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A Quick Look into Overdenture to Analyze Its Effectiveness

Dentistry has become an advanced field with various solutions for widespread dental and oral problems. For instance, doctors use removable tooth appliances called overdentures that sit on the natural teeth or dental implants to cover the gaps. Also known as snap-on dentures, the treatment helps people live healthily even after losing their teeth. These dentures are functional and better than regular dentures. You can chew and speak comfortably with them. Modern dentures significantly benefit the lower jaw area as against traditional dentures that often slip out and become loose. Plus, dentists need to work on damaged teeth to fix the false teeth firmly in their place. But issues like bone loss can make their retention difficult.

Alternatively, overdentures get support from the original dental roots or implants, ensuring higher retention, function, and health. Let’s see what this procedure entails.

Preparation method

You can visit to learn about the process. Still, expect your dentist to check your oral condition thoroughly to determine whether overdenture will suit you. They will investigate your tooth and gum for infection or decay. Sometimes, they prepare teeth for overdenture by treating gum disorders, decay, dental shape, and others. Based on this, the dentist selects proper connectors or attachments for the overdentures. These attachments can be clasps or other designs. Be ready to give mouth impressions to help doctors create natural teeth and gum models for your mouth. The image will allow them to fabricate overdenture for a perfect fit. The custom designs are usually comfortable and stable. Once they fix overdentures on the natural teeth, your dentist will ensure everything is in its proper place.

The benefits of overdenture

Snap-on dentures settled on the implants give excellent stability to your dental structure. As a result, you can see a remarkable improvement in your bites and chewing functionality. You can socialize confidently because these dentures remain in their place, unlike those traditional designs that can slip out anytime while speaking. Also, dental implants check the progress of bone loss in the mouth, allowing your jaw to maintain its shape for longer. You worry less about discomfort or irritation, which is more common with traditional dentures.

The overdenture cost

Before considering any treatment, you want to estimate your budget. Various factors can affect your medical bill. For instance, the location of the clinic can be one. Another critical criterion can be the number of teeth requiring replacement. The expertise level of your dentist also matters. Then, the selection of overdenture material and method are other things. Ordinary dentures cost around USD $2,500, while overdenture can be available for USD $1-3k. However, this is just a rough calculation. Your service provider can inform you about the actual price.

One must know that overdenture will also have a lifespan. The appliance will face wear and tear due to aging and abuse. Visiting a dental clinic as part of your routine is necessary to keep your oral condition in its best form. Doctors can prevent any deterioration and damage risks before it’s too late. You will also pay less for minor adjustments.

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