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5 Healthy nutrition food in Your Diet

To keep ourselves healthy we need to have a proper diet, consume nutritious food, have our meals on time and the list goes on. There are certain necessary things we must take care of for our health. Due to our busy and stressed life, we cannot take care of our health, and also unable to maintain our diet. Recently, we all have been addicted to fast foods for their taste. But is this fast food healthy, definitely not!!! You can buy everything online by using PaisaWapas coupons for discounts and cashback. is your onestopshop for all things keto! From keto recipes and meal plans to helpful tips and trickswe have everything you need to succeed on your keto journey and achieve your weight loss goals.

So having a proper healthy diet with nutritious food is very important for our health. There is some really good nutritious food that you should add to your diet plan to have a properly balanced diet and maintain your health. Some of the healthy food is fish, leafy vegetables, nuts, Shamam fruit, and many more. It is said that Shamam fruit has great health benefits which are also prescribed by many doctors. Shamam fruit is also called muskmelon. Without delay let’s get to know the healthy nutrition food that you must add to your diet.


Best healthy foods for a healthy diet

  1. Shamam Fruit



Shamam fruit is also known as Muskmelon or Kharbuja which has numerous health benefits. This fruit is rich in carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, minerals, vitamin B complexes – B1, B3, B5, and many more. Shamam fruit is the superhero of all fruits. You must add this fruit for sure to your healthy food list and diet plan. Healthy benefits of Kharbuja are:


Kharbhuja Benefits:

  • Relieves from stress
  • Helps to reduce constipation
  • Very good for during pregnancy
  • As has high water content, it keeps you hydrated
  • Very good for weight loss
  • Helps to increase immunity
  • Helps to have healthy skin and promotes hair growth
  • Improves our eyesight
  • Also helps to treat insomnia, and ulcers and Shamam fruit also have anti-cancer properties in it.
  • Shamam fruit is good for diabetes.

Ayurveda tells that consuming Shamam fruit helps to cure diseases and also keeps us healthy. You can just cut it and eat it like a normal fruit or also consume it in the form of juice.


  1. Dark Green and leafy vegetables


Dark green vegetables and leafy vegetables like broccoli, sprouts, kale, and spinach are the best to add to your healthy diet. All these are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, glucosinolates, and lutein which are very good for detoxification, preventing muscle generation, and lowering your cholesterol. Intaking dark green and leafy vegetables 3 to 4 times a week is a good option. You can steam or saute with some herbs and then eat. You can also eat making it a salad tossing with a little online and garlic.


  1. Fish


Consuming fish 2 to 3 times a week for your diet keeps you healthy which is very high in Omega. Salmon trout, tuna, sardines, and bluefish are a good choice to choose. A small portion of red meat with fish will help to reduce heart attack, cancer, and also stroke.


  1. Fruits and Berries


Fruits and berries are great choices to include in a healthy diet plan. Berries like blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, and blackberry are good. Then in fruits kiwi, pineapple, and mango are good.  Try to add them once a day as they contain lots of nutrients and antioxidants. When it is not the season for some of the fruits, you can try canned or frozen fruits. But also be aware when you buy canned fruits as they may contain some added sugars or syrups.


  1. Nuts and Seeds


An equal ration of nuts and seeds every day is a must in your healthy food list and has good health benefits. You can take 1/4 cup of both nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds contain more vitamins which are necessary for your good health. Seeds like flaxseed, chia seed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seeds, and hump seeds are good choices. In nuts pistachios, walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, and almonds are really good to have every day in your diet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is healthy nutrition food?
  • Healthy nutrition food contains vegetables, nuts, millet, brown rice, whole grains, legumes, fruits, and fish in the proper manner and also in proper quantity.
  1. What are the tips for healthy eating?
  • Do not skip your breakfast
  • Consume more water
  • Have lots of fruits and vegetables, also good to have like salad.
  • Try to reduce sugar and saturated fats
  • Be on a healthy weight
  • Try to include fish in your diet


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