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7 Perfect Outdoor Armchair for Furniture Shack

Make your outdoor living space everything you dream to be with the perfect armchair from The Furniture Shack. More than just patio furniture – our collection of outdoor armchairs transforms your balcony, patio, or deck into a personal oasis. 

So, choose from various materials, styles, features, and prices tailored specifically for relaxing in the open air. Whether you seek all-day comfort, weather-resistant durability, or resort-worthy luxury, you’ll find the ideal outdoor armchair for your lifestyle at The Furniture Shack. 

Follow these seven tips to discover our most popular, top-rated choices for achieving outdoor armchair bliss. 

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Tip 1: Consider Your Space and Layout   

The Furniture Shack offers outdoor armchairs sized for spaces large and small. Compact bistro chairs fit small apartment patios. Deep, oversized armchairs are ideal for sprawling backyards and wide porches. Measure your outdoor area to specify the appropriate scale chair.  

Besides, shop our selection of patio sets with coordinating side tables and ottomans to complete your layout. Check product dimensions to ensure the chair fits through gates, doorways, and staircases.  

So, with accurate measurements and our range of sizes, you’ll create an outdoor seating arrangement tailored to your unique space. Discover the possibilities with our line of Outdoor Armchairs – The Furniture Shack. 

Tip 2: Material Matters 

Notably, outdoor armchairs must withstand the elements year-round. That’s why The Furniture Shack carefully selects materials suited for outdoor exposure. Teak wood, synthetic wicker, aluminum, and all-weather resin stand up to seasonal weather changes without deterioration.  

Additionally, teak naturally ages to a dignified grey with intricate wood grain patterns. Our synthetic wickers, like weatherproof polyethylene, replicate the look of natural wicker while resisting cracking and mildew.  

Also, rust-proof aluminum and powder-coated steel prevent fading while retaining their sleek shine. Therefore, you can choose from our selection to find suitable materials to complement your existing aesthetic and stand the test of time.  

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Tip 3: Comfort and Cushioning 

When selecting an outdoor armchair, comfort is vital for relaxation and support. The Furniture Shack’s armchairs feature plush cushions with high-density foam for ergonomic comfort. Our thick cushions range with contoured seats and arched lumbar support right where you need it.  

Also, the removable cushion covers resist fading, mildew, and moisture. This ensures the cushions retain their support and bounce even after seasons of use. Test our different cushion densities to find your perfect firmness and sink-in comfort level.  

Tip 4: Style and Aesthetic  

Match your armchair style to your personality and existing outdoor decor. Want a casual, beachy vibe? A weathered teak chair fits right in. The Furniture Shack offers a wide selection of armchair styles to match any outdoor aesthetic.  

Look for slatted wood rockers or cushioned patio chairs. Metal mesh chairs provide an industrial edge. Consider rounded vs angular lines, decorative accents, and color palettes that enhance your overall aesthetic and create a cohesive look. Select a style you’ll love lounging in for years. 

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Tip 5: Versatility and Functionality 

Maximize how you use your outdoor space with The Furniture Shack’s multifunctional armchairs. Relax with an attachable sun shade on hot, bright days. Recline adjustable chairs to the perfect nap position.  

Arguably, side tables with built-in cup holders keep drinks and snacks nearby. Look for chairs with storage space for tucking away blankets or books when not in use. Match functional features to your planned activities – variably positioned, sun protection, easy mobility, and storage. With The Furniture Shack’s versatile, feature-packed designs, one chair suits many purposes. 

Tip 6: Maintenance and Care 

Our outdoor armchairs are crafted to last season after season. We select the most durable, weather-resistant materials that retain their beauty with minimal upkeep. Synthetic wicker and powder-coated aluminum clean easily with just soap and water. Teak wood may require annual sanding and linseed oil to preserve its natural pattern.  

Furthermore, removable cushions and slipcovers can be tossed into your washing machine for a refresh. Follow our care instructions to preserve your chair correctly. Properly maintained, your chair will weather the years in a durable style. 

Tip 7: Budget and Value 

When selecting an outdoor armchair, set a comfortable budget while remembering that quality often aligns with higher prices. The Furniture Shack offers outdoor armchairs to suit every budget.  

Spending more on high-end teak or specialty handcrafted armchairs for those seeking investment pieces brings exceptional durability that adds value over decades of use. Comparing warranties helps assess true quality between manufacturers’ offerings at different prices.  

Also, look for off-season clearance sales on floor models and discontinued colors to save. With The Furniture Shack’s range of prices and keeping factors like materials, construction, and longevity in mind, you can discover a perfect outdoor armchair that meets both budget and needs. 

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Final Thoughts 

Elevate your outdoor living space with the perfect armchair from The Furniture Shack. Evaluate your needs for space, comfort, style, and functionality. Browse our diverse collection of materials, sizes, features, and prices to discover the ideal chair explicitly tailored for you.  

Our armchairs withstand the weather and transform patios, decks, and yards into open-air sanctuaries you’ll enjoy for years. Let The Furniture Shack provide you with outdoor armchair bliss.

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