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Actors Often Eat Very Unhealthy On Set

Most actors who have ever worked on a set, especially a movie set, will see lots of junk food, fast-food and even some keto fast food options, but so much of it is so processed, that even the so-called healthier food options are still too processed to ever provide any real health. And the proof is the dyer health of so many actors. 

Many Actors eventually notice just how unhealthy everything is and so will include in their contract their own dietary needs, which is definitely better, but what about those Actors who cannot negotiate dietary needs into their contracts or those Actors who have no idea they are eating and drinking what’s very unhealthy on the set. 

We are living in the artificial age, because everywhere you look, there’s artificial drugs, artificial nutrition, artificial candy and of course artificial food. 

Now, you might imagine artificial food looking like it’s made of plastic, but instead of artificial food being made of plastic, which of course would look too obvious, they take food raised with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and GMOs, which is already contaminated with these poisons, then on top of that, they still process everything until not only is it all contaminated, but also so processed that even if there was any real nutrition left, it’s all destroyed by now. So, what’s left is a contaminated, nutritionally dead food. 

In other words, just as nutritionally dead as eating plastic. 

I know you probably have never heard anyone compare the toxic and nutritionally dead food all around us today, to plastic, but it’s the perfect comparison.

Today almost every adult alive in North America already has a chronic illness or is on their way to developing a chronic illness. 

Why? Because first they were raised eating and drinking artificial food and drinks, then when they felt sick, swallowed or injected artificial drugs, then they were told they need artificial nutrition to get healthy, yet after all of this, and after a lifetime of accumulating so much poison in their body, they develop chronic illness! 

Even illnesses like arthritis and Alzheimer’s, are now diagnosed in younger and younger people, even now children! Is there anything anyone can do to prevent any of this chronic illness? Not if you keep poisoning yourself, that’s for sure. 

There comes a time in your life when you have to decide to follow the same path that every sick person before you has taken, or follow your own path, a path that very few ever take. 

In my opinion, doing the same treatments, the same surgeries, the same whatever, as everyone else before who were also diagnosed with the same chronic illness, is like follow the same financial advice that has caused millions before you to lose their life-savings –that would be absurd, right? Then why in God’s name do you follow the same path that most every sick person takes? 

You cannot restore your health by following what the sick masses do; you restore your health by not following the same path as the sick masses. 

And don’t bother searching for meal prepping near me, because unless you know exactly where to find 100% Certified Clean meals, the internet will only show you the same contaminated, over-processed and over-priced junk that’s already everywhere.

So what are the exact steps you need to take to restore your health that the sick masses will never take?

Step 1: Stop eating what the sick masses eat every day.

Step 2: Stop drinking what the sick masses drink every day.

Step 3: Start eating only pesticide-free, herbicide-free, fungicide-free and GMO-free food every day and make sure it’s raw.

Step 4: Start drinking only pesticide-free, herbicide-free, fungicide-free and GMO-free drinks every day and make sure it’s raw.

Step 5: Replace at least 2 meals every day with MealBetix, which will greatly help you avoid most of all the contaminated foods and drinks out there and even save you $300+ every month on your food bill and even replace all your supplements!

Step 6: Continue The MealBetix Lifestyle for the rest of your life, so you can finally restore your health and become much healthier than everyone else around you, thereby adding years to your life! I know this sounds too simple, but it’s very simple actually. 

Don’t let them convince you it’s complicated or difficult to get healthy, because it absolutely is not, especially when you’re eating 100% Certified Clean every day.

And even if you have several unhealthy food and drink addictions that are keeping you sick, The MealBetix Lifestyle will eventually remove all those unhealthy cravings permanently!

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