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3 Sex Toys Every Guy Needs

Every guy needs to include some sex toys to his sexual experience. Sex toys go way back in history, over 30 000 years ago, when the first dildo was found hand carved out of stone in the shape of a penis. Women went nuts when the doctor brought out the vibrator during the hysteria period, they were queuing outside doctors’ offices to get their treatment.

Sex toys can range from butt plugs, cockrings, or an automatic male masturbator. In this article we are going to take a look at the benefits of using sex toys, as well as chat about 3 sex toys every guy should have in his sexy time kit. Let’s get to it.

Benefits of Using Sex Toys

There are so many benefits that sex toys can give you. Let’s take a look at three of the most common benefits people have mentioned:

Increase intimacy. Sex toys help to increase intimacy between you and your partner, as you learn to communicate your sexual needs with each other and debrief after having a wonderful sexual experience together.

Mind Blowing orgasms. Sex toys are targeted at stimulating specific areas and pleasure spots within the body and offer the most mind blowing orgasms you have ever experienced.

Health benefits. It is said that with any satisfactory orgasm, comes many health benefits, such as helping to improve your mood, reduce pain, and reduce the effects of stress.

3 Sex Toys Every Guy Should Have

Let’s take a look at the top 3 sex toys men are using today, and that every man needs in his kit.

  • Automatic male masturbator. These are designed to feel like a vagina, and used with some lube for extra pleasure.  Automatic male masturbators are the best!
  • Vibrating cockring.This little piece of dynamite can offer stimulation for both you and your partner, giving you a stronger erection and stimulating your penis shaft, as well as your partner’s clitoris.
  • Expandable anal plug.The expandable anal plug is used for extra stimulation, especially of the prostate gland, and also in preparation for anal pleasure.


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