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What Should Know About Live Betting

What Is Live Betting?

Live betting is the practice of placing bets on a game currently underway. Live betting, sometimes called in-game or in-play betting, is quickly catching up to most wagers still placed before the start of a sporting event.

Before a kickoff, faceoff, tip-off, or the first pitch, oddsmakers set an opening line and close betting, but for many bettors, the action doesn’t begin until after those events. Then, as the game progresses and based on the activity, sportsbooks will continue to provide new lines. Every betting website offers the traditional moneyline, spread, and total, and some sportsbooks, like Indibet, offer live lines for some props.

How Are Live Betting Odds Calculated?

Online sportsbooks modify their closing lines based on the game’s outcomes as soon as it starts. It holds for point spreads, totals, and possibly some player or team props.

Live betting odds won’t initially fluctuate that much. Lines will gradually change as time passes. When a team displays a sizable advantage or influences a change in the score, in-game odds start to vary substantially. Live odds frequently freeze when a significant scoring play, like a touchdown, takes place so a sportsbook like Indibet can adapt to the new situation.

The updated odds get prepared to reflect the recent event, allowing bettors to place a wager before the next important play takes place.

Which Live Bet Types Are Available?

In addition to the player or team props, live betting gets frequently offered for the moneyline, point spreads, and totals.


A wager that favors the winning team regardless of the outcome. When betting on the favorite, you must take a loss on the moneyline to win $100. With a $100 wager, you can win on the moneyline if the underdog has favorable odds.

Point Spread

According to the point spread, the favorite would have a winning margin, and the underdog would have a losing margin. Since teams vary in quality, it is how oddsmakers balance the game for bettors. The goal is to attract an equal number of wagers in each group to ensure a profit for the house with neutral odds of roughly -110 on each side.


The total refers to the overall score for a specific game. Bettor choices include going above or under the implied total for points scored by both sides. A possible NBA total is 220 points, for instance. The under is the winner if the final sum is 219 or less. An over hits with 221 or more combined points.


These wagers, which go by the abbreviation “proposition bets,” provide the chance to place a wager on several options besides the traditional moneyline, spread, and total. Many props depend on player statistics or game events for one particular squad. Props with higher odds, like the first TD scorer in an NFL game, are those thoughts to be less plausible.


Technically, live bets on some futures markets are permissible because they will be available throughout a season or competition. It is technically a live bet because golf tournaments last four days, and you can wager on the winner at any time. 

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