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What Should Beginners Know about the Baccarat Game Slot Online

The ancient gambling game baccarat is even often known as Punto Banco. Although not strictly the exact same games, the names are presently used interchangeably for the same game. Although you don’t see it as often as other types of casino games in both your land based as well as online casinos, it is clandestinely the most popular casino game in the gaming world. You can give this game a try at slot77 and experience thrill for yourself.

What really is baccarat?

In an official sense, of the game baccarat, there are three vastly known game variations, namely baccarat chemin de fer, then baccarat banque or even baccarat deux tables and punto banco (even known as North American baccarat).

The latter is the baccarat version that you most often see in online casinos. The main difference that you find in between punto banco and the other baccarat versions is that punto banco is massively simplified. In the realm of punto banco, the casino is always going to be the dealer and is the only baccarat version where you can actually bet on a tie. Over time, however, such names have turned out to be a bit mixed up and presently you will find baccarat tables mainly in online casinos that really play punto banco.

What is the purpose of the game baccarat?

The main goal of the game is simpler than even simple. You just have to bet on who you feel is going to score nine points or as close to it as possible, the bank or even the player. Since this is generally punto banco you can even choose to bet on a draw.

The Baccarat game rules

The basic types of baccarat game rules are quite simple. Players can bet on the result of the hand. In the realm of online baccarat, you can choose to bet on three diverse possibilities:

  • Victory for the player
  • Victory for the bank
  • A tie

How to simply put in

Well, on the table, you will witness three betting areas marked ‘PLAYER’, ‘BANK’ or even TIE. You choose to bet on whoever you feel is going to win, the player or even banker, in case you think it will be a tie you simply bet on tie,  or you can spread your bets over two or even all three types of betting options.

Clarification of baccarat card values

Baccarat is most of the times played with 6 or even 8 sticks of cards, even in an online casino, just there everything is shuffled again digitally after every single round of play. The value of the cards is going to be much simple:

  • The two through nine have the value of the card
  • The ace counts for one 
  • The ten, jack, queen and even king are worth zero 

Know about the Baccarat payout

In case you have bet on ‘player’ and he even wins then you get paid 1:1. So having a ten dollar bet you get twenty dollar back ($ten dollars from your bet and ten dollars profit). In case you choose to bet on the ‘banker’ and he wins, you even get paid 1:1 but the casino gathers 5% commission. So, with a ten-dollar bet you get dollar nineteen point fifty back (dollar ten from your stake and dollar ten – five % = dollar nine-point fifty profit). A winning bet on any tie is going to yield 8:1. So on a ten-dollar bet, you acquire dollar ninety back (dollar ten off your bet and dollar eighty profit).


So, since you have a good idea about Baccarat Game online, make sure that you play good and win!

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