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Best Vegan Restaurants in Vancouver

Are you planning a trip to Vancouver? If yes, you’re in for a treat, especially if you love vegan food. Vancouver has a lot to offer from vegan sushi to pizza and even tasty vegan options for brunch. You’ll likely find yourself eating a lot because there are so many delicious vegan options to try.


But you might be wondering, which places should you check out? Don’t worry, we have you covered. In the following, you will find information about the best vegan restaurant in Vancouver. Trust us, these are places you won’t want to miss!


MeeT in Gastown


MeeT in Gastown is a great place to go if you’re craving brunch during the week. They serve delicious food like piña colada mimosas and tasty breakfast potatoes. You can also try their fried oyster mushroom “Chick’un”, Philly Cheez-Steak Hash, and Waffles, and many types of bennies. They serve these from 1 pm to 4 pm from Monday to Friday and from 10 am to 4 pm on the weekends.


Not only that, but they also have a great lunch and dinner menu. They have hearty poutines, Mac n’ Cheez, burgers, and different types of Caesar salad. Whether you want it classic or loaded, you’re in for a treat! So if you’re in Vancouver, make sure to check out MeeT in Gastown.


The Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant


The world of vegan brunch food has really improved in the last few years. Do you remember when it was hard to find non-dairy milk for your coffee? These days, even places like Starbucks have lots of plant-based milk choices. In Vancouver, the best place to go for a fantastic weekend brunch is the Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant. This place is the champion, no question about it.


This restaurant offers brunch from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Their vegan pancakes made with plant-based buttermilk are a must-try. You should also try their Truffle Mushroom Benny which comes with turmeric tofu. And what better way to complete the meal than with a fresh grapefruit mimosa? It’s just the thing to brighten up anyone’s Sunday.


Ogenki Sushi


Do you love sushi and want to eat as much as you can? Ogenki Sushi is the place for you! It’s even better because you can enjoy their all-you-can-eat vegan sushi right at home. During lockdown, many of us learned how fun it can be to choose a special night and order a lot of food. The menu just for vegans has some really amazing options. For example, they have a “Red Tuna” Nigiri that’s actually made with seasoned tomato, and a “Seared Crab” Oshi.


They’ve also started working with a company called Reusables. Because of this partnership, they’re now able to deliver food in containers that create no waste. So, not only can you enjoy tasty vegan sushi, but you can also feel good about helping the environment.


Pizzeria Grano


Pizzeria Grano is known for their authentic Neapolitan pizza that’s all plant-based. This means they’re officially recognized for making “real” Neapolitan pizza. This vegan restaurant uses hand-pulled dough, cashew cheese, and vegan gorgonzola that taste just perfect. If you love pizza, you have to try this place, even if you’re not vegan.


This restaurant stands out because of its unique take on a traditional dish. The way they create their pizza is special and it tastes great. So, if you’re looking for delicious pizza, Pizzeria Grano is a must-visit spot in Vancouver.




Want to try amazing food in a relaxed but stylish setting? Check out MILA. It’s a special place where they cook up tasty vegan comfort food in a creative way. You can enjoy all sorts of food like burgers, noodles, sushi, and tacos.


MILA takes an exciting twist on familiar favorites. The menu is full of fun and flavor. Whether you’re craving a classic burger or want to try something a bit more adventurous like vegan sushi, MILA has got you covered. It’s definitely a place that will leave your taste buds happy.




Nightshade is a wonderful place to eat out. It’s right in the middle of Yaletown, a popular area. You’ll remember the tasty food from the first sip of your drink to the last bite of your dessert, like the creamy crème brûlée. They mainly serve dishes made of vegetables, especially the “nightshade” family which includes eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, and red spices. So, the restaurant’s name is actually based on this.


Their menu is full of unique dishes. You can try something like the Jerk Mushroom Wellington. It comes with sautéed greens and a type of mushroom called pickled shimeji. Another dish is the French Horn Scallops. It’s served with a purée made of spring peas and asparagus. They also offer a dish called Foragers Banh Xeo, which has a crispy turmeric crêpe. This place will surely make you want to come back for more.




Folke is a fantastic restaurant in Kitsilano that you’ll want to tell everyone about. Trust me, you’ll just love talking about it. Their menu changes often and is inspired by local foods. And the best part? They serve their meals on shared plates that are so yummy, they’re hard to resist. But that’s not all – they also have a changing list of exciting cocktails that everyone talks about. And you don’t have to worry about tips because they’re included in the price and go straight to your server.


If you love enjoying great vegan food with others, you should reserve a table at Folke. This place is perfect for a special dinner with someone you care about. Make a reservation and ask your special someone to come with you. You won’t regret it!




Looking for some amazing Vietnamese vegan food that you can take with you? Khoe has just what you need. They serve up dishes like vermicelli bowls filled with sticky tofu and crunchy spring rolls. They also make delicious bánh mì sandwiches. You can pick from spicy hoisin tofu, lemongrass chick’n, or crispy oyster mushrooms. And don’t forget about their filling coconut curry. Everything’s available for pick-up or delivery from their East Vancouver location.


If you aren’t mindful, you might find yourself “forgetting” to pack a lunch for work. But that just means you get another chance to order from this place. Trust me, Khoe is one of the best vegan restaurants in Vancouver. You’ll find yourself wanting to eat from here more than you might expect.




Chickpea is a popular place for vegan food in Vancouver. You can find it easily, whether you’re hanging out on Main St., known for its cool cafes, bookshops, and thrift stores, or walking around the beach-side area of Kitsilano. This place is all about plant-based Mediterranean food. They let you create your own pitas, rice bowls, salads, and platters. Chickpea has a food truck in Kitsilano and a restaurant on Main St. It’s loved by many vegans in the area, just like its name.


Chickpea is also known for giving you lots of food. Plus, they have a breakfast menu that you can order from all day at their Main St. location. So, if you’re looking for a place to share some good food with friends and still have leftovers for your next meal, Chickpea is the perfect spot for you.




Vancouver not only promises a beautiful cityscape but also an unforgettable culinary adventure for vegans. With a broad range of plant-based delicacies available around every corner, you’re bound to have an unending food journey. So, ensure to explore these vegan eateries during your visit. They’re sure to leave you with delightful memories and a longing to return for more.

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