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Hit the road in style with the All Terrains Varla Eagle One Pro! Launching soon, here's how you can order the newest scooter as soon as it's available.

New All Terrains Varla Eagle One Pro launches – Available for Order

Scooter maker Eagle delivers a superior variant of its top of the line model, the Varla Eagle One Pro. This fastest electric scooter’s plan has remained somewhat unaltered, yet it’s quicker, more remarkable, and has a bigger battery pack.

Notwithstanding the overhauled double shock suspension, Varla claims that the new scooter has more steady rides thanks to its better shock retention. Similarly as with the past adaptation, the Varla Eagle One Pro is furnished with 11″ tubeless tires instead of 10″.

Is the Varla Eagle One Pro Appropriate for You?

Relies upon your requirements; do you find traditional electric scooters too sluggish and their particulars excessively restricted? Need something that has more force and reach than your old driving sidekick? The Varla Eagle One Pro is ideally suited for you.

The Eagle One can be utilized in both metropolitan and rough terrain conditions, and its presentation settings can be modified in light of your inclinations.

Dualtron’s upper scope of scooters (like the X, Thunder, and Ultra) are not exactly at similar degree of quick, no limits speed and determinations, in any case, can we just be real for a minute, scarcely any adult scooter in this world are.

However, more significantly, the Varla Eagle One gives an ideal entryway to better execution models; at a reasonable price tag, it conveys a protected, dependable, yet adrenaline-prompting ride with top tier ride quality.

varla eagle one pro

Might the Cost at any point Tag be Legitimate?

A scooter costing more than one and a half thousand bucks could appear to be nonsensical to call it ‘a take’. Truly, there could be no alternate method for depicting it, in light of the fact that the Varla Eagle One is an extraordinary arrangement for what you get.

The Varla Eagle One costs $1,599.00, so it’s more costly than the typical suburbanite scooter. A scooter like the Eagle One costs multiple times more than the GoTrax Peak (best under $300) and very nearly multiple times the Turboant X7 Master (best financial plan passage level scooter).

The Varla doesn’t simply offer a major cost increment, yet it offers serious execution and additional highlights. Segway-Ninebot, Hiboy, or Turboant models are commonly two times as quick as the Eagle One.

In numerous ways, this scooter has a large number of similar qualities as Apollo’s Star and Zero’s 10X, yet for a small part of the expense.

Are the highlights noteworthy? Its key-start, customizable suspension, and IP54 water-obstruction rating, as well as QS-S4 show, are only a couple of the top notch highlights stuffed into the Eagle One, combined with barely sufficient execution to make it reasonable for field use.

What’s more, this electric scooter for heavy adults also incorporates a consideration bundle that incorporates knee, elbow, and defensive gloves, alongside an extra internal cylinder and three extra grasp tapes.

Different e-scooters haven’t accompanied this component, so this is a smart idea. What’s more, you can pick another free frill when you buy the scooter, which adds to the general worth.

varla eagle one pro

Does it Allow Heavier Riders?

Indeed, most certainly. Nonetheless, the ride quality could be moved along. Among different elements, this e-scooter highlights double engines that are evaluated at 1000W and 2600 W separately.

While Varla suggests that the engines be utilized by riders gauging something like 119 kgs for ideal effectiveness, they can deal with weight heaps of up to 149 kgs. In any event, going up slopes, the Eagle One didn’t slack from a weighty burden during our trial.

It can, nonetheless, be improved in the event that the deck length was longer. 48 centimeters by 19 centimeters is the length of the deck. Notwithstanding the kickplate being a piece awkward, riders with bigger feet will experience difficulty accomplishing an agreeable position.

Contrasted with NAMI, whose shocks can be changed in accordance with suit riding style, territory, and weight class, our occupant enormous canine found the suspension a piece solid on smooth, city trails.

It will, in this manner, securely get you to your objective, yet it tends to be significantly more agreeable assuming you make it that way.

varla eagle one pro

  • Speed increase

Light, heavyweight scooters for adults seldom have speed increase as great as the Varla Eagle Pro. Speed increase to 24 km/h was estimated at 2.1 seconds.

Heavyweight e-scooters like the Dualtron Thunder II and the Dualtron Thunder II are supposed to perform at these levels. Inside the light heavyweight class, the Varla Eagle One Pro is just tested by the Vsett 10+, which advances to 24 km/h in 1.9 seconds.

  • Most extreme speed

Particularly at its cost, we value the Varla Eagle One Pro’s maximum velocity. With a maximum velocity of 65 km/h, it’s better than expected for quickest electric scooters in a similar cost range.

What’s more, it faces contest from less expensive models like the Wolf Fighter X Star which arrives at 69 mph, as well as the equivalent Vsett 10+ that arrives at 70 miles each hour. It is the main scooter in its weight class that contrasts and the first Dualtron Thunder.

  • Climbing

Slope climbing is one of the amazing highlights of the Varla Eagle One Pro. You can ride this scooter up slopes without losing a lot of force, and you will not have issues on the off chance that you’re weighty or the battery is low. The scooter kept a speed of 28 km/h (or more) at a 10% angle for 60 meters in our slope test at a slant of 10%.

It is said that the gigantic slope climbing is made conceivable by its solid double engines, each evaluated at 1000 watts, with a most extreme force of 2600 watts. In Varla’s case, the engines convey 36 Nm of force, which is adequate to climb a 35° slope.

  • Wellbeing

A great slowing mechanism, a high-shaft fog light, a discernible admonition chime, areas of strength for and add to the scooter’s security. A NFC key-peruser, which is important to turn on the scooter, is incorporated into the Eagle One Pro to forestall robbery.

Your scooter can’t be moved without it. A few telephones can be customized to carry on like NFC keys to convey the key with you.

varla eagle one pro


The Varla Eagle One Pro is a scooter fueled by power. It isn’t your typical e-scooter, be that as it may. Scooters like this are giant, mean, domineering jerk machines.

Fundamentally intended for riders need to change starting with one riding landscape then onto the next. It will work well between riding tracks for the regular outdoorsy individual and hold practically a similar degree of solace.

It doesn’t lose power with a weighty burden as most worker scooters do, so it is perfect for heavier riders. It gives the best ride solace and power for bigger riders. The bicycle is strong and isn’t suggested for fledglings. The e-scooter is a fantastic decision for any accomplished rider and truly a deal thinking about its details.

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