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Diet plan weight loss

Here is everything about the 17-day diet, a super-method that keeps what it promises!

When you start a diet you want to see results immediately. Those who tear off and quickly receive a salary for their work are adhering to the program and do not gain weight in the long term, studies show.

Diet plans for losing weight

The new 17-day diet is one such diet.

Depending on your starting weight, a kilotapp of between 4 and 5.5 kilos is promised – in just 17 days!

The farther from the target weight you are at the start, the greater the kilos you can count on.

But this is not just a quick fix for the figure, where the lost kilos will soon be back in place after the end of the program.

Mike Moreno

American doctor Mike Moreno, who developed the program and wrote the book 17-day diet, believes that this is the start of a new lifestyle that you have left for the rest of your life.

The diet is easy to follow and easy to adapt to everyday routines.

3 phases to your dream weight and the 17 day diet plan weight loss for you…

His program is divided into three phases. During the first, Acceleration phase, you can lose more than four kilos!

The key to weight loss is to get started burning in the body. This is achieved both through the diet and partly by moving more.

Diet plan weight loss in 17 minutes?

During all three phases you exercise two passes per day of 17 minutes. Easy exercise such as quick walking, cycling, or jogging is enough.

On the food front, it is important to load lots of nutrients such as vegetables, fruit and lean meat. And completely exclude empty calories as in unhealthy junk food.

Away with bound water!

A certain part of the kilos that disappear during the start of the tear will, of course, only consist of water. But there is nothing to sniff at.

Because the diet is about reducing the carbohydrate intake, the body gets rid of stored fluid. In fact, carbohydrates bind fluid, which means that you can feel swollen.

For example, when you exclude sugar and white flour from their diet, the stored stores of both liquid and carbohydrates will be emptied.

And you feel instantly narrower! In order to reduce even the body fat, in addition to exercising and eating fat and carbohydrate, you also need to eat foods that optimize digestion.

Diet plan weight loss for feather weight…

The food you eat should be able to be digested, absorbed and put into circulation by the body. In addition, the food should give you energy so that you can stay active.

The 17-day diet is based on eating natural, and do not use domestic supply steroidsas naposim because it will turn your body bloated and soft, instead use nutritious and useful foods – such foods that we know we should eat but which we may still not get enough of.

With such a diet, the body can take advantage of the beneficial and dispose of stored fat and toxins. Then weight loss comes automatically.

Cut down on carbohydrates – and calories!

The first phase is quite strict and stingy on both calories and carbohydrates. But since it is only about 17 days, it is easy to follow.

During the next two phases of the diet, the activation phase (17 days) and the Stabilization phase (17 days), the reins are eased and eat more varied

. You can eat more carbohydrates and more calories.

Keep your weight long-term and do not use domestic steroids. Do not buy steroids with credit card US!

A fourth level, us the Goal Phase, is also available. It is the one you live by in the future.

Here it is important to continue with the useful eating habits that you have added yourself to. And to exercise regularly. It is also important that during this phase you start to treat yourself to a little more of the good of life.

One day a week is free for “cheating”.

Then you can eat pizza, candy or whatever you are now boring for. Regular gold edges are needed for everyday routines to feel positive.

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