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Stop drinking straight from the tap! If you're trying to avoid harsh chemicals and hard water, investing in a water filter is crucial for your health.

Filtered Water: What it is, why it’s better and how to obtain filtered water?

Drinking water is essential for survival. Even a percent of dehydration can make you feel the difference. But what sort of water should you be drinking and why? There are many types, like tap water, filtered water and bottled water etc. But today, we are here to tell you that filtered water is the healthiest among them.

The water filtered at our homes by something like the water filter from Nikken (Waterfall) is a perfect choice. Not only is it healthy but also cost-efficient. In addition, it is clean and will probably not harm the environment as the bottled water would. 

What is filtered water?

Filtered water is water treated through a filter to purify it. Water that comes to us has many impurities in it. To cleanse it is treated in many ways, one of which is filtration. Even in the process of filtration, there are many types, some of them are:-

  • Carbon filter: Primarily used in pitcher-type filters, activated carbon traps any contaminants from the water. 
  • Ion exchange: Another type of filtering is ion-exchange filtration; it removes all excessive or harmful minerals from your water and gives your pure water to drink.
  • Reverse osmosis: Reverse osmosis is one of the most intricate filtration systems. It even removes bacteria and viruses, and many common contaminants from the water, although not widely used until now.
  • Distillation: A standard filtration method is distillation; water is converted into steam then shifted back to liquid form, while turning into steam, it loses all the contaminants. And the liquified water sent to you is healthy and pure.

These methods do not cost a lot, so it is a fantastic way to save money on purifying water.

How to get filtered water?

If you want to save costs and want healthy and clean water, you may want to invest in a filtration system for your house; some of them are:-

  • Faucet and sink filters

A type of water filtration system is placing filters under your sinks; this will give you access to clean filtered water in your faucets, which you can use for eating, drinking, and washing purposes. These filters use activated carbon; sometimes reverse osmosis also filters water or any other cost-efficient process.

  • Complete house filters

If your family wants clean, healthy water for their usage, then a whole house filtration system might be the best; this will give you access to clean, healthy, and odor-free water in your entire house. They also use many different processes of filtration. These may cost you a bit, as they cover your entire home, but they are entirely worth it as all your water is purified.

Why is it better?

  • Filtered water is clean and odorless.
  • Filtered water is super healthy because of the methods used in purifying it.
  • Filtering water is one of the cheapest methods to purify water.
  • It is one of the most common methods of treating water.
  • Unlike bottled water, it does not harm the environment with tons of plastic, and one-time installation can give you access to filtered water for years.

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