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There are so many benefits to cycling that we can barely keep up! Check out the top ten reasons why cycling will improve your life and overall health.

Why Cycling is good for legs, mind, weight loss, and fitness

If you are thinking about a new activity to engage in this summer, riding an electric bike should be top of your list. Aside from the beautiful feeling of witnessing nature, you get lots of other benefits from riding a bicycle. You get to exercise your legs, mind and even lose weight. This article is aimed at giving you an idea of what you stand to gain from picking cycling over any other activity.

The Benefits of Ebiking on Your Body

Fitness is an integral part of healthy living. Therefore, it is important to pick up healthy habits and new hobbies that would help you keep in shape. Below are some of the benefits of cycling;

1. Cycling maintains your cognitive well-being

Based on a study conducted at the YMCA, it was stated that people with an active lifestyle had a wellbeing score that was 32 percent higher than those that were inactive. Exercise boosts your mood through the release of adrenaline, giving you a renewed sense of confidence and purpose. You can choose to ride alone to give yourself time to think or go along with a cycling group to make new friends.

2. Boost your immune system by cycling

You can boost your immune system by hitting the gym. Frequent exercise has a profound effect on your upper respiratory system, hence reducing the chances of having a common cold. Also, mild exercise is capable of improving your immunity because it increases the production of essential proteins and stimulates lazy white blood cells. 

It is normal for your immune system to be weakened after intense exercise. Therefore, you should endeavor to eat and sleep in order to recover properly. 

3. Cycling helps weight loss

You can stay fit and cut down on your weight by ensuring you burn more calories than you eat. When cycling, you burn between 400 and 1000 calories in an hour, depending on your intensity and body weight. So, ensure that you eat well after going cycling. This is a perfect way to keep your weight in check. 

4. Cycling builds your leg muscles

There’s no denying how effective ebikes are in building your lower body. Regular cycling increases the legs’ musculature, making them stronger. Asides from burning fats, this fun activity also helps in building muscles. The group of muscles, which are most commonly built include the glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quads. It is good to have more muscles than fat. This way, you can even burn fat while you are at rest. 

5. Cyclists have healthier lungs 

It might seem a little ridiculous but evidence based on studies shows that people who ride an electric bike are exposed to lesser fumes than those who use cars. Drivers are bound to experience 5 times the level of pollution produced by cyclists and a half more than that produced by a walker. In essence, cycling is great for your lungs because of very low carbon emissions and also, the exertion from the activity. 

6. Cycling reduces the risk of cancer and heart diseases

Another important benefit of cycling is how it reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer. When cycling, there is an increase in heart rate, which increases how blood pumps around the body and burns calories. Therefore, there are lesser chances of being overweight, if you are riding a bike frequently. 

Some of the commonest illnesses around the world are heart disease and cancer. Based on research performed at the University of Glasgow, it was determined that riding an ebike to work cuts the risk of developing any of these two in half. The adverse health outcomes expected from cycling are therefore substantially low. We advise that you get an ebike if you don’t own one, and start getting yourself in shape. 

7. Which is more exerting: ebiking vs running?

In terms of the level of impact, riding an electric bike is low impact exercise. Compared to biking vs running, the risks of suffering an injury is lower with electric bikes because it is not weight-bearing. In a study focusing on a group of runners, it was observed that runners suffered 140 percent more muscle damage and 256 percent more inflammation than cycling. 

Although bikes rarely cause injuries due to overuse, it is still a possibility. So, it is best to buy an electric bike with throttle. Also, cycling does not increase bone density like other sports, as the process does not involve as much weight-bearing. So, you can add some strength training to your program. 

8. Cycling helps you save time

When riding an ebike, you don’t have to stress about being caught in traffic or catching a bus anymore. With an electric bike, you can easily filter through traffic and arrive at your destination with little stress. This is a major reason why many people go to work on their ebikes in some countries. 

Irrespective of the journey length, a car is bound to contribute to environmental pollution and global warming. But with a top rated electric bike from KBO bike, you save money on fuel, while keeping the environment clean and healthy. 

9. Cycling improves your ability to navigate places

It is quite easier to navigate areas now due to the use of car sat bags and Google maps, so many might not see the need to sharpen their natural sense of direction. However, in the event that you do not have access to such facilities, electric bikes are the best option for exploring the terrain. This way, you get to have fun, while putting your internal mapping capabilities to full use. 

10. Cycling is key to staying fit

Fitness is an integral part of a person’s life, as it has a direct effect on their health. So, even if you are not keen on engaging in any form of exercise to stay fit, cycling is an option that everyone must consider. It helps to build your thigh and leg muscles, hence improving the general blood circulation in the body. 

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