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When it comes to the care of our automobiles, we devote a significant amount of both time and resources. And the more costly the automobiles are, the greater the likelihood there is that they will be taken from a parking lot or even the driveway of a neighbor. To add insult to injury, the fact that car theft is on the rise is not the only factor that should cause concern for owners of motor vehicles. The fact that modern auto thieves utilize high-tech and non-intrusive methods that make it very easy to evade detection and get away without being caught is an issue that is an even bigger concern. Therefore, it is essential to take additional safety precautions if you want to ensure that your vehicle is adequately protected from thieves. When you park the automobile, the safety of the vehicle should be your primary concern at all times, but this should be especially true at night. Take a look at our top security suggestions to assist you in properly protecting your vehicle and reducing the likelihood that you will ever be an unjustifiable victim of car theft. This will help you prevent the stress that would otherwise be unavoidable.

Put Your Car Keys Somewhere Safe:

Always make sure that the car keys, including the spare ones, are hidden from plain view. This may appear to be a basic point, but many people overlook it, especially when they are in a hurry and have to make a brief stop in front of a store or a petrol station. If you leave your car keys in a conspicuous location, potential burglars will have an easier time gaining entry to your vehicle, which means it will be easier and faster for them to steal. Obtaining the original car key is the easiest way to steal practically any vehicle because the usage of this key will not set off the factory alarm or any aftermarket alarms that may have been installed on the vehicle.

It is just as crucial to always keep an eye on your car keys while you are running errands throughout the day, but it is much more vital to keep them by your side when it gets dark. Avoid at all costs leaving them close to the front entrance or in an apartment or house that isn’t difficult to enter. The reason for this is that it is not uncommon for criminals to break into houses simply to gain the keys and be able to take the car that is parked in the driveway. This is the reason that this is the case.

Criminals with more experience may even use a specialized tool in the form of a fishing rod or even a coat hanger to hook the key ring of the automobile through the mailbox. When you are at home, it is also recommended that you keep your car keys in a key cabinet made of metal. This is especially important to do if your vehicle has a keyless entry system. The key signal will not be broadcast outside the cabinet since the key cabinet functions as a Faraday cage. This will prevent criminals from carrying out the so-called relay attack car theft, which has been quite frequent in recent years.

In Addition To The Precautions:

In addition to the precautions described above, it is also recommended that you reprogramme any spare keys that you obtained from the former owners of the vehicle. If you have a pattern of purchasing used automobiles, doing so will provide the highest level of protection for your vehicle because this will prevent any potential break-ins, possibly even by individuals who had been keeping an eye on your new ride while it was still in the possession of the previous owner. By doing so, you eliminate the possibility of someone breaking into your automobile and get the highest possible level of safety for your vehicle. Last but not least, give some thought to buying a key pouch for your automobile, particularly if you already have a keyless entry fob. In the same way that the metal key cabinet acts like a Faraday cage, the pouch does as well. It stops the signal from the key fob from being sent outside of it, which stops other persons from interfering with the technology that is used to unlock your vehicle.

Hide Your Valuables:

If you leave your cell phone, sunglasses, laptop, wallet, handbag, or even expensive tools and equipment on the passenger seat or dashboard of your vehicle, you are not only going to attract professional car thieves, but you are also going to attract occasional small-time criminals who happen to pass by and see valuable items on display. This is because leaving valuable items out in the open is a magnet for thieves. These kinds of vehicles might potentially have a greater risk of being stolen. Even though some thieves are only interested in stealing the items that are located within the vehicle, others will almost certainly contemplate stealing the vehicle in its whole.

Hence, if you park the automobile somewhere, it is necessary to bring everything of value that you could need with you. If you are away from home and unable to take everything with you, make sure to at least lock valuable items in the trunk of the car or keep them in a place that is not that easy to spot when passing by the car, such as underneath the safety car seats or in some hidden compartments and drawers. If you are unable to do either of these things, make sure to at least lock valuable items in the trunk of the car.

One further piece of advice that could save your life is to keep critical documents like your driver’s license and proof of registration in a locked glove compartment. This should also be hidden from view whenever the car is parked, as it is a safety precaution. Auto thieves can improve their chances of successfully stealing a vehicle by making it easier for them to find their targets.

Install A Car Alarm:

In addition to acting as a deterrent against theft, car alarms are intended to sound an alarm and notify the owner if an unauthorized person attempts to interfere with the functioning of the vehicle. Alarm systems for automobiles are widely regarded as an effective kind of vehicle protection because they are always on and sound an alarm extremely promptly if unauthorized individual attempts to enter the vehicle. Some of the more sophisticated auto alarms even come outfitted with supplementary functions, such as a mobile notification system, which sends alerts to the user’s phone whenever the alarm detects activities that are not typical for the environment.

Many newer automobiles already have a factory alarm system installed when they are purchased, however, many older automobiles do not have such safety systems and are therefore left vulnerable. Because many historic car models become increasingly easy to steal as they get older, it is essential to give serious consideration to the possibility of installing aftermarket alarm systems in these automobiles so that they may be kept safe at all times.

On the other hand, many individuals have been desensitized to the sounds of car alarms over the years. This is especially true in large cities, where several false alarms each day are believed to be part of the daily buzz, and almost nobody pays attention to them.

It is therefore of the utmost importance, when deciding on an appropriate auto alarm system, to choose a high-quality model that will not be readily triggered, such as by passing trucks, higher winds, or cats walking on the hood of the vehicle. Even though an alarm is never going to be able to completely protect a vehicle from being stolen, this will allow you to equip your vehicle with a car security system whose loud siren noise will have more chances of alerting bystanders that something suspicious is going on and act as a huge deterrent for car thieves. Even though an alarm is never going to be able to completely protect a vehicle from being stolen, this will allow you to equip your vehicle with a car security system.

Put In A Lock For The Steering Wheel:

The steering wheel lock is one of the most straightforward theft deterrent systems available, and it is also a car security precaution that is rather easy to obtain, at least if one is looking for a more fundamental version. On the other hand, in most cases, the higher the price you are ready to spend, the greater the quality and the more advanced features you will receive. Because it is attached to the steering wheel in such a way that it cannot be moved, the steering wheel lock eliminates the potential that the vehicle will be stolen. Also available in vivid hues, steering wheel locks are designed to attract attention from the exterior of the vehicle. In this method, they can quickly deter potential auto thieves and burglars from breaking into the vehicle, making it a lot more convenient for them to hunt for an easier target and leave your vehicle alone.

Many of today’s car thieves are masters in high-tech techniques for stealing automobiles, including RF jamming and smart key relay attacks, both of which can be carried out at a distance and do not involve the use of any specialized equipment to break into a vehicle. Because they are only concerned with the electronic components of a vehicle, they typically do not take any heavy equipment with them. If they did, they could use it to break the lock on the steering wheel and drive away with the car.

Install An Immobilizer In Your Vehicle Especially If It’s An Older Model:

An electronic anti-theft device known as a car immobilizer is a device that prevents the vehicle from being started without the correct key fob present. It does this by turning off the systems that are necessary for starting the vehicle, which is typically the ignition and the fuel system. This allows the vehicle to be started. The majority of vehicles produced after 1998 come outfitted with immobilizers that are factory-installed as standard equipment. On the other hand, several firms manufacture after-market immobilizers that may also be fitted in vehicles of an older model year. If you own a historic car, you should give serious consideration to investing in a reliable immobilizer system. Many opportunistic car thieves purposely target older vehicles because it is likely that these automobiles do not have any appropriate anti-theft devices installed.

It is not possible for an immobilizer to stop a thief from breaking into a car, but it can prevent them from driving away with it. Even if a thief is successful in starting an immobilized vehicle, it will take them a significant amount of time to get the vehicle going, which will likely cause them to rethink their decision to steal the vehicle.

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