacturer’s site to buy Folexin.

Tip: Get multiple bottles to pay less for each bottle. I recommend going for the 5 bottles offer because you will need them and save some money.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Folexin same as Foligen?

Yes, they are the same product (with the same service provided) made by the same manufacturer. Foligen was changed to Folexin to revamp the supplement.

What is the recommended dosage for Folexin?

The official site recommends taking one pill with your morning meal and the second with your evening meal. So in a day, you should take 2 capsules.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the formula for Folexin?

The official website provides additional info on Folexin. You can also contact Vita Balance Inc. with the business info provided: email (

When to expect results with Folexin?

The results vary from person to person. Some users see the practical benefits from a few weeks of use, while others take a little longer. It took me eight weeks to see the results.

Are the Folexin ingredients sourced within the US?

While Folexin is made in the US, its content includes several natural and exotic ingredients from different parts of the world.

Does Folexin help delay general hair loss or hair thinning?

Yes. Folexin contains nutrients that promote hair health and hair development. Folexin helps provide stronger and thicker hair with better shine and texture.

Are there any side effects of using Folexin?

I have had no side effects from using this supplement. None of the Folexin reviews that I have read has any mention of side effects.

What is the most economical cost to buy Folexin?

The most popular deal is the Buy 4, Get 1 Free sale. This is because it can take a while to see results.

What is the best place to buy Folexin?

The manufacturer’s website has the lowest price with the best deals.

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I have done some research while writing this article, and below are the references.

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