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Author, Healer, and Spiritual Life Coach: Sophie Frabotta achieves 10,000 hours of 1-1 healing

Life coaches are wellness experts who specialize in assisting people in moving forward in their lives to ultimately attain internal happiness and fulfillment. More specifically, this often takes the form of helping clients to identify their goals, plus strategies to help meet these goals and overcome any obstacles that might present themselves. Significant literature has indicated the positive impact of life coaching on the mental health of those who undertake it.

As an internationally recognized spiritual life coach, no one is more aware of these potential benefits than Sophie Frabotta. The author and healer even developed her own approach to healing, the 4 Rs Method, over the course of 15 years and more than 10,000 hours of 1-1 healing. This article takes a deep dive into Sophie’s experience, as well as why her coaching is so effective.

A Wealth Of Experience

As stated earlier, Sophie Frabotta has a wealth of experience in the profession of life coaching, which began with her Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology. Throughout her 15 years working in this industry, Sophie has offered help to her clients through a myriad of different resources, such as worksheets, audio healing, meditations, and different workshops.

However, she realized that the use of certain strategies was more conducive to spiritual healing. She named this approach the 4 Rs method and it involves the steps to recognize, release, reprogram, and radiate in order to help assist clients to release their stale energy and carry a new frequency and raised vibration.

In order to help share this treatment with a greater number of people, Sophie works alongside other mentors to help them reach their full potential as a life coach. Through her 100+ hour Spiritual Life Coach Certification Training course, Sophie guides aspiring life coaches to embody their works, as this is the best way to become an authentic coach; the work is not just learned, it’s lived.

Sophie is also certified as a Holistic Life Coach, NASM-CPT, and Akashic Healer, and speaks at length about her expertise in her 2012 book, The Continuous Appetite. She even owns a retail shop called Awaken Crystal Gallery that sells her handmade crystal jewelry.

A Step Above Traditional Therapy

Sophie’s clients often refer to her as the ‘Soul Whisperer’ because of her ability to listen to the words of their souls as well as teach them to hear it as well. Sophie regards her revolutionary process as a cut above traditional therapy because of its ability to go past merely identifying a client’s deepest issue and false belief system.

In fact, Sophie maintains that traditional therapy stops at the first step of her four-step process. With Sophie, the client’s false belief systems are identified and challenged to help them release these unproductive energies, emotions, and memories. This is done through a number of different modalities, such as Yinyasa Yoga, Chakra Clearing, Cutting Cords, and Light Healing Meditations.

About Sophie

Outside of her work, Sophie has a number of other passions, including an interest in nature and general sustainability. She frequently cleans up trash at the beach and composts all her vegetable scraps as well. On top of this, she is very passionate about animals, specifically, pit bulls, which she feels have an unfair reputation she is keen to help change.

Furthermore, Sophie argues that pitbulls are extremely emotional animals that are capable of deep emotional connections with their owners. In fact, Sophie contends that it is this emotional capacity that permits them to be such ferocious fighters, but can also help them to become faithful companions if they are raised properly. 

Closing Thoughts

On balance, Sophie’s expertise in life coaching will come as a relief to many, particularly other aspiring life coaches, whom she is willing to mentor on how to guide others with her 4 Rs method. This revolutionary approach goes further than traditional therapy in order to provide her clients with an effective means to tackle the issues in their lives that are actually standing in the way of their personal fulfillment and happiness within their lives.

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