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Are you looking to improve your dental hygiene? Check out these tips to help make sure your teeth are healthy and your breath stays fresh!

5 key elements that lead to better dental hygiene

Bleeding gums, cavities, and plaque formation on teeth enamel is no news to anyone. Everyone goes through these difficulties in their daily life. It’s time to kiss these tooth troubles goodbye as we tell you the five main things to enhance your dental health and improve the conditions immensely. 


It’s no shock that brush is our primary source of cleaning our teeth. If we do it right, and with enough frequency, half of our problems will fade away. Health professionals say that brushing twice a day is not enough as people have started consuming far more sugary and greasy foods.

It is recommended that you brush once after waking up, once after eating, and once before sleeping. By this, you ensure that no food sticks to your teeth long enough to form plaque on them, making our teeth appear yellow and weaker. Brushing, if done regularly, will do wonders for your dental health.


Brushing and flossing go hand in hand as they both are the base level measures to keep our teeth clean. Brushing helps clean the surface of your teeth, while flossing makes sure that all the food stuck between the teeth gets out before forming cavities and harming your teeth. 

If you don’t floss, these foods stay in between your teeth, attracting bacteria that can later cause cavities if not treated in their early stages and cleaned. Unfortunately, people often procrastinate on flossing. However, it would be best to make flossing a daily habit to keep your teeth in good shape.

Using professionally made floss or portable water flosser is better than using a thread as the thread is old-fashioned and contains germs that might be an infection-causing. In addition, portable water flossers don’t have an electric cord and can be used anywhere, anytime. Water flossers also can reach spots that your traditional flossing often misses.

Dental products

Our body has a way of letting us know when something we are using is not suitable for us; our dental cavity gives us a sign through bleeding gums, toothache, and foul dental conditions overall. Now, if you are brushing and flossing regularly, y then there must be an error in the dental products you are using. 

It is suggested that you visit a trustworthy dentist to get your mouth checked. Getting their opinion on which products they think will be suitable for you is helpful. 

For instance, if the bristles of the toothbrush you are using are too hard, your gums may bleed or get injured, or if the bristles are too soft, you might notice that they are not cleaned properly. It is essential to observe your dental cavity for any unusual sight constantly.


Our diet affects almost everything, including the quality of our teeth. Even if you follow all the mentioned measures above but continue to eat sugary stuff that sticks to your teeth, later on, you are hindering your progress, if not wholly ruining it. 

It’s a common sight that people do everything to improve their oral conditions but slip up and don’t give up sugar; in return, they get cavities and seem confused about the reason behind it. Therefore, it might be helpful if you give up sugary stuff and carbonated drinks.

Dental checkups 

If you still don’t see a noticeable change in your dental health, the last resort is to visit your dentist directly. A dentist is far more experienced than you and has an eye for detecting cavities and dental problems in their early stages. Professionals advise it is better to visit a dentist twice every year, after every six months, to keep your oral cavity in check.

Dentists ensure that your teeth always remain healthy and clean. Caring for your teeth in advance prevents you from potentially losing a tooth; many people get lazy and slack off caring for their teeth, but if you genuinely devote your time to improve them, you will see astonishing results.

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