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Check out for the most common dental issues!

Most of the time, adults worry about their physical health and forget to take care of oral health. Besides the most common oral diseases in the elderly, there are also more common dental diseases in adults. Generally, the emergence of these diseases comes from poor tooth brushing and lack of flossing.

The human mouth is a place conducive to the proliferation of bacteria and oral hygiene is fundamental and indispensable to avoid oral problems. According to a survey, about 92% of adults have some type of the most common dental disease. So, let’s check out the common dental problems. 

  1. Bacterial plaque

Bacterial plaque is a sticky, colorless film that appears on the surface of teeth and, if plaque is not removed daily, it can turn into tartar. Plaque is caused by bacteria and food debris and is one of the reasons that can cause decay, gingivitis, inflammation and loss of tissue that support teeth. All people have bacteria in their mouths and, consequently, they have bacterial plaque, so they must be removed by brushing their teeth so that it does not cause something more advanced. 

  1. Halitosis

Halitosis is nothing more than bad breath and is part of dental diseases, including one of the most common. According to the Dental Society, about half of the population has bad breath. The strong odor of halitosis is caused by the accumulation of food residues that were left on the teeth along with the tongue coating and the person who suffers from bad breath cannot smell the bad smell and does not notice it. 

  1. Caries

Caries is one of the dental diseases caused by poor oral hygiene combined with excessive consumption of sugar. The bacteria present inside the mouth produce acids that destroy the tooth’s inner and outer layers and result in a small dark hole in the tooth. This is the initial stage of cavities, called cavitations.

At this early stage, only the dentist can identify caries. In extreme cases of untreated cavities, the person may have to undergo root canal treatment or even have the tooth extracted. Therefore, it is essential to consult with the professional, as only he can recognize dental diseases and indicate treatments. You can visit the experienced dentists at Century Smile Dental for proper oral care.

  1. Pulpit

Pulpit is an inflammation of the dental pulp (the innermost part of the tooth), the nerve tissue inside all teeth. The main cause of pulpits is advanced caries. Untreated caries exceed the tooth enamel limit, reaches the dentin, and reaches the dental pulp, causing intense and continuous pain. 

When a person feels pain when chewing some food or drinking cold and hot drinks, they probably have pulpits. Pulpits can be reversible if caught early, so it is important to see a dentist so they can examine the symptoms and choose the right treatment. 

It’s important to visit a professional dentist for regular dental care. A proper dental checkup at frequent intervals can avoid serious oral problems. 

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