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Ready for a little one? Ask your doctor if the Fertility Awareness Method is the best way for you to start the FAM of your dreams!

The Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM) Can Be a Women’s Best Guide for Pregnancy

Women’s reproductive health is a gamut of intricacies. Most gynecologists urge women to delve deep into it to understand their fertility better and lead a wholesome life. However, when they follow the correct techniques, women today can go about their lives independently and can plan for pregnancy as and when they want. The medical term for this process is Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). The methods associated with FAM are entirely safe. Since there is no need to take any medication, there are zero side effects.

Is FAM safe and sound?

According to medical statistics, patient history, and anecdotal accounts, FAM is effective 77% to 98%. It indicates that nearly 2 of every 23 couples out of 100 who resort to this will successfully experience pregnancy. When you choose more FAMs together, the outcome is more effective.

But here is one word of caution for all couples – FAM will not work for you if you aren’t able to track the fertility signs. It is also not an apt process for women who face irregular menstrual cycles. Therefore, it is always ideal to get in touch with a medical counselor, doctor, or nurse with the best understanding of FAM so that you get all the crucial instructions. They might ask you to make a few lifestyle changes to lead a healthy life, which forms the ideal base to implement FAM. You can check out Obria Medical Clinics in Oregon City to know more about this.

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Are there any side effects?

Women who are planning to delve into FAM for the first time can relax, as there is no side effect associated with it. However, specific factors can alter how efficient all these processes might be for you. For instance, in case you witness any sickness after your morning pill or are breastfeeding, you might face a change in efficacy.

Who can resort to this method?

FAM is a safe option for all. However, it works in a way to avert pregnancy for specific women. Women with abnormal menstrual cycles will not benefit much from this process. So, they need to get in touch with a doctor and ensure that they have regular cycles for a while and do all that is required for it, before they say yes to FAM. It will not work for women with any transmitted infection or who witness unusual discharge. And women who aren’t able to track their fertility signs and have no records will not be able to use FAM to their advantage.

What are the benefits?

One of the best aspects of FAM is that it is primarily cheap or affordable. It does not cause any irritation, physically or mentally. Additionally, women get to know their fertility window and their body better. That, in turn, might help them navigate other problems, like abdominal cramps or mood swings before their cycles, and manage them better than ever.

Last but not least, you can’t count on FAM to act as a shield against any transmitted infections. For that, you need to use authentic contraception and talk to your doctor, who can guide you accordingly and ensure your reproductive health is secure.

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