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Different Ways to Smoke Your Cannabis Hash Concentrate

Hash smoking is a common cannabis activity. It is the oldest form of concentrate, introduced in the 11th century and was prevalent in the Middle East. Now, this concentrate has become a popular marijuana product all over the world.

This cannabis product is flavorful, silky, and strong. In addition to being available in dispensaries and extraction businesses, the high-quality cannabis product is also readily available at home after trimming and handling the strain you choose. 

After having access to Tesla Hash and other top-shelf strains, it’s time to enjoy a great sesh with these concentrates. The only question is, how does one smoke cannabis concentrate?

This article will discuss ways to smoke cannabis hash concentrate, from traditional methods to newly invented ones.

Use a Hookah

One of the earliest methods of smoking hash is by using a hookah.  Before tobacco was brought to Asia, people used hookahs to smoke concentrates and it  is still a common way to smoke concentrates. A hookah pipe is a water pipe with a hose used to smoke shisha in public. Dirty hookah is a word that denotes combining marijuana with shisha and breathing it out of a hookah pipe. 

Due to the availability of numerous mouthpieces, people have started employing this method when smoking with friends.

However, smoking with a hookah has several advantages. For instance, the equipment is made to ensure that you smoke slowly, providing a more relaxing experience. It also features a bong-like device for filtering water. 

Finally, another advantage of smoking using a hookah is the unique and flavorful smoking experience that it provides. The shisha (flavored tobacco) used in a hookah comes in a wide variety of flavors, from fruity to herbal, which can be customized to suit the smoker’s taste.

Pack in a Pipe

Pack in a pine is the most popular and straightforward approach to smoking. For a better smoking experience, prime your hash before putting it in your pipe. Put the product on a key or spoon and use a gentle flame to melt it until it has a crumbly, soft texture. When the product is softer, crush it using your fingers and add some to your pipe. It can be smoked alone or added with flower.


A bong is a form of water pipe with a thick hose that lets users hold more smoke. People get an immediate, strong effect and become stoned after two hits. Bongs are available in various shapes and materials, such as glass and acrylic. Bongs have become increasingly popular among experienced smokers who desire a faster onset of effects.

Bubble hash is best consumed while using bongs. This particular concentrate is created with icy water.The device filters out leftover plant stuff to prevent it from getting into your lungs. Consequently, utilizing a bong instead of a pipe to smoke this cannabis product will give you a smoother hit. Just put the material in the bowl and add water to the bong. Some of them have a metal mesh screen to keep them from getting clogged.

Roll in a Joint or Spliff

There are multiple ways to smoke, which are determined by the substance being smoked and personal preference. Get your rolling papers and herbs ready beforehand. You can include tobacco if you want a spliff. You can cook the hashish, put it over the weed, and then begin rolling. Some individuals prefer to roll their hash into a snake if it is highly pliable.


Modern advancements like vaporizers allow consumers have hygienic vaping experiences. The vape cartridge reduces the possibility of dangerous chemicals entering your lungs. Vaporizers are designed to eliminate combustion, so you won’t inhale tar or carbon monoxide. Add your cannabis product, let the cigarette warm up, and puff away.

Vaporizers come in a variety of styles, including portable and tabletop models. These days, discrete portable vaporizers like vape pens are available for smoking. The only prerequisite for vaporizers is routine chamber cleaning. Caked-on, sticky residues may hamper the vape’s performance. That’s why ensure your device is always clean before using it.

Use a Heated Butter Knife or Hot Knives

Some smokers still use heated butter knives regardless of it being risky and outdated. This method is done by using two butter knives that have been preheated. You’ll need a straw to place over the blades so you can breathe in the smoke. Next, locate a heat source, such as a coil stove.

Warm up the knife first. Once the cannabis product is heated, push the two blades together while holding a bit of it to ignite the product. Use the straw to catch the smoke as it forms, and take a deep breath. Avoid putting the straw too close to the knife because doing so could cause it to burn.


Dabbing is the practice of using a dab rig to smoke a concentrate. In this instance, a dab rig resembling a glass bong is used. Some equipment required is a dab nail that needs to be heated using a portable torch. 

As for a concise explanation of how to dab, start by lighting your torch and directing the flame towards the nail until it turns red hot. Put the glass dome over the nail after it is red hot and turn off your flame. Then, using your dabber, dab your concentrate or other substance straight onto the nail inside the dome before inhaling.


You can take advantage of the cannabis hash concentrate in a variety of additional ways. You can use any method that will provide you with an exciting experience. Now, all you need is a high-quality product like Tesla Hash to get that smooth high. You can find this product in a reputable online cannabis shop. Get access to all your marijuana needs, from buds to edible, from an online dispensary.

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