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So, you have finally got the dental implants? Congratulations! Here's how you can keep them looking great.

6 Important Tips to Keep Your Dental Implants in Top Shape

So, you have finally got the dental implants? Congratulations! However, this is a very crucial time. Therefore, you have to be super carefully. Otherwise you would not be able to maintain their top shape. What are you supposed to do to maintain the shape? Here are the 6 best tips that all the experienced dentists often give to keep the dental implants in top shape.

  • Find the right toothbrush 
  • Avoid smoking, drinking, and using products with harsh chemicals 
  • Avoid eating sticky and hard foods 
  • Get the dental implants checked every few weeks 
  • Follow the aftercare instructions 
  • Get a mouthguard 

Find the right toothbrush 

Right after getting the dental implant, the first thing you need to do to keep them in good shape is finding the right toothbrush. Replace your old toothbrush with a soft-bristled nylon-shaped brush. These brushes are super gentle, they clean your teeth well without messing with the shape of your dental implant. Go for good company, every penny you would spend on the brush is worth it. 

Avoid smoking, drinking, and using products with harsh chemicals 

Smoking and drinking are super bad for your teeth. Excessive smoking and drinking can even weaken your healthy teeth weak, how would the dental implant stand against them? Therefore, quit smoking and drinking until your dental implants heal. Once they are completely healed, you should still avoid smoking and drinking at all costs. Besides that, toothpaste and mouthwashes with harsh chemicals are equally bad. They would cause pain, slow down the healing process, and prevent the dental implant from remaining in top shape.

Avoid eating sticky and hard foods 

The people who struggle with maintaining the top shape often have been eating sticky and hard foods. Therefore, at least in the healing period, say no to sticky and hard foods. You would surely thank yourself later.

Get the dental implants checked every few weeks 

A normal human can sometimes not judge what’s good and bad for dental implants. Sometimes he can not even identify the issues he is having or is about to have. Therefore, you should get your dental implants in frederick md checked every week to maintain a top shape.

Follow the aftercare instructions 

The dentist often sends you home with a lot of aftercare instructions. Following the aftercare instructions is super important for various good reasons. One of them is keeping dental implants in good shape. Therefore, listen to your doctor carefully and follow the instructions given by him properly. The few things you need to do and avoid after getting the implant are 

  • Avoid moving your head and mouth for 12 hours after surgery 
  • Use an ice pack to stop bleeding 
  • Consume soft and ice-cold beverages 
  • Do not rinse your mouth first 24 hours

Get a mouthguard 

The mouth guard is proven to be quite effective in maintaining the shape of the dental implant. Discuss it with your doctor and get a guard, you would be amazed how effortlessly it would maintain your shape. 

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