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Clean water isn't available for all. Campaigns continue to rise as many are forced without safe water. Here are celebrity activists who you should know.

5 Famous Clean Water Activists You Need to Know

The clean water crisis is one of the most pressing matters at the moment, so celebrities are lending their support in any way they can.

Some celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Lady Gaga have taken up causes to raise awareness for this issue. It’s not only celebrities who are supporting clean water; there are many famous activists that you should know about. 

Here are five famous people who work hard every day to make sure your drinking water is safe and renewable – even if it means they put themselves in danger.

What is water activism? Why is it important?

Water activists are people dedicated to protecting water resources across the world. If you are too, you ought to have Pacific Blue Catchment handle your eco-friendly water collection needs.

Water is absolutely essential for life, which means that safe drinking water should be a basic human right. Unfortunately, many countries don’t have clean drinking water or frequent access to it.

The rate of diseases like typhoid and cholera is exceptionally high in areas without clean water–it can cause nausea, diarrhea, and death if untreated. This issue disproportionately affects children who get sick more often than adults do because they drink more milk than grown-ups do each day, so they need clean water to prevent any risks of disease transmission. It also harms animals by polluting animal habitats with agricultural chemicals; this ruins their habitats and forces them out of their natural homes.

Famous Water Activists From Around The World

1. Erin Brockovich

This famous environmental activist became a household name after Julia Roberts played her in the movie about her life. Brockovich has worked tirelessly to expose water contamination scandals and bring justice to the people affected. In 2001, she helped win a $333 million settlement from Pacific Gas and Electric Company for polluting the water supplies of Hinkley, California.

2. Matt Damon

Though he’s a Hollywood star, this famous clean water activist has always been a champion for those going through tough times. In March 2017, Matt Damon went to Flint to meet with residents and discuss their ongoing battle to receive clean drinking water after the city suffered from lead poisoning. 

3. Meera Subramanian

Meera Subramanian is an award-winning journalist and author who has written extensively about the global water crisis. She has reported from some of the most drought-ridden and water-scarce regions in the world and is working to educate others about the importance of clean water.

4. Edward Norton

Renowned actor Edward Norton is another famous clean water activist trying to get the word out about the importance of safe drinking water. He’s also involved with Waterkeeper Alliance, an organization dedicated to stopping threats against water around the world.

5. Cameron Diaz

The actress has worked hard to raise awareness for issues affecting the environment. In 2012, she teamed up with NRDC to bring attention to the plight of clean water around the world. She wrote a book called The Longevity Book which discusses how environmental degradation can have significant impacts on human health and wellness.


Celebrities have the power to push major social activism movements, and celebrities are using their voices to talk about important issues that matter. The clean water crisis is one of the most pressing matters at the moment, so celebrities are lending their support in any way they can. 

There are many ways people can help out with the clean water crisis. For example, you can get involved in clean water activism. You can also support celebrities who are fighting for clean drinking water, donate to non-profit organizations that help with the water crisis, and talk to others about how they can help too.

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