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Why are casino-themed movies so popular?

Have you ever noticed how many movies happen in or around a casino? One of the most famous and most popular Bond-movies is Casino Royale, a story that happens partially in a casino. And this is not the only one! A lot of movie producers use the casino in their benefit to attract more viewers. But why are these kind of movies so popular? That’s what we are going to find out here! 

Action and attraction

One of the most important reasons is the action that usually comes together with these type of movies. Most of the movies in which a casino is present are action-movies. Think of movies like Casino, 21, Casino Royale or Ocean’s Eleven. A lot of people, especially men, like action movies. Combined with the exceptional feeling of being in a casino, makes it a very popular element for movie producers. 

A similarity is also visible between watchers of these kind of movies and actual gamblers. Gamblers are known to be real thrill-seekers. That is exactly where the action movie comes into play. A lot of gamblers do not only watch these kind of movies for entertainment, but also to pick up some new strategies or insights into the game. No wonder that there is a Bond-strategy that can be used in new online casinos in Belgium

Being on the high rollers table

Another important reason for the popularity of casino themed movies is that it appeals to the imagination. Although lots and lots of people gamble in real-life, only few of them can gamble with the same amount of money that the gamblers in the movies play with. For a lot of people, gambling with these amounts of money makes their dreams come true. As lots of them will never be able to reach that, they are watching those movies so that they can at least feel some of the pleasure it brings.

Next to that, the gamblers in those movies almost always win a big sum of money or even win the jackpot. That is also something that most of us will never achieve, which is why we want to feel these emotions as well, even if it happens by watching a movie! The reason for this happy feeling is the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that determines how we feel pleasure. And winning so much money definitely gives us pleasure! 

The Best Actors play in those movies

Those of us who have watched casino-themed movies know, but it seems that only the best actors play in those movies. Think of Matt Damon in Rounders, George Clooney and Brad Pitt in Ocean’s Eleven and of course Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. Movie producers also know that these type of movies are popular, and a lot of people watch them. They use every aspect they can to sell more tickets in the movie theatres or sell more copies. That’s also why they only use the best of the best when it comes to actors. 

Also, history has shown that the casino-themed movies are successful. Although movie producers want to come up with a new, interesting, and thrilling storyline, it’s not always that easy. So why not use an already existing, successful storyline and tweak it a little here and there? That’s exactly what those producers are doing. They are simply building on the success of all the predecessors. 

They warn us for Gambling Addiction

And finally, some of these movies even warn us for Gambling Addictions. Movies that feature casinos often point out that gambling can be a serious problem. It can not only harm you personally, but also financially and in your relationship. That is why movie producers warn you most of the time for the dangers of addictions. 

A side effect is that we are better ascertain the symptoms of a gambling addiction when seeing such a person on the big screen. This allows us to recognize a potential gambling addiction in an early stage, not only for ourselves, but also for others. When seeing what issues can arise from an addiction, we are better aware of the fact that we don’t want to be in that situation. 

So, if you like gambling and you like watching movies, you are in for a treat! There are lots and lots of movies available on popular platforms like Netflix. And keep in mind to pay attention, because in some movies, you’ll even learn some useful tips and tricks! 

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