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Easy ways to lose weight

Weight loss is the talk of the town and everyone wants to know how to do it. Everyone wants to lose weight fast without putting in much effort. But how is that even possible not to struggle to achieve a life-changing goal? Let’s discuss some easy ways to lose weight in this discussion.

Intimate fasting

It is an eating pattern and does not involve any workout. There are several short-term fasts and short time periods in a day to eat your meal. If you strictly observe intimate fasting you surely lose weight. There are many types of intimate fasting. Let’s discuss those:

  • A 5:2 diet means you fast on two days and eat normally for the five remaining days of the week. The only restriction is to consume 500-600 calories on the fasting days.
  • The 16/8 means you fast for 16 hours of the day and eat for eight hours.

Track your diet and exercise

Keep a note of what you eat and drink daily if you want to lose weight. Make a journal and enter everything you consume into it. It is easy these days with the apps and online food trackers. When you know how many calories you consume you can easily erase the extra calories from your diet.

Eat mindfully

Consider how and where you eat food. This way you will shift towards consuming healthy food that is rich in nutrients and low in calories. Eat when you are not indulged in your phone, switch off the TV, eat slowly, and focus on eating healthy.

Protein breakfast

Protein helps you keep full that’s why it is helpful if you eat a protein breakfast. It will reduce your feeling of being hungry. The preferable protein choices for breakfast can be eggs, oats, chia seed pudding, nuts, and sardines.

Say NO to sugar and carbohydrates

No matter how much sweet tooth you have, it is essential to stop consuming sugary items if you are serious about losing weight. Also, avoid refined carbohydrates that are present in bulk in the processed food. Also, the processed food does not contain any protein or nutrients. So we can say that they are only fat and no good for your body. It is better to move towards fruits, nuts, seeds, herb tea, and milk.

Eat fiber

When you eat fiber you feel full and eat other food less which leads to weight loss. The food rich in fiber includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, oats, seeds, peas, and pulses.

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Balance gut bacteria

Increase the number of good bacteria in your gut so that the food easily digests. You can do so by eating fruits, vegetables, grains, yogurt, salad, oats, and barley.

Have a good sleep

Getting at least six hours of sleep is essential for the human body otherwise it may lead to obesity. It is because your metabolism becomes more effective by the time you are in deep sleep.

Manage stress

Stress leads to weight gain. It may sound ridiculous but it happens. Control your signs of stress and stay away from the factors of stress if you are serious about weight loss. Try meditation, yoga, spending time outdoors, and indulge yourself in a healthy hobby to stay away from stress.


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