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What are the best Youtube gaming tips to grow your channel?

Gaming industry is very competitive on YouTube, so if you want to grow your YouTube gaming channel then here are some tips that you should follow in order to gain more subscribers and more engagement rate.

  1. Try to be consistent with Live streaming

If you are a gamer as well as a content creator on YouTube, then one of the most crucial things that you really need to do in order to grow your gaming channel is to be consistent. Consistency plays a key role in the life of a YouTube content creator and if you have gaming channel you need to focus on Live gaming stream.

In order to be a successful Gaming YouTuber, the More you do live streaming with your fans, the more people are likely to watch your stream on a daily basis, Your subscribers are going to love watching you playing games and you should try to bring more creator join your stream so that you can attract more audience as well. If you think of increasing views count, buy live YT viewers from a digital marketing company and they will help you increase your stream viewership. Try to post regular contents, so that your channel stays on the limelight and enjoys attention from the audience. 

More the watch time of your videos, more is the popularity your channel will get. Initially as a beginner, you can post on weekly basis and once your channel gets established on YouTube try to post at least 2-3 videos each week as it increases the engagement rate of your channel. 

  1. Look out for your Target Audience

Maintaining your social presence on YouTube is a very technical task and it requires a lot of planning an dedication. At the beginning of your life as a gaming content creator on YouTube, you can post short clips and videos on a particular game like PUBG which has a tremendous amount of popularity among the gamers around the globe. 

After sometime you may find out that it would be better to add some Fortnite or Minecraft content in order to post versatile content for your audience. At the same time you might be too good in a particular game, so you can easily share your coolest montage videos to amaze your audience fully. 

Hence, you can clearly see that what matters more than focusing on a particular game, is to focus on your target audience, it will really help you to grow your channel.

  1. Gaming community

As a content creator, the most important aspect of your YouTube channel is your content. In order to standout from your competitors, you need to think something creative. Thinking of video ideas is a very tough and brainstorming task. 

You need to understand and analyze what type of content the other content creators are posting on their channel. In order to know about such different ideas from different people, you need to join some gaming communities.

Joining a community helps you a lot in your journey as a content creator on YouTube as you will get to learn a lot of new things which are completely unknown to you. 

From a gaming community, you can easily get information on the upcoming updates, new games that are going to get launched and many other questions that the new members may ask among themselves.

  1. YouTube Thumbnails

There are certain aspects that really affect the growth of your YouTube gaming channel and one of them is the YouTube Thumbnails. Thumbnails are so important because of the fact that your first impression is your last impression. 

In order to convince your audience to watch your video, you should focus on creating a very creative thumbnail for your video. The whole point behind making your video thumbnail creative and different from the other content creators is to make your video stand out alone from the normal group, so that people engage more with your content than your competitors.

The thumbnail should be eye-catching and unique so that it grabs the attention of the targeted audience very easily without any kind of hindrance at all. 

  1. YouTube Shorts

As a gaming content creator on YouTube if you want to keep your channel on the limelight then you should always follow the latest trends. Following the latest trends will help you to generate more audience which will help you to grow on YouTube. 

If you want to follow the recent trends then start posting YouTube Shorts as they are really very helpful for your channel’s growth. YouTube shorts are short video clips that have a maximum duration of 60 seconds and this video format is perfect for the gaming industry as you can post some of yours crazy gaming clips. 

They are very high engaging contents that really attract a lot of audience very smoothly and easily. In the recent days a lot of gaming content creators have grown their YouTube channel a lot with the help of YouTube Shorts. You can even gain 1 million subscribers in just 3 months by posting YouTube shorts on your channel.

  1. Video Title

In order to grow on YouTube as a content creator, you first need to understand the YouTube algorithm. There are many factors that really affect the rank of your videos on YouTube search results.

SEO plays the biggest role in this scenario. One of the most crucial and important parts of SEO is the video title. It is not a simple textual matter that will be displayed on your video, but rather it is an important SEO tool that will help you to rank your posts higher on YouTube which will help you to gain more subscribers. 

Try to create catchy and unique titles for your video so that they stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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